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Wednesday, August 11, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

And welcome in to the fund astrology podcast. Thomas Miller. Thanks for joining us. We have a lot to do today, so let’s get rocking and rolling. The first thing I want to to do is talk just briefly for a moment about the course, and I know the course is not going to be our focus here. It’s just, this was such a special time for me.

So I want to thank you for sharing my, or letting me share my enthusiasm with you over this weekend’s launch. You guys have us responded just amazing. But if you will, let me just update you really quick. And you betas that are already in you betas listen up because the pot’s getting ready to get sweeter.

And for those of you who are thinking about it or wanted to maybe get in on the beta phase, but you’ve been waiting, you might want to go ahead and pull the trigger because one of the things on my shortest short list for this week is to implement a commission program. So you are going to be able to share the program with others and make money from it.

And I’ll tell you what the commission is going to be. It’s going to be half half of the price. You will be able to make by sharing it with others. So we’re going to get that already working in that might be a little beta exclusive until we open the course back up. But I just wanted to say that because we have plenty of people in the beta program right now.

That probably we’re going to go ahead and close it back up so that we can add more value, add more material and get it more built out, more built out, more value, more content, more money. So it’s going to cost more. But through this commission program, if you just know a few people that you can refer it to, you can get the course for free because you’ll, you’ll get the commission back to cover the cost.

Now that’s all the time. I really want to spend on that now. I think you get the message, but pretty quickly, you’ll go back to the website and it’ll be good on for a while, just a while, but it will be gone. Okay. Now let’s talk about the sky because we have plenty up there to talk about today. First of all the exact square today between Mars and the nose to the moon happened at two 30 this morning.

We’ve been talking about that and it landed on today. And that is the bending of the nodes. We’re talking about Mars being at the south bending of the node, meaning that there is just amplified internal urgency to do this karmic work. You know, this is how my crazy little mind thinks and looks at things.

I ordered some stuff on Amazon this week. And typically here where I am in North Carolina now, even kind of out in the country, you get the next day or the day after now, it’s four days, four days down the line to get something from Amazon. I, there they’re having a labor shortage where they know something that we don’t, I don’t know, whatever it is we’ll find out.

Or maybe this new guy just doesn’t think that urgency is that big of a deal. But the point is with the odds that we’ve had and this Mars squaring, the nodes, it’s just like, we need to step into this work and embrace it. Like we’ve been talking about now, let me hop over to the moon. I’m not going to take these necessarily in time sequence today.

Let’s talk about the moon because it moves into Libra at 4 0 7 and that’s after a fairly long, all day void. Of course it goes void. Of course. At 7 21 this morning, all these times are Eastern and then goes all the way through 4 0 7 this afternoon. So you will have all the way from then until the next sign change, which is not until Friday night to work on love, relationships, money, balancing, beauty.

And connecting, I mean, connect safely, please for goodness sakes, but connecting with others. So the moon in Libra through Friday, I guess we will take these in order now, mercury then a little while after that two hours or so moves into. 5:53 PM on that just shy of six o’clock Eastern time. Mercury goes back home to Virgo mercury rules, Gemini.

It also rules Virgo. So we’ve had a pretty happy mercury, a pretty eventful mercury, I would say in Leo, but it’s going to be a very happy at home. Take your shoes off and prop your feet up in Virgo. Merck. Now that really changes the perspective of the chart when this takes place tonight, because now we have a super stellium really forming with the sun on its way in about a week or so we will have, and I’ll give you these in backward order, like the farthest one through the sign first Venus, which is already at 24 degrees.

So Venus will be moving out quickly. Mars will be in there mercury. And then of course the sun in about 10 days. So when we do the episode on the sons ingress into Virgo, we won’t be kidding when we say it’s Virgo season. So we’ve had a, quite a transit through Leo, a lot of heavy energy for a lot of people.

And now that we’ll all be shifting into Virgo Virgo rules, the sixth house, which is the house of health. Virgo itself has quite a connection with health and health care and medicine. So we’ll see. And we have one more aspect to talk about today. That’s exact, and speaking of, we just did Venus in Virgo, trines Pluto in Capricorn that energy should sound familiar.

It’s been with us since that yod back in the middle of July. Now that trine has two really interesting aspects or sides. On the positive side. Wow. Eros love erotic, passion, sensuality, sexuality, transformational love. I mean, you go right on down the line. It is just the whole picture of the. Explosion, if you will, of sensuality, it could also so affect money in almost a similar way, and it could affect your connection to nature in a similar way.

Just incredible dynamics of that. Now on the other side, we do have the, obviously the other side of it coin, if your relationship is otherwise weak, well, this might be the time to just move on. And that’s probably painting it a little bit too lightly. I mean, in other words, a bad relationship could blow up.

In fact, there could be wounding during this kind of an aspect on the shadow side. I mean, this is an aspect that you really want to cruise the positive side of because the positive side is so positive with Pluto’s power and Venus’s embodiments that we just listed. Wow, can it ever be great, but if you get on the wrong side of it, just flip all of those over to the other side of the coin and take them to a dark side and you can see where that’s just not where you want to go.

Fortunately, this is a, a trial, not a square. So we have the positive side of the coin working in our favor. Now this, and actually it has been working in our favor because this aspect has been applying or moving closer for the last about three weeks. How long will it continue to be enough? Count on it through the weekend, actually.

Now, as I’m laying this down and thinking about it, I’m going to be spending some time with this one, because this is a very powerful aspect and it’s a very positive aspect to get on the right side up. So I’m going to make sure my alignments with it are in order and I would invite you to join me. All right.

Have a great day. We’ll see you back tomorrow for TGI Thursday.