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Tuesday September 7, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Well, let’s kick off a new week after a long weekend. Thomas Miller on the fun astrology podcast. Glad you’re here Tuesday, September 7th. Hey, I’ve got a pretty good looking chart and a pretty slow astrological week for you this week. So we’re kicking things off today in the, uh, on the heels of last night, new moon.

That happened at 8:51 PM last night, Eastern time in the sign of Virgo. So if you have been thinking structurally and organized and getting things done around the house over the weekend, well, then you were just following and flowing with that Virgo and energy, or maybe you rebuilt your laptop over the weekend because this new moon is in a trine with Uranus.

And see Uranus rules technology, but it’s also in retrograde. So revamping your laptop could very much be a part of what you did with this energy, or maybe not, but structuring things around or restructuring things around technology could have been a big part of what was on your mind, or maybe you did what I did yesterday and was looking at the crypto stuff.

And I thought, you know, I need to just chunk a little in here. So you might’ve bought a little crypto over the weekend. That’s a perfect combination between Virgo and Uranus in Taurus. Now the moon moves today into avoid of course at 3:23 PM Eastern time. Then it changes signs tonight at 11:20 PM. So like Luna is busy today.

So then we’ll have Luna in Libra for all of Wednesday, all of Thursday. I’ve been seeing some of your comments in our Facebook group, page, subconscious mind mastery podcast, listeners. And a lot of you are saying that you had been feeling the need for balance. So over these next couple of days, you can really drill down on that.

The other kind of nice aspect in the chart today is this trine between the two beneficence planets in ancient astrology, Venus and Jupiter are locked arm and arm skipping down the yellow brick road together. And how long will that try? And last, I think we can stretch it all the way through Friday of this week.

And actually that’s showing up in the keywords quite nicely today because happiness is one of the number one keywords across the board, visiting these again from the Mastro program. And would it not surprise you that marriage is also right up there? So it would be a great day to get married if you just want to go out and do that.

And it probably would be a success because that’s one of the other really high ranking keywords too. Just to show you this keyword list is in tune with this chart. So as organization, there’s your Virgo and joy encounter, sociability getting ready for that Libra. And realization. I like that one because that captures our creating doesn’t it.

So actually, according to those key words, we’ve got a pretty favorable sky today. And you know, like I said, the rest of the week looks pretty quiet. So if you have some questions, go ahead and put them on our little SpeakPipe thing there up at the top, you can be anonymous. Don’t have to leave anymore.

And we’ll have time to get to some of those this week. It’s going to be a great week this week. Let’s just kick it off well and kind of short and sweet today, but that’s really what we’ve got. It’s a good look and chart. Go out and make it a great day. I’ll see you back tomorrow.