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Tuesday August 24, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in to the Tuesday, August 24th edition of the fun astrology podcast. Thomas Miller. Thanks for joining us. I want to look at the chart a little differently today. I came in here to do this, and quite honestly, as I started looking at the chart, I just had a block and it, it made me sit here with it for a while.

So I’ve just been for the last, I don’t know, 20, 30 minutes staring at the chart. And looking around at some things. And then I thought, well, let’s look at this, not from maybe our own personal lives perspective, but from the mundane, the corporate, the collective, our global universal perspective. And I found something interesting that I think you’re going to, like, I know right now we take any piece of good news.

Right? Well, I think I’ve got one here because as we look at today’s aspects, There are two that really are what we would talk about. One is Saturday. This is yesterday, but Saturn’s trying with Venus is still very much in play. And today we have the direct opposition between mercury and Neptune that mercury Neptune happens at nine 13 this evening.

For those of you tracking on east coast time, that is set to, so let’s just take that one first. Okay. So in the world of the collection, Mercury rules. First of all, communication, it also rules, trade and commerce. So basically the infrastructure and transportation, we would also throw the educational system under mercury.

Now Neptune, I’d like to kind of read some excerpts from citizens, several websites, and I just kind of did a composite, but Neptune basically is about social movements. Especially socialistic political movements. It has to do with hospitalizations, which of course are in the news. Now also collective values.

So how we, as a collective are thinking it also rules pharmaceuticals. So the vaccination would come under Neptune and it says here that it also rules political instability, collapse, elements of distortion, fraud, or corruption. Now, just take that and put it in an opposition and then think of in the collective around communication and education.

And again, as I’ve said, I like to frame the opposition as that tense push pole kind of aspect. It can snap itself together like a magnet, or if you pull that magnet apart, change the polarity. You can’t force it back together. Now, this is one teeny tiny aspect in this whole great big complex picture, but you could at least scratch your chin and wonder, could this fast moving mercury, possibly throw a wrench into the sky, folks of the deception, part of whatever going on here and then see that gives you obviously a lot of framework and latitude then to determine from your own perspective.

Where those deceptions might be coming. Now, I will say that as we fit these two pieces together, this collective socialism, um, certainly around indicating around the vaccination Neptune in Pisces in retrograde cannot help. But to point what that is, it’s signifying the vaccination. It is in retrograde.

We’ve been seeing, I mean, the big headline over the weekend was the vaccinations efficacy. Seems to be being reduced. And that’s something that people need to be aware of. And it’s been a surprise when Melissa Joan Hart put her video on Instagram. What was it? Late last week on Friday, Thursday or Friday, she said we’re fully vaccinated and we have COVID and I’m sick.

And this was a surprise. Well, there’s Neptune opposite murder. See, that’s a classic example. In other words, the communication that was in the broad spectrum, Neptune mercury got cross opposition to a point of wait a minute. I shouldn’t be where I am confusion. Or you could say miscommunication. This is where I say is now.

I’ll let you weave the parts together. From your own construct. See, I saw this back when my brother got COVID over the 4th of July weekend, C eight, pull together everybody. 100% of that group that got together got COVID and nobody thought that they should get COVID see, there’s that access? On why just don’t mess with astrology.

People just don’t mess with us GC. You can’t make right. Sing it with me. Okay. Let’s talk about the other aspect real quick, because this one is also equally interesting. Venus is in a trine with Saturn. Now this is pinnacle over the weekend. So they’re separating now, Venus, everything that is pleasant and enjoyable to a culture or a society.

The arts entertainment, social pleasures, just having fun. Again, also rules, money and finances, Saturn rules, the collective authority, the government law and order. I found this, that it also governs the national death rate and interesting life-threatening epidemics. Now, Saturn is at home in Aquarius and it’s training favorable aspect to Venus, which is at home in labor.

Now again, Venus moves quickly. So these are not baked in aspects. These are quick triggers, but might this be giving us a Ray of hope? Might this be a window of light that may be the world could get back to enjoying the things that it used to enjoy. Venus, I don’t know. And with the scope of what we have time to do here, there is, oh, so much more that you would have to look at, but I’m just throwing down some possibilities that are interesting from this chart, because it looked like for something, something asked me to look at this chart deeper before I keyed the microphone and I looked at it and I thought maybe there are a couple of rays of hope in here.

I mean in one little six minute podcast, if we could end the collective deception and we could also get ourselves back to a state where we enjoy life, would you come back and listen again tomorrow? I thought so. And thank you. I love you. I’ll see you guys tomorrow. Just some thoughts, just some random thoughts.

We normally don’t look at it this way we did today. All right, we’ll see you back tomorrow for hump day.

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