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Monday August 9, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in to a new week on the fun astrology podcast. Thomas Miller. I am so glad you are here. It is because of you that I keep doing this and creating courses and all this stuff. Thank you so much. For an incredible launch day yesterday. If you didn’t hear about it yesterday, we announced and launched the fund astrology 1 0 1 course.

You guys just made it. Absolutely amazing. Thank you so much. And if you didn’t get it on it, and you’d like more information go to fund astrology. Also had an amazing healing circle last night on our Facebook group, our Facebook live group on Sunday evenings. And that was just extra special and touching as well.

And I’ll tell you, this energy is incredible and I’m hearing a theme from a lot of you. And that is that it’s really tense. I mean, people are processing some really heavy stuff and especially deep stuff is coming up. So let’s take a look at the chart. There are a few clues there and then we’ll dissect a few things.

Okay. So first of all, mercury has already quincunx to Pluto. There’s a verb for you, Jay. I got quincunx last night. Um, yeah. So did mercury and Pluto. So that’s, that’s this tense aspect that we’re talking about. That is half of a yod when we it’s one of the long sides of the witches. And that, uh, when the yod disappeared, it was only a Saturday, Sunday thing it’s gone today, but this one remaining leg stands and that is mercury Pluto.

We’ll talk about this in a minute. The other thing we need to take note of as a sign change with the moon 10 55 this morning, all times are Eastern. The moon moves into Virgo, really brief void, of course, starting at 8 22. And then moves in at five minutes till 11, and then the other one for today to get everything on the table is Venus is opposite Neptune tonight at 8:19 PM.

So they’re, you know, the players let’s do some dissecting. In fact, with today’s chart, let’s back into some things because when people collectively, I mean, I’ve had several people over the weekend say, wow, the heaviness. And then I ask a little bit more and they say it’s past stuff coming. We’ll see, sometimes you can look in the chart, you can see an aspect or relationship between Saturn and Pluto and Neptune and Venus and all the things that we have going on and you can project out, but sometimes you take a result and you can bring it in and located in the chart.

This is actually basically the same chart except for the yod is missing the yod was there yesterday. It’s basically the same chart that I launched the course. And one of the things that I noticed as I was looking at this core at the chart from yesterday, when the course launched is that I saw this theme of exactly what we’re talking about here, bringing up the past, dealing with it, moving on to a higher level of consciousness.

And one of the things that spoke to me in the chart was to move the course in that direction. So that’s going to be part of the synthesis when we get into that, that. That I’m going to design it and skew it in that direction because one of the other big aspects in the chart is Mars in a T-square with the nodes of the moon.

So the nodes of the moon of course are opposite. Each other, always will. Now Mars is squaring that we also call it the bending of the nodes, meaning that it just really throws extra emphasis on dealing with whatever the message of that. Square is well, it’s karma, it’s doing our path. So I’m going to really take the course in that direction.

Now, the components of the yod again were Neptune and Pluto at the base, the sun and mercury and the moon at the top. Now just borrowing again from yesterday. When I released that the sun, moon and mercury were all in the 11th house and they’re in Leah. So this whole thing is speaking of this work that’s going on is a message to the masses of this higher consciousness.

That’s coming. In fact, let me put it this way. And this just came to me, but a verse from the Bible, Jesus said you can’t put old wine in new wine skin. And of course, what is meant by that is back in those days, they would keep wine in sacks that were made of animal hide. So the point is, is that the old wine would break the hide down and it wouldn’t preserve anymore.

Today. We would scratch our head at a statement like that. What are you talking about? Boy, you had too much wine, but, but back then they would know exactly what you were talking about because it would be like, It would be like saying, well, you can’t put new wine today. You’d say you can’t put new wine in a broken glass.

So obviously the application of that is, is in order to move forward, we have to deal with the past. We can’t take our old level of consciousness into this new dynamic and the people that are being called to do future work on this Battlefront. I say this Battlefront, this, this transition. Are people that are being asked to purge to get rid of the old.

And yes, that process is scary and it’s painful, but it is necessary. Or we always have choice. We can choose to just run and kind of avoid the whole situation. But, you know, when a chart says something three or four times, then you know, that it really is significant. And even last week we had that grand trine with Kyron in there also the south node and our big three, the sun mercury and the moon.

So we’ll leave it at that for today. We have a nice week ahead of us to unpack this and we will, but there’s just this big karmic theme. So the message is not to run from it, but to invite it in and. On the alignment side with the planets and start doing the work. That’s that’s the main message. Maybe we’ll unpack that some more as the week goes on.

I do hope you’ll come over and check out the course and I hope you have a wonderful Monday. I’ll see you back tomorrow.

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