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Saturday August 21, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome to the Saturday edition of the Fun Astrology Podcast. We’re talking medical astrology with Stephanie Vickers today. Glad you’re back. Thanks for joining us. These have rapidly become very popular and thank you for the emails saying that. This little feature that we’re doing opening up astrology and tying it right to the health of our bodies.

And Stephanie is an RN based in California and has a significant interest in astrology. And we just kind of put two and two together. And we’re going to talk today about the sign that the sun is leaving. Tomorrow Leo one little astrology piece before we jump in with Stephanie. That’s right. Uh, the sun moves into Virgo tomorrow afternoon at 5:34 PM.

We’ll talk about Virgo season on Monday on the fun astrology podcast. But right now let’s use our last day of Leo. Stephanie. Welcome. Thank you, Thomas. Yes, we are going to talk all about Leo moon. Well, I know this is going to be good. So Leo, the sun fifth house let’s shine. All right. Well, already, as you note, uh, noted too, that they have the sun as their ruler.

So these individuals have a lot of fours, courage, pride, and a lot of internal heat. So they actually have. Internal heat of any moon sign. So that’s something that they need to be aware of, uh, working on balancing all that excess fire. So they need to ensure that they’re getting a lot of water, especially maybe adding electrolytes when it’s really hot outside, like in the Northern hemisphere, we’ve been going through a really hot summer, so far eating cooling foods.

So things like cucumbers, sprouts, mint, and melody. And then trying to limit alcohol consumption, cause that can really dehydrate, Leos even further. And there they’re really prone to inflammation. So that’s something they really need to keep an eye on. Uh, also a mega three fatty acid containing foods or supplements could be really beneficial and that supports heart health, which the areas for Leo for health focus are mainly the heart, their spinal sheets, and then the thoracic region of the back.

So doing things to support heart health are really crucial for them, you know, daily, aerobic exercise. And then if they can do that in the sunshine, that’s like the trifecta for them, you know, getting out in that sun, that’s really gonna, uh, bolster their energy in that vitality and then strengthen their body as well.

Uh, other things too, for some good back health, you know, maybe seeing a chiropractor or getting an assessment, you know, and ensure that, you know, good posture and spinal alignment is occurring and then using a biofeedback device or a tracker, you know, there’s all these heart rate variability devices out there right now.

Like I have a heart math, one that I love and it can really show you, you know, how, how connected are you? You know, are you. Shallow breathing and your heart’s kind of really having to work hard or are you able to get into more of that deep, slow and steady, strong coherence? So that’s kind of interesting, I think, um, and then, you know, something that’s fun and playful for them, any creative activities like art, music acting.

I mean, especially adding music to their workouts will really uplift that. As for the flower essences that can be helpful for Leo moon natives, uh, sunflower, you know, just reinforcing that solar energy, Indian paintbrush, which just as the name applies or move any creative blockages and just bolsters their natural creativity and then barrage, which boosts their courage and their heart.

You know, I’m also thinking about here that Leo of course, ruled by the sun also rules the fifth house. Yes, exactly. And, uh, that Leo energy it’s, it’s very strong, very fiery. And if you have more than one planet in the fifth house, regardless of whether your fifth house is actually Leo or not, it’s something to keep in mind that you may have some of these things that I’ve already mentioned and to keep an eye on and.

I loved what you were talking about, the foods, the different foods to cool you down. That was really cool. I hadn’t thought about that because do we know anybody around here who has some planets in the fifth house per chance? Some fiery planets. How about the sun and Mars in the fifth house and throw in Scorpio?

I mean, I should be drinking from a fire hose. As they say

things down.

That’s right. Yes. Yes. You have a lot of good fifth house synergy going on there. Put some calories in there and I’m just turning on. Right. I VE that sucker. Goodness sakes. No, that’s a great point. And I didn’t even think about the correlation between foods cooling down some of that fire energy, but I totally get how that could.

And it’s like, okay, when it’s 20 degrees outside in the middle of winter, I need to be eating a summer salad.

Yeah. It’s really interesting how that works and it kind of, I think comes in or it stems from IRB. You know where you want to balance, uh, you know, if you have like excess fire, you want to bounce it out with more water, or if you have too much air, you want to bounce out with more earth. And so, you know, foods that are more cooling, uh, more of like, you know, that have a lot of natural hydration and water content in them can help bring that fire down and just kind of balance it out nicely.

Now I, Stephanie and I talked about this before we recorded it. But I have found in this past week, just since we were here last talking about cancer, I have found this incredible device that has made a huge difference in my own life. And I’ll do a subconscious mind mastery podcast on this, but just to give you a little teaser, it is something that has literally put such a relaxation.

Over my whole body, that the vocal cord issues, we’re talking about health here. I’ve always had this vocal cord issue and it has limited the amount of time in a day that I could talk. So all of these podcasts are done. The reason they’re done early in the morning, because that’s when I can talk. And then after I’ve used my voice for a certain amount of time, It’s always gone away.

The vocal chords actually separate and too much air goes through. I had an ear nose and throat doctor one time tell me that it was stress. It was too much fire. It was too much of that sun and Mars in the fifth. And he said, you just, you’ve got to relax. I’ve never, I mean, acupuncture, every relaxation thing you can think of.

I didn’t even touch it until this device. So I’m going to be doing a subconscious mind mastery podcast on it, but boy, you know what, Stephanie, we could even take this and maybe we’ll have to do this when we get through with the moon series. And I’ve learned more about this device, maybe you and I could even compare some notes and we could talk about the structure of affecting our brainwaves to the point where it literally brings a calmness to our home.

Absolutely. There’s some amazing new science coming out on these devices. And then what you’re referring to is the device that stimulates your vagus nerve as well as your brainwaves and that Vegas nerve. There are so many studies coming out that a lot of people don’t really have a strong Vegas nerve, and it’s not like Vegas, the city, it’s the AGU.

And it actually enervates so many different parts of our body. It’s, it’s a very large nerve in our body. So not only like you’re talking about the vocal cords, it’s responsible for swallowing, it also stimulates the parasympathetic and that’s part of the nervous system that helps it’s the rest and digest.

So it’s the opposite of the fight or flight, and it helps even, you know, bring more blood flow to the heart and then stimulate a reduction in heart rate. So things slowed down. So you get that sense of calm that you were talking about. I think that’s really crucial. So those, like I mentioned earlier to biofeedback devices, and then like the one you talked about can be really helpful and eye opening for a lot of people, especially those that have maybe some, you know, heart issues or they, they can’t calm down very easily.

Certainly in that fight or flight, go, go, go mode. Uh, I would love to do that with you. That would be amazing. I’ll have to put that on the docket. And if you’re interested in learning more about this device, I’m working with the manufacturer, the guy who makes it to make sure that he has ample supply and, uh, just keep checking the subconscious mind mastery podcast and I’ll put it on there.

And also I’ll let everybody know when it comes out here on fun astrology as well. Stephanie, thank you so much. This has been awesome. Thank you for having me, Thomas, I’m happy to shed some light on our beautiful, strong, sunny Leo. Good. I feel so bright. I need some sunglasses and watch that heat. Great job, Stephanie.

Thanks everybody. We’ll see you back here on Monday. Have a good weekend.