Saturday July 24, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome to the Saturday edition of the fun astrology podcast, Thomas Miller. And I’m not just going to be Thomas Miller on the Saturday additions. We’re going to bring Stephanie Vickers in to talk medical astrology. Woo-hoo yes, we’re going to kick it off right here. Right? So, how was your, oh, this’ll be a Leo too.

The medical will be a Leo. This is going to be good. This is going to be really good. Speaking of how was your full moon last? We did a thing on Facebook. If you’re not on our Facebook group, come join us. Subconscious mind mastery podcast listeners. We just put subconscious mind mastery and fun astrology all in one big happy group.

And we hang out there and I did a live video on the full moon last night on Facebook. Put up a little cacau plus chai tea recipe on there. Oh, good stuff. Yeah. If you’re not part of that group, come on and join us. But without too much further ado here, we’re not going to look at the sky because we’ve got a great perspective on the sky from Stephanie.

So let’s kick this off. This is the birthmark right here. It goes. Welcome back as a regular now on the fun astrology podcast. Thank you so much, Thomas. I’m so happy to be back and I’m so excited to do this segment with you. Well, I am too, and glad that you’ve made this time available for us. Now, we’re going to start by looking at the moon in our chart, by sign from a medical astrology perspective.

Why are we starting with the moon? I feel the moon’s very helpful for people to know its placement and from a medical astrology perspective. Yeah. It’s not only your inner nature, but it’s also your physical and emotional needs and things that you can do to support yourself. So it’s helpful to know what sign it’s in and how that interacts in your chart.

I’m curious, how does that contrast with the sun related to this medical astrology? So the sun in medical astrology is known as your vitality or your ego. As we know in traditional astrology, it’s more of the highlights of how you present in this life. And some of the main things that you’re going to be dealing with, but the moon is very much your internal, your emotional nature, things that you need to do to nourish your soul.

So the two really go hand in hand and knowing both are crucial. The moon is a great place to start, especially during these times. So we’re going to begin in the tropical Zodiac first sign of Aries, which happens to be something familiar to you. Yes, I have a stallion minute. I’m very, very familiar with this.

Um, so I’m speaking a little bit on behalf of myself with all this, but, uh, these individuals, Aries moon, they have a very strong, vital force. They’re assertive, they’re willful carefree, and they’re very enthusiastic people. And they typically have very, um, frequent bursts of high energy. And so that’s something that they kind of need to keep an eye out for.

They don’t want to burn out their nervous system and their adrenal system. And when they account our stress, uh, they tend to kind of go head on and they’re very action-oriented and that can also deplete the nervous system. So these are just little things to keep in mind. Um, since we all deal with, let me jump in here real quick, because I want to include a group of people that might not be locked onto this.

We’re not only talking about people born under the sign of Aries, but are we not also, can we apply this in medical astrology to people who have Aries rising might be able to listen to this too? Yes, absolutely. I, I feel like a lot of the themes and the areas to focus on for health and medical astrology, they, the rising and the moon, and even the Sonic can be a bit similar, but it’s just different way that it plays out.

So for the moon, you’re going to notice this more on like your day-to-day at natural instincts versus the rising is how you would present yourself in more of like outwardly in the world, like day to day with people interacting. Okay, great. So both folks can listen in, but what you’ve prepared is more geared toward people that have the moon in Aries.

Correct? Yes. So this is all kinds of things that I felt are our themes for people with Aries, moon, and ways that they can nourish themselves in self care and know how to identify when certain things might be kind of triggering for them. And since we know how quick the moon moves, you know, it can trigger a lot of different things.

So it’s very important to be aware of. Okay. Why don’t you lead us into what you have unfolded? So Aries rolls ahead in the brain. So, uh, stress can accumulate there and many areas, moon and Aries, rising and Arie Sunstein. They can have a lot of issues with headaches or migraines. And like I mentioned earlier, they can have these bursts of high energy, this adrenaline.

So it’s really important that they take time to read it. Especially when a headaches coming on as the first sign of a headache, that’s your body telling you? It’s time to slow down, which is not always easy for areas, individuals to do. Um, and also paying attention to the diet. Seeing if any foods can lead to these headaches.

Uh, usually it’s an inflammation aspect here. So sometime you might be eating something that you’re unaware of that your body really just doesn’t agree. Also, they are prone to bring dehydration. So not just your, your physical body, but your brain itself. This is a challenge for them. So adding some electrolytes into your water, maintaining your adequate fluid levels throughout the day, that’s going to be very vital.

Um, they can be prone to having some brain fog and not thinking as quickly or clearly if they’re dehydrated. And then I would be remiss if I didn’t mention this because it’s definitely personally applies to myself. They can move so quickly. These people are very fast moving people. It can lead to minor accidents or missing.

