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Wednesday September 15, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome back it’s hump day. Thomas Miller on the fun astrology podcast. Wednesday, September 15th. We’re going to really roll our theme in from yesterday. Just keep talking about what we were talking about because yesterday was so active. Today is really pretty quiet. We still have the moon in Capricorn the rest of today.

Now tomorrow, just on the moon here. Tomorrow the moon goes void of course, early in the morning, east coast time. And it stays that way almost until noon. Uh, the times are 11:40 AM all the way to 11:22 AM, uh, tomorrow. So that means that most of the morning for those of you in the U S will be with a void of course, moon. And then it moves into Aquarius at 1122 tomorrow morning.

You stock market people might also want to take note that the sun trines Pluto tomorrow. Hmm. Good aspect. But we’ll see, I don’t know this market correlation. I haven’t had time to figure it out, trying to get this course done. But today let’s talk about Mars moving into Libra because Mars is not happy in Libra.

In fact, Libra is where Mars is, what’s called, “in detriment.” That’s because Mars rules, Aries and Aries is opposite Libra. So there’s the connection. And when you think about Mars is fiery spunky warrior energy, and the Libran’s not just need, but compulsion for balance, you can see that we have a celestial energetic misfit.

It’s the difference between let’s get this done. Come on. We’ve got to take action versus well, hang on. Let’s make sure that everybody’s in agreement here. Let’s make sure we’re going in the right direction. It’s the contrast between brutal male warrior. Destroy your energy and feminine, soft, gentle sensual.

Artistic energy. Now this isn’t something that’s just over there or out there, or for somebody else, this energy is going to collectively permeate everybody and will be with us until the end of October. So you can see how we’re going to have this collective struggle between making war or making love between aggression and harm.

Now on September 22nd. So what is that? Nine days next Wednesday, the sun moves into Libra, which will give us a stellium of the sun, Mars and mercury. And then just continuing as this theme, one more step is that on October 7th, we will have the sun and Mars combining their energy. They will be conjoined right in the middle of Libra at 14 degrees, almost 15 degrees.

And they will be sitting right on top of each other. And that’s one day after the new moon in Libra, which will be on Wednesday, October 6th. So lot of energy, a lot of spotlighted focused energy. And with that Mars in there disrupting conflicting, disturbing, warring against it’s going to be an interesting period.

The month of October is going to be entrust. I kept you a little long yesterday. We’ll make it up today. How about that? And the two shall balance out in the end. I just think that these are the important focuses that we should land on for the middle part of the week. These are both very important aspects.

What we had yesterday with the sun and Neptune. This setting the stage for Mars and Libra, definitely things that we need to keep in mind as we work through and process the energies ahead. Hope you have a great hump day. I’ll see you back tomorrow. And if you’ve got a listener question, be a good, really good day to send it. It set the speak pipe up at the top of the website.

See you tomorrow.