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Friday August 27, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome. It’s TGI Friday. Let’s kick off the weekend in style in the sky. Thomas Miller fun astrology podcast. So glad you’re here dump another week and some good news on Sunday. We’ll get to that here in just a second, but I think maybe a little bit of an energy shift. Again. I’m trying to paint positive pictures here.

So number one, positive picture. We have a yod free chart for the weekend. Yay. Positive number two, the moon today is in Taurus where it will stay for two days until it moves into Gemini on Sunday. Yay. 12:41 PM, by the way, Sunday afternoon, east coast time. If you’d like to mark that and no other aspects that would challenge anything through the weekend.

Yay. We’ve already laid everything out. And the big crescendo is that on Sunday, at what time? 2 5600. I am in the morning. So early wee hours, Eastern east coast time, the moon wobble peaks. And remember the moon wobble is when the sun aspects, the nodes of the moon, either with a conjunction or a square on Sunday shall be a square.

You take the day of the aspect, you back up 21 days, that’s the beginning of the wobble. You move forward seven days. That’s the waning period of the wobble. So we will be for the next week waning out. So I look back on the last 21 days, and obviously there have been some things during that period that I think are significant.

Number one, four miles from where I am sitting right now. Was an earthquake, a 2.7 Richter scale earthquake right here in North Carolina, very rare occurrence, moon wobble protests, starting to happen around the world against lockdowns and various things related to that. And again, I don’t care how you perceive that.

Maybe lockdowns are a good thing. Maybe lockdowns are a violation of, of human rights. Uh, however, your perspective is on that, but they’re happening and that’s under the moon wobble. And I’ve been thinking about this situation in Afghanistan. And just to say that I would slot that under the moon wobble.

So definitely whether it happened in your neck of the war woods or something may have happened over the last three weeks in your world that you can say, wow. Yeah, that kind of shook things a little bit, but I just wanted to set that up, that the moon wobble is something that happens about every 88 days follows the sun.

So we’ll roll forward until next the sun will. Conject the south node of the moon. That will be about three weeks from now. So it’s almost like the moon wobble is, is mercury retrograde on steroids in a way. But not in the same. Yeah. I think it’s individual, you know, the moon wobble is very, very rare kind of thing.

People don’t talk about it. There’s not much out there on it. I stumbled across it from an old time astrologer who is way on up in years now. And I just started observing it. That’s all just observing, but it does bring up a question. That when we have the next mercury retrograde, what if you have a retrograde and a moon wobble at the same time, we have had those even since we’ve been doing the podcast, but it spawned a really good listener question that I thought we would kind of tag onto this whole theme.

So we just bought a new house and sold ours all the same time. Um, our closing is probably early mid-October and I did look and see that mercury is in retrograde at that time. So is this not a good time for a house? Well, great question. And I love the fact that you’re conscious and aware to energetic timings.

See, that’s what comes up for me here is not that, you know, like, because we are conscious co-creators with the universe, right. And that’s all times all seasons. So we don’t have to be afraid of these things because we can supersede them by our own creation. I firmly believe that taken points. Well, everything bad happened to everybody on the planet during mercury retrograde, or did everything bad happened to everybody in the world under the moon wobble?

No, obviously. So we can’t blanket anything here. That’s just common sense. Right. But if we follow the energetic alignment that is reflected back to us in the sky, it’s not that mercury is going to mess things up. It is. The cycles and timing of the flow of energy on earth being reflected above is indicating a time for arrest.

If we follow those flows, we gain the benefit of that energy. It’s almost like electional timing to me. If you look ahead in the chart and you say, well, according to the principles of electional astrology, when would be the best time to close on this house, that’s a good inquiry. Let’s say you find a date somewhere in October, you get all the parties to agree to that date and you don’t tell them Y uh, unless there’s astrologers are into this, and then you invite them to the podcast.

You listen to this great podcast and, uh, kind of maybe ought to think about this because you want to load it up with the best energy you can, but let’s say that you do it on that date and something bad happens. Well, see, that’s where I think there’s just a whole flow to this and you can’t isolate one particular incident, but what you’re doing intentionally with all of this, you’re setting an intention that you want to conform to the best possible energy reflected above as above.

So below now, typically real estate agents, brokers, mortgage company, people, title people, and the other party to whom you are buying and selling your house. Might not think in these terms. And it’s like, okay, we’ve got to get this done. Would it be better energetically, if you could do it outside the bracket of the mercury retrograde for me, my humble opinion.

Yes. If you have that flexibility. But if you don’t have that flexibility than a number one, don’t worry about it. Don’t focus on it. Don’t make it an issue and co-create around it. So you and your partner can intend for this to be a perfectly seamless, effortless, positive experience, regardless of what else is going on.

Remember, there are two sides to every. So let’s just say that if something happens, here’s where you could play with the creation too. If something happens, you are going to create that it will benefit you. Maybe there’s a communication problem. Great. It makes it better for us. Maybe some of the documents get a little messed up.

Great. We had a positive outcome. Maybe there’s something in the negotiations that happens. Fantastic. Gives us some pause to maybe wait until mercury retrograde is over. Who knows, who knows what could happen from it, but if your intentions are in a positive direction and the two of you are gathered together in them and in a green.

Then it’s like March on forward and just realize that yeah, the whole energetic picture is with you. Now, another thing I would suggest if you’re not in our Facebook group, come join us over there in Facebook. It’s subconscious mind mastery podcast listeners. And on Sunday nights, we’re doing this healing convert.

At 8:00 PM Eastern and you, I would highly suggest you be in that while this is taking place, because that will align your energy for success as well. Hope all of that helps love you guys, Stephanie tomorrow, Virgo and the moon and medical Astrology. Back here again on Monday for another week of fun and frolic go play this weekend.

We’ve all deserved it. We’ve earned it.