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Thursday, July 22, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

And walked him in to, you know, what time of year it is. It’s Leo season. Ah, we love you, Leah. Yes. The sun moves from cancer in to Leo today at 10:26 AM. Yay. I think I’ve got some applause here. Yes, I do. You Leos, we celebrate you and we are looking forward to Leo season 2021. In the Northern hemisphere, at least in the United States, Leo for me means the hottest part of the summer.

Right? Because having lived in Dallas, Texas for 30, some odd years, August was always just brutal. It was the month that you just wish would end. And I know those of you on the Southern side of the equator are saying, what are you talking about? That’s when you get out your coldest coat, I don’t know. I’ve still thought maybe what I need to do.

Maybe what my destiny always was. And I never found it was to live the winter months, north of the equator and the quote, unquote, summer months, south. I just like cold weather. And I know a lot of you are saying, well, command Leo sees Thomas, let’s go to the lake. Let’s go to the beach. So let’s talk about this fire sign Leo.

And that’s one of the first things that we obviously could say about it is that it is in the fire elements, family, fire earth, air water. This is one of the fire signs and Leo rules, the sun. So for Leo season, whether you’re north or south of the equator, the sun has come back home. Leo also rules the fifth house.

The fifth house is, uh, kind of an interesting house to understand. And I love one of the explanations that I got this from Jessica Adams. Great Australian astrologer. Who said that if you think of everything Royal, because obviously when we think of Leo, we think of Leo, the lion, right? The king of the jungle.

So we have this royalty theme going on with Lee. So, if you think about all the things that the king might do and think about it, like on a Sunday afternoon, there’s a huge feast at noontime there’s polo on the lawn. There’s a jester whose joke. Wasn’t so funny who just got thrown in the brig, got tossed aside for a little while.

There’s some afternoon delight with the queen and to that effect, there’s a great focus on posterity who is going to be the next king and queen kind of an interesting picture. And it doesn’t cover a few other things of the fifth house, at least not as directly like risk and gambling, but it does cover very well.

If you think about it, one of the primary tenants of the fifth house, and I love the way that the word Smith, Steve Forrest says this. That if you have a lot of planets in the fifth house, it’s like the universe marched you down the cosmic diving board and said, get yourself down there and have some fun, because that’s the one thing about the fifth house.

It is about fun. So that’s where I say is the summer for us up north Leo fun, go to the lake beach activities, fun in the sun. That’s the picture of Leo seat. Now, this is not universal. What I’m getting ready to say is not universal because there are some Leos that are very shy actually, and don’t like the limelight, but typically you will find Leos in places of public stage orientation, pastors of churches, for example, politicians, public speakers, motivational speakers, actors, and actresses broadcasters.

Places and opportunities where someone can take the stage. Typically Leo’s love to perform. I knew a doctor once Miller, I was married to her. She, uh, had a persona and she was a Leo and she would wear these high heels and did hospital rounds in the mornings. And I mean, you could hear her coming two floors away.

And everybody would say, oh, here comes Dr. And I’m not gonna mention her name, but doctor, you know, and Dr. Leo say Dr. Leo, and I mean, that persona was, you know, you think about a doctor opera spends most of their time in an exam room. Where’s the stage with that? Well, see, the point is with a Leo. If the stage is not just readily present, like it’s not a microphone or a physical stage, they’ll create one.

It can be the hallways of a hospital. They’ll find a way to make a performance out of walking down the hall. Another characteristic I know firsthand is when a Leo in a relationship is done with cue, they are done. Done. And I’m. I know you guys like to hear the relationship parts of this, so let’s take a look at it.

So what about would be the best signs for Leo? Well, let’s just start with Leo and let’s go to either side. The 30 degree sides of Leo are cancer and Virgo. Maybe not so much. The sextile signs are Libra and Gemini air. Give that Leo lion, some breathing room, right? And then the ones I should have known.

See, I wasn’t studying astrology back then. The squares are Scorpio and Taurus and then the Walla law, the trine aspect signs, Aries, and Sagittarius. The other two fire signs. You fire guys can get together and stay together. Cause you can handle each. Yeah, listen to the Scorpio talk. And then what would be the quincunx aspects?

The 150 degrees, Pisces and Capricorn that’s like we talked about on Monday, the ones that you just got, the got to train them, you’ve got to get them in compliance with what you want or the way you want things. There’s that scratchiness there. And then opposite attracts and they repel the opposite sign of Leo is Aquarius.

Well, I know we’ll be unfolding more about Leo as we go on for almost the next month. So welcome. Leo’s happy birthday ahead of time, and we love you. And we are so glad that it’s Leo season you back for TGI Friday tomorrow. Have a great Thursday Leo day.