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Thursday September 2, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome to Thursday, September 2nd Fun Astrology Podcast. Thomas Miller. Thanks for joining us.

You know, if I hear one more person, I would say myself included in this. If I hear one more person, say something about the tension, not from anything going on, as far as a demonstration or a, you know, that kind of thing.

Just that undercurrent of angst and tension that everybody seems to be feeling. I’ve heard it so many times in the last about 48 hours, people are wondering what’s up, what’s going on? Well, part of that tension is going to be explained by today’s major aspect. We’ve been talking about it all week. Really?

Mars today, opposes Neptune. That’s Mars in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces. Let’s take care of the technicals first. When does it occur? 1:43 PM. Eastern time today. Now this is happening under what we were mentioning yesterday, the moon at home in cancer. So that hasn’t changed and except for the yod from yesterday disappearing today.

We don’t have any other major aspects. There is a kite, it involves the nodes of the moon. So I’m going to leave that for today because we also have talked about mercury and Saturn and some of these other alignments over the past week or so, but I would like to camp out here on Mars and Neptune. Robert Glasscock in one of the courses I’ve been doing with him lately was saying that Neptune tends to weaken whatever it touches.

Now having Neptune plunk right on my own Sun and Mars, I can tell you, I don’t think it totally weakens well, and that depends on how you define weaken. Now we’re back to what’s. The definition of is, you know, and I think it wasn’t that, uh, aligned back some years ago. If weakening means confusing then yes.

And remember Neptune is in retrograde. If it means kind of this, you know what I’m talking about when I say shutting down, because you don’t know where else to go. I think of the little kid who is just out of options and they sit down and cry because they they’ve just got nothing else. Well, that could be a part of a Mars Neptune opposite.

Right now people feeling anxious because they don’t know what direction the world is going. They don’t know what direction their own country is going. And I am sending mega blessings to those of you in the land, down under in Australia who are in those zones that are being locked down again. I’m just sending you love and patients, but here’s more axed of when is this going to add?

And Neptune rules viruses. So not on this aspect, it’s not Neptune also rules, water, liquids, pharmaceuticals, the U S we just had a major hurricane, hit the city of new Orleans and flew out of town as fast as it came in. We just had the FDA almost in back-to-back actions, approve the Pfizer vaccination for full FDA distribution and approval.

And then two of the lead prominent investigators on the vaccine team, including the head of the vaccination investigations for the FDA abruptly resigned. Mars is the planet that rules. And the United States again, and I’m not picking on or highlighting overemphasizing, but it’s what comes up on my news scans is the United States just left a war in the hands of it’s basically its enemy.

And I think everybody left around the world, scratching their heads in confusion of the exit, us that just took place. Neptune, fog, illusion, delusion, et cetera. Now there is another side of this coin. Let’s flip it over because this, it could be a very highly sensitive, sorry, spiritual placement, even though Neptune is in retrograde, your visions imaginations, inspirations could go off the charts, especially around work.

Why work Virgo, especially if you do spiritual work. Thomas are you listening? You better build some meditation time into your day. Boy, if you’re in a physical relationship with somebody, you might want to go to bed earlier, sleep in. If you’re feeling the flow of the positive side of the coin, if you’re not feeling the flow of the positive side of the coin, one of you might want to pitch a tent for the next few nights.

And that brings up a good question. How long will this aspect. Well, if we take it out to about six or seven degrees that puts us out to around September 11th or 12th, obviously past today, it is separating. So it will be getting fainter and fainter, but the energy will be there for the next about 10 days.

The other thing you might do is find where Mars and Neptune are in your own chart and realize that in the sky they are across from each other and see how that lines up with your own chart. And see if you can tell where potential areas of friction might show up for you as well. See, I’ve got both of them right on top of each other.

So I live with this all day, every day. So it’s like, yeah. Okay. Y’all have fun out there. Got this. I’ve got this permanently, like a tattoo. So I’m like, yeah. Okay. Well, it’s not that big of a deal. It is a big deal. This is a big deal aspect. It absolutely is a couple of tips on how to handle it. Number one, if you are in the fog, don’t make major decisions.

I’ve told you guys before I have backup people in my life that I call on periodically to help me through the Neptunian fog. I’ll say, Hey, I’m got the Neptunian thing going here helped me see clearly. So if you’re feeling that, talk it out with someone. If you’re feeling that anx that we were talking about in the world right now, all I can offer right at this moment is deep breath through it until we know.

Because Mars is in the picture. You need to do something physical. If you’ve got a gym, go hit the punching bag. If you like to run, maybe go to the local high school and climb the stairs at the football stadium. In other words, take it up a notch, stretch yourself physically that will help dissipate some of that Martian.

And yes, I know what some of you are thinking and the answer is sure. And I’ll let you figure that out. And then on the positive side, be sure to meditate. And maybe that meditation is again, contexted in physical activity. So for me, it’s hitting the hiking trail. See, that’s why I do better hiking because I’ve got this and the sun is on top of it as well.

You want me to sit still and do what it’s like? Hello? I’ll see you on the trail, right. And maybe that’s where I will see you on the trail. And with that in mind, I’m going to take an extended weekend. We’ve got a holiday weekend here in the us, and I’ve got a couple of big projects that I need to work on.

So would you excuse me for the next few days? I will be back on Saturday with Stephanie. Absolutely. And we’re talking about Libra, the moon in Libra on medical astrology, Saturday. And then I will be back on Tuesday. All right. You guys have a great Friday. I’ll see you Saturday and the most. See you next week.

Have a good one!