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Friday September 17, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

It’s TGI Friday, September 17th, version of TGI Friday. Thanks for joining us on the fun astrology podcast. Thomas Miller here. Glad you’re back or glad you’re here for the first time. If this is your maiden voyage with us, we just talk about astrology for a quick few minutes every day, Monday through Friday, and then tomorrow’s Saturday.

We will be talking medical astrology Sagittarius with. Saturdays have become quickly our most popular broadcasts. So we’ll look forward to getting with her tomorrow. Meanwhile, we are going to talk about a couple of aspects set you up for the weekend and then come back around to the one that we mentioned yesterday.

Kind of take the same tact on this one, too. It’s the square now between Venus and Saturn, what does that look like? Uh, everybody going, oh, my relationship is it? No, it’s not. No, it’s not. No, it’s not. Depends on which side of the coin you are on. And we’ll talk about both here in just a quick man. Remind you again, I’ve got the video of the update for the fall of 2021 on the United States.

We take a look at the United States, natal chart, solar arc charts. What’s coming up with Pluto return, couple of other placements that are in there. The main theme that has surfaced from taking a look at all of this. This has been a lot of extensive work and it was a lot of work to put this together because.

Did it all up around in the mountains, uh, north of here. So I kind of put this together in a number of different ways outdoors. So we get to go out and play outside. So that’s on the fun website, right up toward the top. You’ll see a little video preview of it there. This is not a talking head in a chart.

Let’s just put it. Now the moon today is in Aquarius 13 degrees. So it stays, there goes void of course, tomorrow at 5:14 AM. And we have a long one. So Saturday clean out the garage day. It’s avoid of course, moon almost all day 5:14 AM all the way to 4:20 PM. When the moon moves into Pisces that’s Saturday, skip Sunday, basically nothing major happens.

And then what we will look forward to on Monday. Is mercury training Jupiter. So you’re in this window of favorable communication, even though Jupiter is in retrograde. Mercury is in the shadow period about to go retrograde. As long as you’re speaking your truth, you have positive energy behind you. And then we’ll have our full moon in Pisces, Monday evenings 7:55 PM.

Eastern time. So that pretty well walks you through the next couple of days. Now let’s pull back to what happened this morning at what was at two 15 this morning when Venus squared Saturn. So Venus is in Scorpio and Venus. Doesn’t like Scorpio because Venus rules Taurus, which is opposite Scorpio. So when that happens, When Venus lands in Scorpio, it is the opposite sign of its home sign, own sign.

And one of its two, obviously, because it also rules Libra. And that’s another, that’s another ding to Venus being in Scorpio, because remember we talk about when a planet changes signs. It usually, especially when it leaves its own sign and it goes to the next sign. It’s so sad. It’s like Jupiter going from Sagittarius to.

So Venus is in fun astrology terms bummed out in astrological conference terms in detriment. Now Saturn the square planet is in Aquarius in retrograde at seven degrees. So let’s remember our re phrases, retool, reassess, realign, revise replan. Now let’s take the positive side of the coin. And remembering that Saturn in its positive state is all about structure and foundation.

Venus about love Scorpio, deep, romantic, passionate love. So this is a really great weekend. If you’re in a relation. And you want to revise readdress, recommit, re up. If you want to do these things that will add foundation platform longevity, because remember Saturn also is about legacy. So if you would like to position yourself in your current relationship where you just build and build on what has already been amazing.

This is a great weekend. Another little area that we could extrude from this that I just love because I have a daughter is father daughter relationship. So whether you have a young daughter or an older daughter, grown daughter or granddaughter, you could rekindle the love with your daughter this weekend.

Now if now if we’re on the shadow side of this Aspen. Well, you might put a little sleeping bag and cot and pillow together because you might be sleeping in the dog house this weekend. Now, you know, here’s the thing about the shadow side. Obviously what we’re saying here is stuff could blow and it could, or maybe there’s just the karmic work has already been going on.

And you realize under this energy, you know, this just isn’t working. It could have. Absolutely that kind of element to it because Venus is in Scorpio, death, Saturn death. So, I mean, let’s not avoid the shadow side. We’ve talked about the good side for quite a few minutes, but here on the shadow side, things could erupt.

And I would say the gracious part of the shadow side is that you could just look at it and say, this is not serving. Let’s work out our separation in. And, you know, there’s nothing wrong with it. Not working. I am not from the camp, obviously, if you know my story of staying in some. That is just absolutely not serving higher best good, just because, and that’s just me and it’s influenced from my own journey.

I so admire couples that have stuck it out and stayed together. Wasn’t my path, but I’ve learned a lot of lessons from both sides on this. And the reality is sometimes your health. Wellbeing energy and everything else is best served. If you simply make tough decisions and try as best you can to move on and not stay.

And this is the kind of energy that could be the trigger of that. The other thing, because of that scorpion tail, that stinger, you know, boom, pow whack is if you are in the process of doing what we just talked about, frame it up, use this pause here to frame it. In Nama stay. In other words, come back to the passionate side of Scorpio and instead of fighting for your Aquarian side of things, right.

And trying to get the most, you can try to give and try to. Put the other first and try to put the process ahead of the outcome. You know what I mean? Get there, but get there in love and harmony and Nama stay as best you can. That would be my thought around how you could use the shadow to your advantage.

All right. We’ll be back with Stephanie talking about Sagittarius medical astrology, the moon in sag, but also if you have a sag rising. Or even a sag sun or you have Sagittarius in your chart, come listen. It will apply. I promise. So we’ll see you back tomorrow. And then back on Monday, have a great weekend.