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Saturday August 7, 2021 – Medical Astrology with Stephanie Vickers, RN: Moon in Gemini

Welcome to the fun astrology podcast in our new Saturday edition Thomas Miller. Thanks for joining us. We’re going to talk medical astrology with Stephanie Vickers again today, talking about Gemini, the third sign in zodiacal order as we follow the moon around the signs talking about our health, and this also applies obviously to Gemini rising as well as Gemini moon signs.

And I think you could throw some Gemini sun in there. And my little ears are going to be up because I am a Gemini rising. So Stephanie, welcome back. Let’s talk Gemini. Yes. Thank you so much, Thomas. Very happy to be back. So this is, this is gonna really help a lot of the Geminis out there, whether it’s your son or your rising, as well as the moon sign.

All right. What do you have for us? Yeah. So these individuals, they have a vital force that distributes itself in a manner like a changeable breeze. They are immutable air sign, so that’s pretty fitting. Their nervous system can be incredibly overactive. These individuals are highly alert, talkative, high, strong, and they’re fascinated with many things.

They encounter stress when things are too practical, structured, or overly rigid. They thrive doing puzzles, like reading mental entertainment, any form of communication, and they actually find phone conversations, very healing. So I just want to mention that they’re very prone to media and phone addiction.

They’re naturally fast and axes of their nervous systems can get overloaded really easily, especially from constant technology use. So one very crucial piece of self-care is that they take a daily break from EMF, which is electromagnetic field exposure from cell phones or computers, and especially while sleeping.

So their brain and body can recharge without that interfere. These individuals also really need to watch their diets and eliminate any processed or junk food. And also for regular sleep patterns, both of these things can add more burden onto the nervous system. And when they’re already so overly active, that’s just going to add more stress onto the system in medical astrology, Gemini governs the peripheral nerves.

Speech centers, bronchial tubes, opera lungs, shoulders, arms, hands, and can pillories extra attention should be paid to these areas and to strengthen them. And since these individuals do govern the respiratory system, they require more support there. Something like a daily breath work practice will help maintain proper Oxford oxygenation and lead to a strengthening of the respiratory system.

And also just to help calm down their nervous system breathwork is something that I think a lot of people they can go about their day, not really how much they’re holding their breath and that just add more stress onto the body. So even something like a five minute breathwork routine would be excellent for them.

These individuals can also be really useful. Distracted. And they don’t really like routine, uh, creating a daily schedule that has flexibility worked into it is really key for them to creating more consistency. They also get bored very easily doing repetitive things. So creating a wellness routine with an assortment of activities and approaches can appeal to their multifaceted personnel.

Some other helpful things I want to point out for self care are ensuring that they eat regularly scheduled meals. This is another sign like areas where they can rush while eating and not have full meals. And that can also add stress to the nervous system and deplete nutrients quicker. Adding some variety to their diet helps them, you know, stave off boredom, also adding variety to their exercise routine, just trying different things.

And also if these individuals have a tendency to have asthma or lung congestion, just watching the dairy product consumption too. Uh, I also want to mention that things for them to unwind and relax are, are like jigsaw puzzles or crosswords that gives them a flexible timetable to complete on their own time.

And it also exercises their mercurial mindset. Taking at least 15 to 30 minutes of quiet time daily to disconnect from the stimulation of the outside world and electronics, like I mentioned earlier, can really help them calm down and ground them further in their bodies with them being an air sign.

They’re very much in their head. So that’s really key to get that mind, body connection going, and then last some helpful flower essences for Gemini moon natives are causing. Just like the cosmos of the universe to help with mental focus and clarity and white Chestnut, which helps break mental rumination and restless chatter.

You’re a Gemini rising. Did you feel like you were writing that for yourself in some kind of way? Yes, I absolutely did. Uh, I felt like it was speaking right to me when I was researching for the sign and some of these things I realized I need to take my own advice. You know, if you were, if you were trying to understand a Gemini, you’re not one you’re trying to understand, or a Gemini rising, Stephanie just painted the picture for you right there, right down the line.

Yes, these individuals are just incredibly intelligent and very fast moving like Aries, but mentally fast moving. And they’re very multifaceted. They’re very interesting people. You will never be bored around a job. Okay. Now again, you got me stuck up at the beginning. That they, what, what was your line that they move like a changeable breeze?

Yes. That’s how their energy acts so their body can, can change very quickly. No, it’s fun to take these. And then I’m running them through filters of people that I know who fit these characteristics. Most of the podcast listeners know that I spent almost three years in Aspen. Place where I was. I found a place in there just incredible deal that was owned by a lady who had just lost her husband.

She was in her mid eighties, but boy, she was a Gemini and she was just a spry and still is. And her mind is incredibly sharp and engaging in conversation. We would sit at the kitchen table there and Aspen for hours, many, many times just having great conversations. And what I realized is that we could talk about something for just a little while, and then we had to go talk about something else.

And if I were to think about, well, wait a minute, I’m not through with topic a oh yeah, we were through until we came back to it. So we go over here for a little while and then we come back to topic a and then we’d go over there for a little while and then come back to topic a, it was, so once I got the routine down, man, I milked it.

We went everywhere.

We’d go all over the world. It was something. So, yes, understanding a Gemini is understanding, as you just said, you have to break the routine. Yes. And to add flexibility in there, uh, and, and things that keep them, you know, interested full of variety, different things. They love to try all different things.

So appealing to that side of their nature will help them stick to, to a routine more than, uh, than they’re used to. Let’s talk for a second about the EMS, because I, you know, here again, guilty as charged now, I don’t even have television. Don’t watch it, but I’m on the computer. Or if you know, some electronic device is not far away all day long screens.

Yeah. In my booth, there’s a big screen trading stocks during the day, big two big screens. So it’s like, what do you do about that? How bad is that? So there’s a lot of studies coming out now about EMS being similar to the new smoking it’s it’s. Yeah. So we’re thankfully getting a lot more information on this and we have technology now that can actually see with the human eye, where you can see with the camera.

The waves, the electromagnetic waves and how far they actually radiate out from like a wifi router or a cell phone antenna tower. And we now know how that interacts with the cells in the body and the nervous system. And it can put a tremendous amount of stress on. So I think that, especially as we get higher and higher technologies, like we’re now, you know, 5g and I’m hearing about 6g.

The body really needs a break from that interference, especially while you’re sleeping, which is when your brain does the majority of its repair. And we have such a strong electrical system in our body having any kind of interference from like a whole house, wifi router or sleeping in a room with it.

The smart devices can really stress your body out and you might not get as much of restorative sleep. I found that true for myself. I turn off my wifi router every night before I go to sleep. I make sure my air, uh, my phone is on airplane mode. Uh, not just cause I’m a Gemini rising and I do have a very overactive nervous system, but it just, it helps me feel more, uh, recharged in the morning.

And I don’t seem to, uh, feel like fried. As much as I used to at the end of the day, working with computers all day. Great advice. Excellent. Okay. So where I go hiking in North Carolina, not only are there no wifi routers, you can’t even get a cell signal and there’s nothing, but trees pumping out pure oxygen.

So maybe what I should do is log off and go to the woods. Yes, that’s perfect recharging with nature. So nature has its own. Our earth has its own natural EMF field and our bodies are more designed to align with that field. Then the field that comes from our electronics and internet and wifi. So if you can do that daily, that will help your nervous system immensely.

Well, there must be some tourists in my chart somewhere because I feel the trees a Collin. Okay. I got it. Perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon, Stephanie, thank you so much for filling us in on Gemini. Thank you so much for having me again. And I look forward to coming back to do Cancer next!