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Thursday September 16, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Good top of the day to you or middle of the day, or whenever you’re listening to the fun astrology podcast. Thomas Miller. Thanks for joining us Thursday, September 16th. Glad you’re here. We do have some interesting stuff going on up in the sky and we’re going to get straight away to that. I did relate.

Finally, I released a video on an update on the United States. It’s on the front website. It’s right on the homepage, right toward the top. I’ll just leave you with that. You can go check it out. I’m pretty proud of it. Took you on a little journey up into the mountains with me too. So you’ll see about that.

All right. Let’s talk about today’s sky and I really want to spend most of the time talking about one aspect and that is the sun’s trying with. But there are several other things going on. For example, tomorrow morning, early two, 15 Eastern time, Venus will directly square Saturn. So that is of note. And we’ll probably talk about that tomorrow.

There are also three quincunx is in today’s chart. One is the involves the north node of the moon and that’s quincunx to Venus. So see there’s some stuff going on around. Another quincunx is Neptune mercury, and another one is Jupiter sun. So each of those have some tents elements to them, no yachts, but there are three quincunx PSAs.

And then there’s the one that I’d like to at least start with. If we get past this and have time for another, we will take it on. But I wanted to talk about this sun trine Pluto. If you have a well-studied financial astrologer and they’re looking at a chart, let’s say. And if they see that the son is getting ready to try and Pluto, let’s say in about 90 days, there’s a pretty good chance that within those 90 days they will be buying some apple Pluto in financial astrology is one of the most influential planets because of its power.

Pluto represents incredible power. And a sun Pluto transit means power in the stock price. So we can kind of extrude that right on into life. That if we take a look at this aspect on the positive side, this can be incredibly positive, especially if you’re working with the positive side of Pluto’s transformational element.

For example, let’s just say that you’ve been messing around with, and maybe not fully committed to doing something in the spiritual realm, spiritual work of some kind boy today would be a day, or really right now this weekend, the rest of this week, thrust that forward, you know, think of three or five or whatever steps that you could do and get done in a short period of time.

That would move that project forward. Put it out there for the universe to grab a whole. If you’ve been dealing with some deep issue in your life, then ask for guidance on it. This would be a really good time. Anything about digging deep, the whole Scorpio, deep diving, deep transformation, eighth house kind of paradigm.

If you’re doing any kind of transformation, anything, move it forward. If you’re transforming an old house, great few days to work on it, unless you’re in one of the paths of the storms and it’s going to rain for the next three days. But typically you’ll find some ways to move it forward. If you’re transforming your image, then go to the.

If you’re transforming your finances, go throw everything in a box and run down to your financial advisor’s office and sit down and tell him you want to have a, a planning meeting might be a good time. If you are transforming yourself, transforming your life to maybe even do like a fast or do some kind of ceremony where you sit down with yourself.

Things you love, maybe you have a favorite deck or a favorite candle or favor, favorite aroma therapy, things, whatever you do. Music, get into that environment with this alignment with Pluto. Now on the shadow side, we are talking about the ruler of the underworld. Here. We are talking about the ruler of Pluto and the ruler of the eighth house, which is the house of tab.

Of death, of taxes, of other people’s money kinds of things. So we are talking about some of the things in life that we just simply don’t like to, to pull the covers back on. And this may or may not be a time depending on where you are with the energy to look at those things. It might be too much from that standpoint.

It might be best to just pull back away from it and let this energy pack. I’ve been feeling this energy related to a lot of the, uh, the news of our pandemic and things going on. And I didn’t really even realize it until I started putting this podcast together and I’m like, oh, why? Yeah. They’re okay. And the Scorpio moon we just had.

So see, sometimes you have to just step back, pull away. It’s only for the very select few. And I would say that I probably am in the category of one of that very few who can consistently look at. The shadow closets for more than just a very brief time. So if the shadow closet comes up and it gives you an angst close the door back up, if you can.

And I’ll just say this because, um, put it out there pretty much as just a caution that if in the axed you would be inclined to do some kind of self. Please reach out, reach out to a friend, reach out to a family member who has your back and you have their ear, but don’t sit through this time alone. This is very powerful energy.

And if that is a tendency, then please just get help. And that’s for all of us. I mean, we’ve all had our shadow times of our life, right. I had a couple of them in my life and that was part of my process. So just saying, if that’s where you are in your journey, don’t be ashamed of it. Don’t be afraid of it and realize that this aspect right here represents that in our lives, on the shadow side.

You know, that’s where I really like both sides of the coin kind of astrology because it lets us look at the positive side of this and there is a great positive side and it also makes us stop and pause. Where are we with Pluto’s shadowy, dark closet energy. And how are we relating to. Right now. And if we need to make some changes perfect day to do it, don’t apologize.

Just do it. Hope that helps see you tomorrow for TGI Friday.