Wednesday July 28, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in it’s hump day on the fun astrology podcast. Thomas Miller. Thanks for stopping by on this midweek Wednesday to see what’s going on up in the sky. And, you know, I had one thing I wanted to ask before we got into today’s episode. It’s just, how are you feeling this week compared to last week?

You know, we had so much of that thick energy last week. And so many people were saying that they were just feeling the press. And I just wonder, has it lightened up for you some this week for if you were feeling it last week? I hope that it has a couple of shopkeeping things. First of all, the Robert Glasscock course is still not posted yet by Kepler.

So we’ll wait on that. It will be there. We’ll be able to get in. Don’t worry about that. So whenever it is ready, I will link to it. Also Stephanie Vickers, we’ll be back on Saturday with medical astrology. So be sure to join us for the Saturday special episode. That’s going to be a regular feature now. And the 1 0 1 course.

Oh, I made so much progress over the last few. And I’m probably thinking, I’m thinking not this weekend probably next is when we’ll open up. Okay. So it’s there to peek in. If you want to take a look, just go to the fun astrology website and you can speak in, but it will be there ready to open and ready to pick up for beta people.

Now, beta people in about a week. All right. Let’s take a look at the sky. We have a couple of significant things today and tomorrow. Then we get a little break over the weekend. So the positioning happens now and then we get to breathe into it. Okay. First of all, the moon moves into Aries today. Get that big Aries fire energy on because if you wanted to push a couple of projects through or do some things fiery over the next couple of days, you’ve got to have them.

And that happens at 5 57 this morning. So basically for those of you in the U S the full day today will be under Aries, lunar energy. Also, you might look at where Aries is in your own chart, because there could be some extra support in that area for the next couple of days. Now, the big one today happens at 8:42 AM.

These times are Eastern us times. Jupiter moves back into Aquarius, retrograde Jupiter is walking backwards. So now it enters Aquarius where it will stay until the end of December. It stays retrograde until October 18th. So we’re walking backwards quite a bit more, and we’ll unpack this as it continues on to unfold.

But basically for now, just be aware that Jupiter moves back into Aquarius this morning. I know a lot of people have their eye on that as to a portents of what might happen with world events and the virus and all of that. I think we’re just best positioned as to watch and wait. Actually when Jupiter moved into Aquarius, last it kind of virus slowed down.

Neptune rules, viruses. When Jupiter tipped over into Pisces, Jupiter, might’ve expanded what Neptune ruled. So maybe we’re coming back into Saturn’s domain and with Saturn and retrograde and Jupiter in retrograde, maybe we’ll tap this thing down. I don’t know. We’ll just see. Wouldn’t that be an interesting correlation?

If it happens? Couple of interesting aspects. One, we mentioned yesterday with the Venus square at the bending of the nodes of the moon. If you didn’t hear that check back to yesterday, I’ll leave you there. But Mars, we’re talking about Jupiter. Mars is opposite Jupiter. So as Jupiter is moving back into Aquarius, there sits Mars, both of them at 29 degrees.

So Mars is at 29 degrees. Leo. Jupiter will move into this morning, 29 degrees in Aquarius because it’s coming backwards. Right? It’s coming in the back door 29, 28, 27, 26. So there’s Mars saying hello? And Mars is on a banana peel because it moves into Virgo tomorrow afternoon. I would be a lot more interested in the Virgo and Mars relating to Jupiter than I would be the Leo Mars relating to Jupiter because with the Leo Mars, at least we have firefighter fire, but with the Virgo Mars, we’re going to be having some tension there, possibly with that Jupiter.

So really it’s not so much. I think today let the ingress happen. And then as Mars clicks through degree 1, 2, 3, 4, The rest of this week and, and probably through the weekend, uh, we’re going to be looking at maybe some scratchiness with Jupiter there and we’ll see how that unfolds, what we could have, what we could have.

You remember all the protests this past weekend, we might have that and more this coming weekend. So if you were scratching your chin, wondering how it might affect world events, well, there’s one possibility that would be interpretively within the bandwidth, for sure. How might it affect you? A little aggressive autonomy.

That would be the nuts and bolts of it. Just maybe getting a little bit too big for your britches. Let’s just say, uh, I don’t know what’s going on in the workplaces now because I’m basically working from home all the time, but you know, if something happened in the workplace that ran you a little scratchy, just be careful how you respond or at home would sure fit there too.

Now we have some trines up in the sky today trying’s 120 degree aspects favorable. Probably the most favorable of all the favorable aspects would be the trine. So here’s the whole list that Uranus is trying Venus. The moon is trying the south node, but then we have some planets locked in a grand trine.

So that’s the big triangle of three trines connecting planets. And here they are. It’s the sun and mercury, like we talked about yesterday is in a trine with the south node in a trine with Kyron. Now that should just be firing off for those of you. Who’ve been listening to this for a while. That should be firing off all kinds of karmic pointed ears, especially because the moon is involved, applying or moving toward Kyron in areas.

So maybe getting some support or some encouragement or some downloads regarding some spiritual answers. Yeah. And this is kind of full circle with why I asked the question at the beginning, because if we look at the key words for today from the Mastro program, we are seeing some lightening up of what we saw on Monday.

Rumor, how dark and heavy they were on Monday. Well, listen, emotionality, determination chain. Precipitation precipitation in this context is sudden quick change, purpose, even jumps in there. And then we have some of the ones that are left over from the beginning of the week, such as crisis nervous disorders is in there toward the top injury accident, et cetera.

So we kind of have a mix, but I would say that if we were tipping, the scales were tipping more positively today and we’ll take it. You know that quote from Judith Hill that we talked about last week, but these are times that demand the utmost application of the spiritual will just resonates in the echo chamber of my head because there’s nothing else up there.

It’s like a cave. So you might as well put some good quotes in there. Hello. Put some echo on it. Demands the Atmos. All right, you guys have a good one? We’ll see you back tomorrow. Set the stage, kind of start getting the weekend. Lined up. We’ll start that tomorrow. Have a good day. Bye bye.