Thursday August 12, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in to the fund astrology podcast, Thursday, August 12th. Any of y’all feel like you just need a great big inhale, exhale, like a good yoga class.

Boy. I know. I sure do. I have been pushing hard this week. I did go ahead and close the barn door on the course yesterday. I so appreciate you guys. We had enough people in there it’s like, wow. Okay. Uh, so what we’re going to do is focus on getting it right. And getting it filled in, and then we’ll be right back.

So just, this is a pause, not a going away, just a pause. But thank you so much for your support on it means the world. To me, this is almost like a, you know, is your child going to be rejected or accepted and you guys more than accepted it. So thank you very much for that. Now let’s talk about the sky and I’m going to cruise this on through the weekend because we kind of have some stability.

That’s what I was saying is we have this little moment where we can just take a little breath, except that we have Friday the 13th tomorrow. And except on Friday the 13th, the moon is moving into Scorpio. Other than that, the world is fine.

Sorry. I just was like, wow. Okay. We’ve got a, we’ve got a Friday, the 13th and a Scorpio moon. Okay. Wait, I’m going to take tomorrow just as a little break. I need to catch my breath. I really do. And maybe that’s the theme. Maybe that’s the theme going into the weekend is just breathe. Breathe, breathe.

Because today there’s really not much else that we haven’t talked about tomorrow just mentioned. And then that moon stays of course, in Scorpio until Sunday night, no other sign changes, nothing other significant in the chart for the rest of the weekend. We do hit the first quarter moon also on Sunday.

So in the scope of this moon, moving into a Scorpio and then on, into Sagittarius, we’re approaching first. I’ll tell you as I am doing this this morning, I’m a little bit late getting this recorded because just pushed and pushed and pushed. But the last thing I did, which was set to Pacific time zone was a, another different Robert Glasscock course.

He is such an amazing astrologer number one, teacher, extraordinary. And this is a solar arc class and it was kind of rocked last night because I’m looking at all the different things that we. And he was comparing the solar arc charts of the United States. And then comparing that to where the current transits are.

And of course we have Pluto getting ready. Won’t be eminent. It will be in 2024 that Pluto moves into the sign of Aquarius. And I’ll tell you, what I’m going to do here is I’m going to absorb this study. It has a little bit of time to look at it, maybe over the weekend. And I’ll do a free video on exactly what we were looking at.

Okay. So that you can see it with your own eyes and a picture will be worth a thousand of my words. So just know that that will be coming. And we’ll just take a look at what it looks like when Pluto moves into Aquarius in light of the progressed solar arc chart for the birth of America. So I’ll make that available to everybody.

And because I want you to know, I want you to know what the astrology is looking like and in good, old fun astrology lingo, it’s going to be shake, rattle, and roll. And it will last for 20 years. His blue does days in there until 2044 and tomorrow on Friday, the 13th, the moon moves into Scorpio. Okay, I’ll stop.

I’ll stop, but let’s get ourselves set up for the weekend. Okay. What can we take away from this? Actually, I put up the start here in the booth. I was looking at another one inside and I didn’t have the aspect lines in the same position on that one. We’ve got another, uh, another yard in the chart for today.

Y’all if these yards don’t stop, I don’t know what’s going to happen here, but, uh, we have Neptune at the pinnacle. You already getting used to this yod business now, aren’t you we’re talking, which is hat, the long gated pyramid, two planets at the bottom thrusting up to the planet at the top. Neptune’s up at the top.

There’s our whole spiritual paradigm. And also all of this illusion, delusion that’s been going on. What have said that the bottom, well, the sun of the moon, the moon that is getting ready now. Oh my yes, the moon and the sun are at the bottom. So here’s the thing that I think we could focus on over the weekend, especially in light of this is that our, this is our place in this karmic shit.

So whenever I put this video together and show you kind of the, wow, okay, this is where we’re headed. And you realize, look at as a soul, you and I chose to be here during this time at the age that we are to do the work that we are doing and through your soul’s mission, through the synchronicities of life.

You have studied this or inquired about it enough to land on this podcast, to the point where we are all collectively waking up together. And I think the big message of this is to take away for the weekend and think about what is my role, not in the whole political and social stuff that’s going on in the world right now.

I’m talking about the spiritual reality. The why my soul is here and what I need to do in order to get conditioned, to be the best player on the team. You know, I’m thinking about, you’ve seen these movie themes, right? Where the former championship team has had a few too many hamburgers and sat and watched too many movies.

And they’ve. Sloppy, you know, they’ve gotten deconditioned and somebody rallies them back together. And boy, they’ve got to go through the gym and they’ve got to run and you see them with their sweaty t-shirt and the towel around their neck. And they’re out there beating it out because they’re going to come back and they’re going to win the championship again.

You know, that kind of thing that I’m talking about, that theme, I think that’s the picture here is let’s all think about where we are. We just completed the Olympics. Where are we between wherever we are picking up our story and being that Olympian that is going to go win the gold. Because I think that real business here is how do we position ourselves to be spiritual leaders in this new paradigm?

And I’ll close with this. We’ve been talking about this Facebook group thing that we’re doing on Sunday nights, calling it the healing convergence. The energy of that has been absolutely amazing. And the reason I think it is, is because we are collectively joining, blending our energies and sending it up to the universe with the intention of healing.

So we’re putting ourselves right there and I think the universe is acknowledging it. And actually I’m getting chills looking at this because it’s almost like that Neptunian everything that’s cocooned, spiritually, and Neptune is just shining and reflecting back on us with favorable. So the more we can reflect up into that, I think more energy that we’re going to get, and we’re going to have to process.

It’s not going to let us come deconditioned time to put the game on gang. That’s the bottom line of this message. Let’s think about that over the weekend. All right. Lot to ponder there. Blot to ponder. I’ll see you. Uh, on Saturday it was, Stephanie will be here Saturday on Stephanie. We’re going to be talking about cancer.

And then on Monday, we’ll pick off next week. Have a great one. I’m sending you all kinds of love. If you’re not in our Facebook group, come find us subconscious mind mastery podcast listeners, and I’ll see you Sunday night for the healing convergence. Have a great day.