Wednesday September 8, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome back to the hump day edition. We got there really fast with a holiday weekend on the fun astrology podcast. Thomas Miller. Thanks for joining us. It’s Wednesday, September eight. We’re going to do a speak pipe listener question from the website, fun You can go to the top and leave a question, comment or observation of your own about astrology.

You can do it anonymously, or you can do like. Our guest who is going to be here in just a second, did and put your name in there. If you’d like, you don’t have to. And this is a great week to answer questions because we have a really light week astrologically. Today is our first day of the moon in Libra.

That happened last night at 11:20 PM. There are a couple of things that we could kind of review in the chart, but I thought we would take this question real quick. Now this came in. Couple of weeks back. We’ve had that busy stretch there. Um, before the labor day holiday in the United States, this came in before that Uranus we’re talking about planet Uranus went retrograde on August 20th.

And right after it went retro grade listened to this. Um, my name is Nella and I just wanted to share a couple of my Uranus retrograde experiences that I’ve had, literally just within the past couple of days that it’s gone retrograde. Now all of this has happened to me. Okay. You ready? I was roller skating and then my wheel popped off out of nowhere.

Um, and then I was walking up my porch steps. I tripped, but I broke my fall with my face against our brick wall somehow. Um, and then I was handling my outdoor pot. It slipped out of my hand and it broken, cracked. What else happened to me? I was got in a car accident on Saturday. The other guy wasn’t looking, um, I mean, it’s only been a couple of days and retrograde goes direct in months.

So. I have months of this. I just wanted to share that and see if anyone else’s feeling the same. I’ll tell you one thing. We have the most precious listeners on the planet tuning into this podcast. Thank you, Nella. Ironically Uranus and the outer planet Eris, the dwarf planet Eris both turned direct on the same day, January 22nd, 2022.

It’s about a month later that the United States Pluto hits the exact position. It was on the day, July 4th, 1776. There is some very interesting astrology ahead of us folks. I was listening to a webinar over the weekend and it was pointed out that we won’t have outside of the early part of next year. We won’t have any major aspects between the outer planet.

For all of 20, 22. Now that was an interesting observation. And I have not gone into look at that specifically to verify that, but it was from a very credible astrologer. So we’ll keep that in mind. As we move in through the next about five months, we’ve got a lot of action in the chart, Uranus being in retro grade, certainly being one of those action points.

I’m going to do a recording that will be available probably toward the end of the week or weekend about like all these things that I’m assimilating and putting together. I want to wait because the seasoning, we are doing our solar art class with Robert Glass. And I specifically asked if he would address a couple of things in our country, in the economy, taking a look at it.

I want to see what this group says about that before I put this video together, but within the next few days, and I’ll announce it when it’s available, you’ll be able to download it. I’m not going to make a podcast out of it because I think it’s something that looking at the chart is going to be a lot more important.

Now what Nella picked up on early in this Uranus retrograde is these unusual things just coming out of nowhere. Now, this is where you look at your own chart to determine some of the answers. Because like, for me, I don’t have a collection of things like that. Myself, guests there have been some strange things happening.

Yes. In fact, even this past weekend, I observed something online that I thought was a little bit strange. So certainly it’s out there, but three of our retrograde planets are going to be turning direct within the next about five weeks. That’s going to shift the energy. One of those planets that we’ll be going direct is of course Saturn, which is going to move itself into position to square Uranus.

Again. Now Uranus will be in retrograde, but in late December, Aquarian, Saturn will again, square Torian, Uranus. This will be the third time that they hit an exact square in 2021. And that’s one of the questions on the table for tonight in our solar arc group conversation is what impact might that have as it makes this third aspect, which will be one of the last major aspects before that Pluto return.

That’s why we’re keeping such a, an eye on this very active sky, because Nella to answer your question all the way until the end of January. With zigs and zags. Yes. So keep staying conscious is the bottom line and doing the work around these things, but yeah, I mean, make no bones about it, expect some unusual things between now and then.

But you’ve got to see where what’s around Uranus, where it is in your own chart. I mean, you have to synthesize and do your own chart to come up with really how that’s affecting each of us individually. Have a great day. Love your questions. Send some more we’ve got time, but I’ll see you tomorrow.