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Tuesday August 10, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in to the fun astrology podcast. Thomas Miller on Tuesday, August 10th. Thanks for being here. You know what we have in the sky today? I think we’ve had, this might make five of these since July 17th. I went back and looked at the date. I’ll let you think about it while we’re talking about something else.

We’ve had five of them now in the sky since mid July. I don’t recall, but I don’t think we’ve had five of these since I started doing the podcast in 2019. So it’s like all of a sudden, well, anyway, we’ll talk about that in a second. I wanted to talk about the other big aspect though. And that is mercury is opposing Jupiter today.

The actual aspect is not until evening in the U S time zones, 9:19 PM. But it will be applying all day. So this is one of those days that we talk about on here quite a bit, where the count to five principle could be in play here. So while yes, mercury and Jupiter related to each other could expand travel.

The square aspect could also make it a little scratchy. So while you might be willing and ready to be quite verbose, It could be misperceived. So think before sending the email or this be a great time to just put it in the draft folder and come back to it later, maybe tomorrow even, or Thursday, even mercury rules fast, this won’t be around long, but it is there and it is worth noting.

Our moon is in Virgo about in the middle of the sign today. So it will transition through there the rest of today and move into Libra tomorrow. If you had a sudden urge to do house chores over the weekend or yesterday now, you know why now to circle back, have you thought about what we’re talking about?

That we’ve had five of now? I think this would be five. That’s an unofficial count. It’s the yard. Now some would argue with me on this and I get why I totally get it. The orbs are a little bit wide in order to get this yod you have to have a little wider orbs than typically you would want on a yod. So we’ll call this a loose yod, but the theme of the yod is the same as it has been doing karmic business at the bay.

And I remember the yod is like the witch’s hat, right? The tall pyramid at the base Kyra. And that’s again, why some people might argue whether Kyron should be included in a yard. And I get that too. Like I said, this one’s a stretch, but it’s there. So I wanted to point it out Kyron on one side, Saturn on the other, that’s the base.

And up at the top, the two pinnacle planets would be the moon and Mars. And yesterday we talked about Mars also, still in that square aspect with the nodes of the moon. Which is called being at the bending of the nodes. So Mars in this karmic projection has just a really prominent position right now. And of course, with a yod the pinnacle planet, the one that the witches had is pointing up to gets the attention from the other two.

So you can really easily paint this picture. Saturn Lord karma, Kyron, the wounded healer, that thing that we. Like Kyron, the Sentara and mythology kind of dragged through the rest of his life when his foot was injured. That’s what we dragged through our incarnation. It seems like we’re always somehow bumping into it and dealing with it.

Well, now we’re pointing up there tomorrow. Which has a little hat. It’s kind of like the little hat within a hat because Mars then has those aspects to the nodes of the moon, which is saying, let’s really get this done. Let’s put some power into facing these challenges. Let’s move on. It. Let’s roll. That’s what I was saying in our Facebook group Sunday night is like the energy is there now for us to be dealing with these things at the same time, Mars has.

And it doesn’t take about 10 texts of Mars before you get to the shadow. And that is, it will kill or be killed the warrior side, or it’ll just get angry. So it could be that we’re resisting this process and we’re even getting upset with the fact that it’s even there. And again, from Sunday night, I was saying that one of the reasons why on planet earth.

Our hidden stuff is locked away in places like the south node and Kyron and Saturn and Pluto in these areas. These pockets of the chart is because if they were big and bold and out there like Mars, or like Jupiter, we humans in this construct of earth, couldn’t handle it. It’s too heavy. It’s too much.

But remember, I’m going to back up because we are under Saturn and Pluto from January 12th, 2020, and this is a big, long, massive generational shift. So these are the sub currents within the big ocean. The big ocean is Saturn Pluto. The sub currents are things like these yachts. We’ve had five of them and they’ve all been along the same theme.

We’ve had the sun mercury Mars, Venus, and the moon at the top. And we’ve had Kyron, Neptune, Saturn, and Pluto at the bay. And I will tell you, you don’t have to take an astrology course to kind of figure that out. That’s all about acting on karma. It’s dealing with our past. That’s the energy that’s out there right now.

So if you’ve been feeling the heaviness and I know a lot of you have stay with it, just invite it. Breathe. Yes, it is heavy. I get it. I’ve been there. I went through a year and a half, two years. Just panic sweats every morning, every single morning, there are tools and that’s what these podcasts are about.

She’d go over and check out subconscious mind mastery two. I start at the beginning. I tell how I dealt with it. Been there. We’ll get you through. We will get us all through. We’re all feeling. Sending you love. There is a positive side. The positive side is work with it, work with it. You’ll resolve stuff in this lifetime that you have not resolved in centuries of lifetimes.

I really believe that I really, really believe that. All right, we’re going to count to five today, all day. I shouldn’t have said any of that. Goodness sakes.

Love you.

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