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Friday July 30, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in. How about a listener question? Finally, you want to do one on TGI Friday? Sure. We’ll do that. You bet. We’ve already set up everything in the chart. I’ll put a chart up for the weekend on the fun astrology web page. I really will. I, I will, I will actually I’ll do it as soon as we get through.

Talk, I’ll put it up there. I promise. I know I said I would do it earlier in the week and I missed it. Sorry. Okay. The moon moves into Taurus this afternoon, 4:07 PM. Stays in there all the way until Monday morning. So you got the whole Torian and weekend. Boy, I’ve found some really cool hiking trails in the last week and they are just covered with trees.

You go in there and the oxygenation is just so amazing. I don’t typically go on the weekends because of the crowds, but you know what a couple of them are kind of off the beaten path. And I may go spend some time in the woods and capture this Tory and energy, probably something good will come out of that.

See, now there’s how you use the chart, right? You say originally your plan is no, I’ll just stay in and get some work done this weekend. I was going to work on the astrology course, but then you see Taurus, you see the moon in Taurus for the whole weekend and you just go and, you know, you’re surrounded by beautiful oxygenated trees and you go, and I got to get outdoors and you go outdoors and you get some big inspiration.

Well, anyway, that’s why we do what we do here every day. And we will be back tomorrow with Stephanie on Taurus. Speaking of Torah, how perfect did that time? The moon will be in Taurus. And we’re talking to Stephanie about the sign of Taurus, the moon in Taurus, actually for medical astrology, we recorded it a couple of days ago, so we won’t acknowledge it tomorrow, but I will.

The only other really big thing over the weekend is mercury is going to oppose Saturn. Now this has been forming, this has been applying, so we’ve been in the uphill swing of this, and then it’s a domino one to mercury on Sunday, the sun on Monday, both we’ll be opposing Saturn. So this is a big deal.

Anytime I’m you were talking about sun opposite or sun in an aspect, sun square sun, trine, sun sextile to Saturn. You need to perk up karmic business is being done and it is with the sun all about you. So don’t be looking over at the other guy. Don’t be looking at your spouse or your partner is, this is why this is huge.

This is, uh, right here. Uh, don’t let your eyes wander. Come on back right here. Now it’s kind of interesting that mercury is going to be the let’s call it the Oracle planet here. There is a thing called an Oracle planet, but mercury being the first to apply to this. And then the sun. So it’s almost like it’s heralding.

It is speaking out. It is radiating. It is well, it’s the planet of communication. So it’s saying, Hey, listen up the sun is getting ready to oppose Saturn there’s karmic business being done here. So whatever synchronicities happen over the weekend, whatever takes place. That you feel you might get an intuitive prompt.

He might get a synchronicity. You might have your path cross with something. So just be aware, be alert, be ready, be anticipating that and capturing what it’s all about. What am I supposed to be doing? What am I supposed to be doing? And actually the keywords for today reflect this. You remember how dark and dank they were at the beginning of the week?

Well, we move into change and then happiness even comes into one of the top slots relocation. See? So there’s the change success. I’m just looking down through them here. So those are the change in tide that we have going on here. So this is really good karmic business that’s being done. So it’s an, it’s an embrace it.

Welcome it. Don’t run away from it, but the sun is across from Saturn. So that means, keep saying this lay down resistance, lay down resistance. Just let the process do what it’s going to do because Saturn will go after resistance. That’s one of the things you can, I’m going to put that in the course, Saturn, no bueno with resistance.

It does not like it. Alright, let’s sneak in a quick listener question then we’ll slide out of here for the weekend. This is from Mary Susan, our great listener up in Northern California, who we hope is staying safe. Mary Susan, what have you. What on earth does the MC slash IC or mid-heaven link in a chart mean?

Ah, great question. Okay. So if you see your chart and especially if you’re in a whole sign or an equal sign, how SaaS system, whole sign or equal house system, you’ll see MC there, and then sometimes you’ll see it displayed on other charts. That’s the Midheaven MC is the mid-heaven the IC is pronounced a couple of ways or Kolai, and it can also be referred to as the Nadir in a D.

So this ties into the four angular points in a chart. These are the hottest, most active places in the chart. One is the ascendant. That’s where the sun comes up over the horizon, affectionately known as sunrise. Right? That’s the about the nine o’clock position in the chart. And then the mid-heaven is we’re following the sun in a clockwise rotation.

So the sun rises. So that first upper left quadrant of the chart is warning mid-morning late morning. And then we hit the mid-heaven high noon. And then we move towards sunset, which is the descendant, which will show up as DS or DSC or DEC, some charts, Hibs. Do people do it different? And then we move into nighttime and the IC, the Nadir, the koala is the darkest part of the night around midnight.

And then we move towards sunrise again the next day. Now each one, those points is very significant, but since you asked about the Midheaven and since that’s all we have time for, let’s talk about that real quick, because it’s the sun up there. Highest point in the sky. It’s almost like you are sitting on top of your chart.

Like you were sitting on top of a radio tower, looking down at the landscape. You’re looking at the rest of everything from up above. So it’s the perspective where you are up there, shining the brightest, and that’s why they correlate it to career because it’s how you shine out in the world. What’s the typical.

Party, you know, when you get together in a party, you remember we used to have parties. We used to have these get togethers. Right. And you’d go up to somebody and you say, hi, my name is Thomas. What do you do? Crazy question. You know, it’s almost like, how are you? Well, let me tell you about my year standing at the store, right?

How are you doing well, you got 30 minutes. So when you say, how are you doing or what do you do? What do you do? Hi, I’m Thomas. What do you do? You’re asking a mid-heaven question. You’re asking, how do you shine out into the world? And somehow we humans have identified our career as the answer to that question, I’d rather say, how are you being, I think that’s the question we should ask.

How are you being? Because it’s from what we be. And I’m saying that we using improper grammar on purpose from our being comes our doing from our being and our doing comes our hands. In other words we don’t get, because we did a bunch of steps. We get things because that’s who we are being. And that’s really the essence behind the Midheaven is who are we being in the world?

So in the chart, the sign that is in your 10th house, which is the house of career and Placidus and all of the other time-based systems make that Midheaven point, the cusp or the beginning of the 10th house. And that 10th house sign is very reflective on what you could or should be doing energetically for your money for your career.

And if you are, for example, a stay at home mom or retired, or one of those who chose to come into this incarnation, not having to worry about money, then that sign and the answer and the planets around it. And the aspects would be the answer to how you would serve your fellow people, your fellow man. It will come through the characteristics of that sign.

It’s a beautiful thing and it works. Clockwork. I mean, it is incredible. It’s a fascinating study. I love you guys. We need to say that more and more and more back with Stephanie tomorrow. See you have a good Friday.