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Saturday August 28, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Well, it’s Saturday and it’s time to talk medical astrology. Oh, you guys are loving this from the feedback I’m getting. Thank you so much. I’m glad that you’re enjoying it. And with that, let’s just roll right on in Stephanie Vickers, based in California. Welcome back to the program.

Thank you so much, Thomas, really happy to be back with you.

We are going to talk about Virgo, which is an interesting sign related to health because Virgo rules, the sixth house, which I’ll bet you’re getting ready to tell us. And it’s about health. So how. Yes, it’s perfect timing, especially when we’ve got, you know, quite a few of the planets in Fargo right now.

And these are individuals that are very aware of health matters and they’re often ones that are the first to follow health routines. They’re excellent. As you mentioned, you know, they do real the six house. They also have mercury as their ruler. So they’re very detailed and precise people. They’re the first ones to notice if something’s also about their body.

And the also wants to go through all the details of whatever it takes to help fix those issues. So they tend to catch things early on, which is excellent for wellbeing. One thing though, that can, it can trip them up is if they’re not following a routine, exactly. Just perfectly. So they feel like they’re failing and this can kind of overamped their nervous and digestive systems, which Virgo moons have very, very sensitive digestive systems.

So it’s important for them to learn how to practice the art of acceptance. And letting go. And sometimes not everything needs to be exactly perfect. It’s more important that they just try and not get stuck in that analysis paralysis. Some other things I want to mention there areas for health focus. So small intestines, pancreas, appendix spleen.

They also have a co rulership with Pisces for the immune system, but they tend to have more overactive immune systems. So when Virgos get sick, they usually get over it pretty quickly. Uh, other things also. They can tend to get real anxious and worry about little tiny things. So again, letting go and learning that it’s more about the big picture and not to get caught up so much in the details.

Uh, this also their nature can sometimes lead to them, having issues with insomnia. So really important for, uh, Virgo, moon natives, and also Virgo sun and rising. To, you know, really practice the art of getting ready for bed. Really, really good wind down time, you know, whatever routine which they tend to love routine.

So no electronics or screen time, two hours before bed, uh, although they can wear a blue light blocking glasses, which are pretty awesome, uh, that night you can get everywhere all over the place. If you can’t avoid screen time, uh, keeping your. Bedroom on the cooler side, as well as clutter-free very important that they have a very organized and peaceful bedroom for, it goes don’t like clutter and, uh, you know, sometimes taking a hot shower or bath an hour and a half before bed can signal to the body that it’s further down.

Sleep. And, uh, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention some supplements or herbs that they could talk to their healthcare providers about like melatonin, magnesium, valerian hops, lemon balm, or camomile can also be really helpful if they’re dealing with insomnia. And since Fargo does rule the six house, like we mentioned, they also, uh, we get uplifted with pet.

So the, so the six house also represents small animals or pets and volunteering at a local animal shelter. Spending time with a free companion can be really uplifting for Virgos. And then last the flower essences that can be helpful for them, our century. Okay. C E N T A U R Y. And that helps bolster their boundaries and the ability to say no when it’s difficult for them to do so, because they just love to be of service all the time for everyone pine, which helps release unhealthy perfectionism and feelings of self-deprecation and then rock water, which encourages spontaneity and joy and releases them from having to constantly be in a routine and ritualized way of life.

Thank you so much, Stephanie, that was awesome. And you know, the sixth house is what keeps coming back up for me and you and I both have some backgrounds in healthcare and I’ve noticed that a lot of Virgos will end up in the medical profession. Yes, it’s so true. They have that natural affinity for health and then wanting to be of service.

So they make excellent doctors, nurses, you know, anything medical they’ve loved to research all that in and to help people. So it’s, it’s actually one of the most common profession for Virgo is to go in, or I think people to like us that have a lot of placements in the six house, it kind of denotes to a nature.

That’s going to be interested in those types of areas. Now something else that we could do in the mind of synthesis here is we could think about, okay, if somebody either has planets in, for example, Saturn or Mars or Uranus, or it has some aspects to Virgo, and I know we’re getting off, you know, we’re staying with the moon, but it also brings up this whole spectrum of now this is where you can synthesize into the whole chart.

Because you can apply these things that we were talking about with Virgo and even then consider the other planets that are possibly positioned there or aspect to it. You know, any aspects to Virgo or six house in general? I think that just speaks to a lot of Virgo themes of details day to day routine, uh, needing to be aware of every little thing.

And then I think also, especially if you have a mercury aspect or your rawness, that can also signal that you are prone to burnout and nervous exhaustion really easily. And I think a lot of Virgos. They tend to work so much. They don’t really think about the wind down time and they don’t really practice getting that eight hours of sleep at night.

I know one of my best friends, who’s a Virgo. I love her dearly. She does not get eight hours a night. And it’s something I’m always trying to remind her because I think for NGOs work so hard, they can also burn out really hard. So that’s, that’s something to keep in mind to any aspects with mercury or your rawness, a Virgo or six house very quickly.

I want to get your thought on something, and this is totally random. And I know I’m hitting you from left field here. So just go with me on this one, but let’s play with something I have never been able to get in my mind, although I have memorized it remotely, and I know how to incorporated in readings and all that mercury ruling Virgo.

For example, you and I are both Gemini rising signs. So we know that mercury is bouncing around all the time. It’s very active, it’s left and right. It’s the twin it’s Bubba, Bubba. And Virgo like Steve Forrest said, I love his line about this Virgos. Please don’t take offense to this. He says, yeah, come on.

You know, just like, but it’s like he said, look at, uh, look at someone’s sock drawer. You can always tell the Virgos they’re organized. Virgos love that structure. And mercury is so unstructured and that’s my mental block to mercury ruling. Yes. Yes. That’s actually hilarious that you mentioned that because I, like we said earlier, I don’t have any planets in Virgo, so to speak, but I have a lot of six house activity and you look in my sector.

It’s very organized.

I just love when things are in order. And I’m, I’m thinking, this is how I feel with mercury and Virgo. They really liked the detail. So they’re not going to. Anything. So they have that analytical mind that can really get in there and look at contracts, um, you know, services and make sure nothing gets missed.

So I think it plays out a little bit differently than definitely differently than, than Gemini mercury and Gemini or Gemini rising. Like we are. And I think it’s maybe a little bit more internal where they go inward and they’re looking at all the different options and perspectives where I think mercury and Gemini is so bubbly and it’s out there and it’s more social.

So it kind of plays off a little differently. Although I will counter your point that modern astrology puts Kyron as, uh, the ruler for. Right. Yeah. And I haven’t gotten to that point. Right, exactly. What’s up though with the health things, you know, with, with them being very interested in, in health and, and most of them being healers and they go into the healing professions.

I think Chiron’s a good fit for Virgo. Yeah. Good theme there. Good theme for sure. Stephanie. You’re awesome. Thank you so much. Great information on Virgo. Thank you so much for having me this week, Thomas, I look forward to coming back next time, where we’re going to talk about Libras. Are you going to get your yoga mat out and do your own and get all balanced before next week?

All right. Yeah, that’s right. Yes, I am. And maybe throw in a little cheese on there, right? You do that. You have a good week. I’ll see you next weekend. Thanks!