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Tuesday July 27, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in to the Tuesday edition of the fun astrology podcast. It’s Thomas back with you for those of you who dared come back after yesterday. Sorry, just what I got. I’ve got a better chart today. I do. I do. And we’ll get. I’m watching for that. Robert Glasscock, coronary class announcement. Don’t worry about just having to jump on it.

Something you can think about. And if you would like information on that YouTube video, just search Glasscock, horror, airy, and it should take you right to it. I forget it’s a couple hours long. I mean, it’s a little bit of a time commitment and this course is a time commitment because it’s live on Saturdays.

It starts here on the east coast at noon on Saturdays. And it’s going to begin on August 7th. So as soon as that’s posted all it, you know, it’d be fun. If a few of you brave adventurers would join in with me on that, we could kind of have a little group hug. All right. Talking about a group hug. Let’s have one right now.

We’ve got mercury getting ready to change signs today. It will be at 9:11 PM. So later this evening, for those of you in the U S but this is significant because mercury is moving out of cancer into Leo, or the big show is right now and is going to conjoin the sun and a couple of days. All right. Now let’s think about mercury knowledge learning.

Harary courses with Robert glasnow knowledge learning information and communication. Okay. Let’s think about that. Knowledge learning communication information. Mercury Leo fire. We’ve already been feeling that mercury comes in conjunction with the sun. Let’s step over into mundane astrology for a minute.

The collective. Yes, the sun represents you, but it also represents us collectively. Now here’s the interesting aspect. You go to the other side of the chart and you have, this is almost like what’s forming now. It’s not there yet. This is like one of those stock trades when you’re trying to scalp, you know, short-term trade and you go, ah, and it’s just not quite.

But this is shaping up and it’s almost like an long gated yod. So later this week, by the end of the week, this will be in place. So we’re in that applying or waxing phase of this it’s moving toward this energy. On the other side of the chart, we have the same involvement that we had with the yod last week.

The south node is sextile to Saturn 60 degrees. And Saturn is sextile to Uranus 60 degrees that together forms this triangle, this elongated triangle, I’ll put the chart on the Fontan website. So you can see what I’m talking about. The Tuesday chart is on the website. And interestingly, not that this makes it a yod, but Jupiter, you’ll see on the chart, a little green line.

That’s Jupiter forming a quincunx to mercury and the sun. So mercury and the sun become the pivot of what we’re talking about here right now. Now I’m going to go out a little bit on a limb. Could this be that maybe we’ll be learning more knowledge and information about whatever this finger of God is over the next week or two or three or six?

But could this be a little bit of a set up to give us more information, more clues, more knowledge and awareness of what this aspect is trying to tell us now, some astrologers might claim that they already know and make predictions. And if so, that’s great or they’re just bold or stupid. Okay. You know, I was going to say it right.

You know what I was going to say it now, I just say we’re all trying to figure this out. And we do it in our own ways. So now that, that second part was under the guise of fun and being playful and joking, but point is, Hey, it’s really thin ice trying to make predictions in this environment. Don’t you all right.

One other aspect to this whole thing, and that is the moon is in Pisces and we’ll be conjuncting Neptune. So I think we all know that what’s going on, whatever it is, is spiritual. And that certainly gets a little kick extra kick today. There is one other thing that I think we ought to put on our radars and that is in about another week and a half mercury will be squaring Uranus.

So mercury, as it progresses through, Leo will be squaring Uranus in Taurus. And that’s one that we need to keep our eye on as well. We also have a bending of the nodes that is almost exact, it should be exact tomorrow or Wednesday, but that is Venus is at that interesting position relative to the nodes of the moon, where it is at a 90 degree angle, we call it the bending of the nodes.

And as this one happens to be positioned, it is at the north bending of the nodes, meaning that it is bringing this energy more. So, what does that mean? Well, Venus and the nodes, this is dealing with karmic issues around your relationship around your partner around love around money. Maybe some of you are dealing with some money issues right now.

And whenever a planet is at the bending of the nodes, it kind of means that it is watching you, making sure that you are doing your karmic business in this area. The nodes obviously mean that, which we brought in with us for the purpose of resolving in this lifetime. So we are moving from the south node, which happens right now to be in Sagittarius to the north node, which happens to be in mercury ruled Germany.

So there are, I mean, there’s an hour we could do just on this, but a short version of it would be that moving in that north node direction is learning about this karmic path and having some of those secrets that are locked up in that Sagittarian, uh, from a south node perspective, cloak of let’s just have fun, but I’m not going to tell you all the secrets, you know, I’m going to put on a.

And then the north node is saying, ah, let’s let some of those secrets come out. There’ll be communicated and knowledge and learning and application of new ways of moving in our relationship. So maybe the thing is if you wanted to just short summarize this learning new ways in relationship, love and money to be a good and home and family, right?

All of that. All those Venusian characteristics have a great day. You guys, I love you. I’m giving you the biggest virtual podcast ever, and I’ll see you back tomorrow for hump day.