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Monday, August 2, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Whew. We’ve got a new month, a new week and I’m happy. Are you happy? I hope so. Welcome to the fun astrology podcast. Thomas Miller. Thanks for joining us. We’ve got a lot to talk about today. So how about if we just dig straight into the business at hand, I got to spend a little bit of time talking about.

Life on earth before we go talk about life in the sky. So, first of all, I have updated the website completely. I spent quite a few hours on it yesterday, actually. So it has, let’s see, first of all, towards the top, the Robert Glasscock horror practicum information. So if you’d like to participate in that class, all the information is there.

Last night, we had a, an amazing kickoff to our, what we’re calling healing convergence program with our Facebook group. So if you were not part of that, come join us on Facebook. The only thing I ask you to do is just answer the questions, because I want to know that it’s podcast listeners, because it’s a community it’s us.

And I don’t want a bunch of outside people coming in with various energies and everything. So just let me know that you’re listening to the podcast. This is something we’re going to be doing every week now. And it’s all it’s going to be hubbed if you will, inside the Facebook group. So come join us there.

It’s going to be really cool. As we focus our energies together for healing. And then, okay, I’m going to throw the door open. The course will be coming this weekend. All right. Give me the week to get a few more things in place. And then this weekend we will open the doors. So if you want to be part of the beta, now, I’m just going to have it open for a wee little bit so that we can get some folks in and interacting around it.

But this will be developmental. It’s not finished, but it will open up and I’ll do a special podcast. Uh, let’s say probably Sunday. Because I don’t want to conflict with Saturday with Stephanie, so I’ll announce it on Sunday. We’ll just go ahead and do that. We’ll announce it next Sunday. And there will be a special podcast to do so actually, you know what?

I didn’t even think about this. I need to check the electional because this is pretty important. So I will find a window that looks pretty good for such things. And that’s when we’ll kick it off. Okay. That said, now let’s look at the sky. The big one is the sun opposes Saturn. It already has two 14 this morning, Eastern time.

This is what’s cool because I’ve got all this updated on the webpage. Now all of this is there. All the week’s transits are there and the retrogrades they’re together, where they should be. The chart is there and the transcriptions are all updated, including Stephanie’s from Saturday. Now the moon changes signs about 45 minutes from the release of this podcast at 4:45 AM, all times Eastern as well.

And mercury trines Kyron at 1140 this morning. So now let’s take a look at the big one and the biggest of the big that overshadows them all is the sun opposing Saturn. Now I’ll tell you whenever Saturn is in some kind of an aspect with your son, that’s when your pointed little Spock ears go straight up and BBP Bape, because something is likely to be happening with you during those times.

Now do you want to hear the shadow side or the positive side? First? Which one? Okay. We’ll let’s deal with the shadow then we’ll end on a pot on a high note. How about that? All right. So when the sun is opposed, Saturn Saturn is in Aquarius. The sun is in Leo. Those are signs that are across the back 40 from each other.

I mean, let’s bring Saturn right in, it can kill something. It can cause the death of a product, a project or a relationship or. It can delay something, can bring a heaviness into the space. There can be extra stress, guilt, self judgment, et cetera. You know, things that we don’t need in our space today. Right.

Haven’t we had enough and yet we have to deal with this. We have to face this. So let’s look at the shadow, not to be overcome by it, but let’s look at it to work with it because in just a second, I’m going to light you up with some goods. Now Saturn is also an archetypical expression of the father. So there could be something around dad from a negative standpoint and a positive standpoint, but on the negative side, it could be the loss of a father.

It could be rejection or separation or tension. And as we’re going through this, you could just feel heavy. You could feel down, you could feel fatigue. Now again, I paint that not to be pessimistic and negative, but we have to look at both sides of the coin. So now let’s look at the upside of this and, and the primary thing that comes through the two keywords that I’ve been focusing on since Saturn was back in Capricorn structure and foundation.

Remember now that those are more Capricornia and characteristics, but Saturn also was the ancient ruler of Aquarius. So all of these sat, Turney and characteristics, we bring right on across the county line and we’re still dealing with them just in a more individuated perspective. So self-discipline getting activities done, methodically sustaining focus.

Now the one I really love about this, especially in my bracket of the age column is if you’ve done life well, you get to mentor. You get to be a role model. You get to be somebody that people look up to. In fact, because it’s opposite the sun again, if you’ve lived the karma, well, then you could actually be a go-to person that people seek you out in order to get answers when they are struggling.

There’s the opposition. It’s another good aspect to take some time to yourself. Take yourself out of the spotlight. Don’t answer all the emails right now. Have some space and time for you, you’ve earned it. You deserve it. Sit with yourself, sit with your thoughts. There are a couple of aspects and they are waves.

We mentioned last week with the nodes of the moon, particularly Saturn being trine, the north node, and today’s Gemini and moon will start moving in position where it will be trying. So there’s the whole karma thing. I’ve really found some pretty cool releases and answers. Around an old relationship during this energy.

So it’s a good time to be seeking that out as well. So again, we never have to paint a dark picture. When one of these heavier planets, shall we say comes a knocking because there are some great upsides. So it’s just a time to think, how are you going to be. Now in your own chart, earn will be opposite its original position when you are about 15 and then about 45 5.

So you can be kind of applying this. If you’re in the mid forties age bracket or approaching it, then you could be looking forward to. As well, and if not, you’ve got 30 years from 15 to get ready for us. I hope you have a wonderful Monday. Thanks for spending some of it here. And I’ll see you back tomorrow.

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