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Monday July 26, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Well, howdy. How was your weekend? Did you notice all those protests all over the world on Saturday? Wow. And Facebook posts, like everybody’s saying, why is everybody so grumpy right now? Well, we’re going to talk about that. Hi, Thomas Miller. Welcome in to the fun astrology podcast. Yes. There is energy in the air.

We know that. And we’ll talk about why I have a couple of announcements that I want to get out of the way here. Real quick, couple of important and cool things. First of all just briefly, did you catch our special on Saturday about medical astrology with Stephanie Vickers? If you didn’t, we would love for you to go check that out.

It’s a look at the moon in Aries related to our medical charts and several of you really expressed pleasure in making that now a regular feature here on fun astrology. So yes, as Stephanie is available, we are going to do those on Saturday. Now the other housekeeping thing I wanted to mention is if you are available and would like to participate in a horror, airy practicum, I’ll explain, and you’re available on Saturdays to be on a live zoom.

That’s kind of a qualification. I mean, you can watch, but it really, really get the juice of this. If you participate. Here’s the deal. Robert Glasscock is probably one of the best astrology teachers alive today. There are a number, but he is one of the best. And he does these periodic classes for Kepler college.

And I just participated in practicum number 12. And if you would like to participate in practicum number 13 with me, well, here’s an opportunity. We could do a little class online together. It starts August seven. Not sure what the price will be yet. It’s a hundred and something, but it will be posted by Kepler college, I guess this week.

And we have this week and next week. And there’s no rush to get in, but here’s the deal. If you don’t know, horary astrology know you didn’t have to be conversant here, but if you don’t know, horary astrology, there’s a YouTube video that I can point you to. Or you can just search Robert Glasscock, horror.

On YouTube. And you will see about a two hour class that he did. And if you went through that and then was like, oh wow. I would love to jump in with just what you know there. Then you could be conversant in this course. If you are coming in completely don’t know anything about it. Can barely, you know, if you’re ready for my 1 0 1 course we’ll get ready.

Cause that’ll be there at about the same time. So we could either pick one of the two, right. And, uh, you could get the basics and then pick up a practicum with Robert in the future. But he is a great teacher. I really enjoy Lloyd this last session, horror areas where you ask the chart a question. So this will be posted.

It’s not there at least it wasn’t there yesterday on, uh, Kepler’s website, when it’s posted, I’ll let you know and how you can get there. I’ll put it in the show notes, but if you want to think about it, think about it. We could do a little class together that could be kind of fun. I’ll tell you more about the format of it in the weeks ahead.

Well, we had a full moon, Friday night. We had protests all over the world. Saturday. Is there any other questions about astrology out there before I go?

What more do you need? We had a double yod was sun opposite Pluto last weekend. I mean, okay. Any other questions? Yes. You in the back? Um, yeah, so people are asking why is it so tense? And I answered a post on this online on a, on a astrology group that I’m in. And it basically was saying, look, you’ve got to pull back and you’ve got to umbrella this thing.

And I know this is a lot for us to get our heads around about what is happening here, but we have to step all the way back to Saturn and Pluto in January of 2020. Because as we walk that back in history, we see in 1284, In 15, 18 and in the 1770s that when Saturn or Pluto and especially the two of them together, the karmic blues brothers, when they get together in Capricorn it’s shakeup time, that happened in January of 2020 last year, three weeks or so before COVID was being reported in the news.

And about a month before it was, you know, whoa, Houston, we have a problem. And obviously it has changed every life on planet earth. Got an update from him, brother and his wife over the weekend. Thank you so much. You all for continuing to pray. They’re doing very well. They’re out of the woods. They’re coming back.

They’re just getting their strength back, still some lingering effects, but you know, COVID, I mean, that’ll be around so they are alive and not in the hospital. So thank you very much again for your prayers. Now after Saturn and Pluto, we had Saturn and Jupiter in December of last year that begins another 20 year, a new 20 year cycle.

And then I think a very significant thing is what we talked about on this podcast last Monday, the double yod. And if you didn’t hear that, I would really encourage you to go back and listen to that because we’ve, we’ve had the signs in the sky. So we really shouldn’t be surprised that things are changing.

What happens is there’s a whole great big mass of billions of people out there that are in no kind of way conscious or spiritually attuned. So what they see is they see actions, reactions, they see frustration. They feel these energies that we talk about every day and they start to boil up and bubble up and then sometimes it spills over and that can spill over at.

You know, uh, domestic partner or spouse saying something that wish could maybe be taken back or a take two of the replay could happen. A boss gets testy and emails. Social media goes berserk. I mean, you can see it around full moons, right? It happens all the time. And we have some scratchy aspects in this chart.

Right now the moon is in Pisces where it will stay today and tomorrow. So at least we get a little bit of reprieve from that, but it’s in there with Neptune. So if there’s illusion, delusion or deception, well, it could certainly trigger that. Another thing that’s key that happens this week is that Jupiter moves into Aquarius back into Aquarius.

Jupiter is one of nine count of nine planets in retro. And then today we have a grand square. It’s basically two T squares. So we have two planets in opposition in two corners, forming a square. Does that makes sense? You have one square, two squares, three squares, four squares going around. It’s just put a big square in the middle of the chart.

You, so you, you know, 90 degree angles, times four, and that’s a lot of tension in the chart. And here are the players, the moon and Jupiter is in one corner. The south node is in another corner. Venus is in another corner. And the north node is in another corner and they’re all getting ready, like a UFC fight, come out and just beat each other up.

That’s that would get me fired from a astrological conference. But you get the point it’s scratchy there’s tension in the air. In fact on our Facebook group, page, subconscious mind mastery podcast listeners, where we all hang out on Facebook is we did a Facebook live on Friday night. And then I put a post in there with some music that I liked to listen to during these times.

And I’ve been feeling it. Yep. I’ve been feeling it. I felt it Friday. I felt it yesterday. I had a kind of a rough morning yesterday. Some stuff, some past stuff just bubbled up and you know, when this happens, we all have to process it. So you have to put your spiritual game on. Remember last week we were talking about that.

Precious quote mentioned it last week from Judith Hill. This is a time that demands the utmost application of the spiritual will we weren’t kidding. You want to do some keywords and see if they match crisis death suffering. Change difficulty failure loss. I mean, look folks, this is the energy in the sky, so we have to acknowledge it.

We don’t run toward it, but we don’t run away from it either. In fact, if you would like some tips, you could join our Facebook group and check out that video that I did the live video from Friday because I gave several tips on how exactly to face challenges like this. So I’d love to have you do that.

There’s a resource there. Would love to have you take advantage of that too. All right. Sorry to take so long today, there was a lot to cover and I wanted to lay the groundwork because I know this is how a lot of us are feeling. So look, head up, chin up. This demands, the utmost application of the spiritual will and we can, and we’ll do it together.

We’re going to be okay. Guys, we’re going to be okay. This too. Shall pass. See you tomorrow. Sending you love.