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Monday August 23, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in to the Monday edition of the fun astrology podcast. It’s August 23rd Virgo season. Yay. Moved into Virgo last night at 5:34 PM. Hi, Thomas Miller on the fun astrology podcast. Thanks for joining us. Glad you’re here. Glad you’re starting the week off with us. Let’s talk about Virgo for just a minute and oh, did you enjoy the full moon last?

Some of you were on our Facebook healing convergence. If you’re not there, you’ve heard me mention it. We’re on Facebook. Under the subconscious mind mastery podcast listeners kind of just put all the podcasts under one there. And we are doing this Sunday night event called the healing convergence and wow.

Was it ever special? And what we talked about last night is on Facebook, but it’s also, we’ll be on the subconscious mind mastery podcast later today. Kind of stumbled onto this late last week. And it was just a really cool thing about our spiritual journey and I’ll just forward you to there. You can either catch it on Facebook last night on the live rebroadcast, or you can catch it on the subconscious podcast.

Virgo season. I don’t have a lot of Virgo in my own chart, but boy, I’ve got a son who is a Virgo and an interesting Virgo because he’s a 29. He’s a 29 degree Virgo. And he’s just about speaking of 29. He’s just about to have his first Saturn return. He’s done a good job. I think he’ll probably be okay, but he’s done a good job.

Hopefully he’ll skate through it, but he is a Virgo and he’s on that cusp of Libra. But I can tell you this, my son is a great tipping point for, you’re not a Libra until you’re a leave until that sun crosses that county line. I really, I think the characteristics are definitely there, but he is a Virgo.

The Virgo is symbolized by the maiden and it was interesting. I was reading through the astrology Bible before I came in to record we’re using it as kind of a guide book or a textbook or a supplement book, really in the one-on-one. But Judy Hall mentions something kind of interesting. Uh, well, I’ll, I’ll keep this family oriented.

I mean, it’s in the book, it’s kind of like when the mask comes off, look out, but we’ll just keep right on going here. I’ve got a couple of keywords that I lock into my mind related to work. One is work. I’ve always said, if you want to find the best employees in the building, find the Virgos. My son is a great employee.

Always has been diligent to his task. Number two organization, you know, we say a Taurus and their garden. You shall not part of Virgo and their list. You shall not. And then I think the third one was opened up to me by Steve Forrest when I narrated the elements series. And we did the book of earth and talked about Virgo mentorship, being a mentor in later in life, being mentored earlier in life in order to prepare for that mentorship role.

But once you have it, the desire to pass it off. Just mentioned. Virgo is an earth sign at rules, the sixth house. And this gets really interesting into, well, what kinds of work might Virgos do healthcare? A lot of Virgos end up in the nursing profession or otherwise related to healthcare because of that 6,000 hours.

Virgo is ruled by mercury. So see there makes the couple of things I think with mercury mercury rules, two signs, obviously Gemini, which got the communication side of mercury and Virgo. Got the intellect analytical mind side, always learning, exploring, wanting to gain new ground intellectual. And Virgo is a mutable quality.

So that’s where teamwork in the office. Uh, if you want a good Virgo team leader, they will organize your team. Now here’s where the shadow gets a little interesting with Virgos when things don’t plumb up, according to that organizational structure in their own minds. One of the outlets of that frustration can be criticism or grumpiness around the it’s not, it’s not a personal attack.

It’s that tension between the way it ought to be. And the way that it is not has to get expressed. Fortunately God did not give the maiden a stinger in her little tail. Like he did the scorpion, because that would be a bad thing when, especially there’s chaos, which is most of the time it is planet earth after all.

And then the other dance that Virgos have to dance is that strong desire to serve and even mentor. And then balanced by just that need of good old fashioned self care, taking care of yourself first, put your own oxygen mask on, then take care of the folks around you. I love the sign of Virgo simply because of its stability for goes like a well it’s typical earth.

It’s a rock you can count on our Virgo. And Virgos. We love you. You know, I’ve got a downloadable careers list. I’ve mentioned this periodically, but it’s kind of on it’s in the product section of the website fund, but it’s kind of buried in there and it might be a nondescript, but if you would like a list of careers by sign, it’s nothing magical.

It’s just a list that I accumulated when I was working on this couple of years. And Virgo is well-represented. So if you’d like to see some ideas, what you do with that is you take your second house because that’s where money comes from. So you look at your sun sign and your rising sign. If you got Virgo in either of those places, what about the second house?

Virgo. If you have Virgo in the 10th house, or if you have Virgo in the sixth, you consider all of those, you consider your sunset. Your rising sign and then your second, 10th and sixth house rulers. And you just kind of put all that together. So it really gives you what is that five signs that you could explore?

And if you see anything from those lists, no, that that’s kind of in your career triad. Now, today we have an exact aspect between Venus at home and Libra and Saturn at home and aquarium. Both air signs and air trine. And what we’re talking about here obviously are two sides of the coin. And this isn’t an aspect that just all of a sudden going to jump up out of the closet this afternoon and get ya.

Oh, by the way, what time will it be? 8 48 this morning, but it’s one that you take a look at the areas ruled by Venus money, love beauty, sex, sexuality, sensuality the arts, and either put some reset and redesign. Around those areas because of Saturn in retro grade, you could have the whole rethink going on.

You could have Saturn just pure death destruction delay, or you could have a super tight structural depth that grows from being around this aspect over these past. And it’s been there for about a week and we’ll be there as Venus starts to pull away. We’ll be there at least for another week to 10 days.

So something you can work on there. You can really build structure and foundation around this. Under those key areas actually is a really good, it’s a really good aspect, Venus and Saturn. All right, guys. Have a great Monday. I’ll see you back tomorrow. Thanks for listening. Glad you’re here. I’m sending you love.

Let’s make it a great week.