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Tuesday September 14, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome to the Tuesday fun astrology podcast, September 14th, Thomas Miller. Thanks for stopping in Fasten your seat belts. We have a lot to get to. So there are quite a few aspects in the sky. We’ll talk about the big one first to set it up and then set it aside. We’ll come back to it. I don’t want to just gloss over this stuff because I think especially the sun Neptune is too important to not to unpack.

So we’ll roll some things into. So 5:21 AM Eastern time, the sun opposes Neptune. Let’s set that aside. We’re going to come back to it. We have a very short void of course, with the moon today, just 30 minutes ahead of the moon. Moving into Capricorn at seven 30 Eastern time busy morning. Then we skip all the way through the day and we end up with Mars in Libra.

Tonight at 8:04 PM. That’s a big deal because Mars is in detriment in Libra. We’ll probably forward that one to tomorrow because it also needs some unpacking. Then there are a couple of minor aspects that we’ll just leave on the cutting room floor. How about that? For today? There’s so much going on.

Maybe we’ll unpack some of these themes, even as the week goes on. All right. Let’s take a helicopter ride up to about 10,000 feet. First, before we launch into this, we just came off of a weekend of a Scorpio moon. We talked about feeling the Scorpio moon last time. And I was talking with Brittany who helps me here on the 1 0 1 astrology course, and now several other things that we’re doing.

And we were unpacking this energy that we both were experiencing over the week. And it was like, yeah, duh. Hello. I was like kicking myself, Thomas. You didn’t listen to your own podcast last week. I mean, I was feeling it. I was feeling the tension of this weekend. Scorpio moon. Then we talked about yesterday, this really important aspect with the sun squaring Mars in the United States.

And then in about what was it? Four or five weeks flipping that around where transiting, Mars squares, the USA’s natal sun. So you’ve got this sun Mars tension going on. Oh, I mean, that’s a big aspect right there. And today we have the sun opposing Neptune up in the sky, up over our heads. Now it’s not that big of a deal, obviously for the sun to oppose Neptune.

It happens once a year. But that it’s happening right now is so interesting because especially with what was just going on with the United States. I mean, think about, I go back to the, uh, I go back to the announcement from president Biden last week about the vaccine up, you know, stepping up the vaccine thing and I’m not going into a political thing.

Don’t worry, don’t worry. Don’t worry. It’s a safe space, but I’m just saying the languaging around. Uh, mandate was Mars, sun energy. It was processed by a lot of people through a scorpion Glen’s you saw what they were chanting in the football stadiums over the weekend and college sports, right? I mean, that’s about as score bionic as it gets.

And now here we are with the sun opposing Neptune Neptune rules, viruses, Neptune, also rules pharmaceuticals. The sun representing you and me individually and the sun representing us collectively our nation. For example, in this case now astrologers will interpret oppositions in a couple of ways. Some people put that in just a, it is a tense opposition and they really don’t look at the other.

I tend to, as, you know, look at both sides of the coin and to me, the opposition is exactly what happens when you try to put a magnet together. Either it’s going to snap together and hold, or if you turn the polarity around, you’re not able to put the two ends together. So I think we have to interpret which way for us, in which way collectively is this son, Neptune opposition going to be perceived.

Because on the snap together side, the sun and Neptune would really amplify one’s spiritual connection is the energy of spirituality of the arts, of the dreaminess of music and poetry and getting lost in water and rivers and oceans. It’s just like all the wonderful things that could take me away. But I especially think of the opposite of Neptune’s illusion, which is intuition.

So there could be a lot of higher spiritually connected intuition around this aspect. What have you been feeling? How strong has it been? When did it come into your consciousness or your awareness or your heart, if you will, how do you feel about this perception? See, these are all the positive sides of this.

Now the negative side of the aspect is, well, number one, illusion delusion, the big two Neptune shadow characters lying. I mean just pure deception, not being able to lock onto a course. Confusion. I think another one that we could add to this, although I would want to see some Jupiter, uh, out of whack characteristics here too.

I think fanaticism could come into the picture under this, especially with where we are now. So in other words, believing a lie, just purely believing something that is simply not true. And around that USA energy from yesterday, I mean, right on the heels of it could be even forcing something that isn’t true.

There’s the Mars sun firefighter from yesterday. In fact, we could take it another step further if we wanted to and think about Jupiter and Saturn are both within a few weeks of coming out of retrograde. They’re both in Aquarius. Aquarius is don’t. Tell me what to do. Maybe this is pointing to a situation with the sun in Virgo, Neptune in Pisces, Aquarius, starting to get a little bit more free.

Every football stadium in the country was packed. They were jumping up and down doing this new jump. I thought that was so cotton pick and cool. Wow. I mean, the kids are just, I mean, it’s almost like people are saying self declaring. We are back to normal and then their big chant is very Aquarian. You can look it up.

If you’re not familiar with what they were saying. I’m not, it’s word that I’m not going to put on here, but it is a declaration of freedom and independence. So between all this energy created by just the jumping and the waves and the celebration. And I mean, it was like, wow. And the game hadn’t even started yet.

You know, it’s like, I think that this is indicating that there is something around the virus, something around this whole pandemic thing. At least you’re going to start to see people wanting that freedom. And I know there are different states of the virus, uh, reactions responses around the world, and I wish I could cover all of them.

But at least for what I saw just on my Twitter feed and the little, very small window to the world that I’m looking at, what I was seeing, kind of fits the chart. If we take it from the standpoint of maybe what we’re seeing is that people want the freedom and they’re willing to get up and say something about it.

And that would point to what’s coming in just a month as these two big Aquarian planets come out of retro. And yeah, that’s why we had to just kind of sector this out today. We’ll talk about Mars and Libra tomorrow because that is another big deal, but I wanted to properly cover the sun and Neptune because I think this has quite a bit of an effect on what’s going on collectively and individually.

Have a great day. I’ll see you tomorrow.