So, uh, which then in turn leads to bouts of anger and irritations. So, uh, just some, just some helpful things to consider for keeping the energy. Moving in a very healthy way is exercising daily, especially outdoors. And if possible in the morning, sunlight that can help keep, keep the cheer, the energy, you know, flowing and then releasing whatever access energies there in a healthier way.

Also some of my other favorite things are adding spices in moderation to meals like cayenne tumeric, black pepper, ginger garlic. Those are excellent for boosting your immune system and they reduce inflammation and areas, individuals tend to love spicy things. So just something to consider. And then also excess caffeine energy drinks are very ill-advised for this placement.

It’s going to amp up the adrenals and the cortisol way too much. These individuals are already very high energy. They don’t really need to throw more gasoline on the fire. That’s already burning really strong. I also want to just emphasize the importance of taking time to have proper meals. Since these individuals are so fast moving, they’re often on the run and they can skip meals.

And this is something I myself have had to deal with. Uh, I don’t always feel like it’s convenient to have a meal, but your body needs that proper nutrition. And since these individuals are also usually very athletic, they need to make sure they’re good. Protein and proper electrolytes for their highest functioning of their muscles.

I wish that God had just had us born with an IV port and we could do it that way. You know, my dad used to say, my dad used to say your poor stomach. Because I inhale, I don’t chew. I just, cause we got to get it over with and there’s not, you know, I’ve got, I mean, I don’t have a lot of action in areas except the north node.

Hello. But you know, I’ve got sun and Mars sitting on top of each other in Scorpio ruled by Mars. So I mean, all of it applies every bit of it. So maybe folks that have even Mars aspects with their stuff. I hope that you’ve been getting a benefit of this as well, but my goodness, this is so applicable. You are spot on.

Yeah, absolutely great point too, with the Mars. Um, and you know, if you do have like a sun Mars, even if it isn’t in a fire sign, I just feel like that energy is going to be strong for you personally. And this absolutely can apply to Mars. You know, being, being a strong component in a chart, um, this, this fire, this areas, energy, these are all very crucial things to keep in mind.

I also just want to mention some fun things for people as well, because sometimes being told, you know, I’ll make sure. You know, I’m getting enough sleep and an exercising. That’s not something that everybody thinks is fun. So these are some other little tips that I just want to throw in there. Um, any kind of fire sign?

Uh, I mean, especially we know Leo, but Aires and sod too. They love creativity. So things that are going to make you laugh, things that are going to uplift you. If you’re, if you’re feeling down or unwell, positive creativity is, is a huge, amazing, uh, it’s better than anything. Pill that I’ve ever encountered.

So that’s crucial. And then also just taking some days of rest, you know, it’s okay to not always be on the go and to always be producing. Sometimes you need downtime, especially if you’re an individual who does a lot of things with your body physically, you need to give your body the rest to re regenerate and recover.

Um, so that’s something I want to throw in there because I haven’t always been good at that myself. And then just lastly, we want to include some easy things, like flower essences that people can, you know, you can get them online on Amazon or, um, you know, just Google flower, essences there’s Bach when there’s any.

Uh, these are easy things like a little, uh, drop, not essential oil. These are actually made from flowers and you can just put it in like a drop of water and take them, or you can put them in a tea and they’re, they’re not medicine per se, but they’re just elements of these natural compounds and these beautiful flowers that can really help people.

And so if you’re feeling like. You’ve got this area and in patients and you just cannot subdue it. There’s actually a beautiful flower called patients. And that can be really helpful to take, uh, also tiger Lily. That’s something that you can take if you’re feeling like you’re working against yourself or others, or you’re just like, you got to do it solo, like Aries loves to do, and you really need to be more of a team player tiger.

Lily can, can soften that. And then Larkspur, I love that because it really. Encourage your natural leadership instincts and not something that every Aires, no matter where it’s placed in your chart, that’s that leadership instinct is strong. You absolutely nailed it. I mean, that was perfect. And I was listening as though I could be an area that was written for me.

I mean, so many things you said that were just perfectly applicable. And I would imagine that we all got something from that. I really hope so. And I hope that this empowers people as well, because these are things that we, you know, there’s small things that we can do on a daily basis to, you know, really just I’ve said this before, but nourish your soul, uplift yourself and feel like you are taking charge in your life.

And areas is all about empowering and being a leader in your own life. And so just doing some of these small things, you know, even if you just take one bit of this and that’s to drink more water throughout your day, I think that that will absolutely help add out a lot more to your life. All right. We’re going to plan on your availability based on your availability to do these weekly.

So next week we will anticipate getting back together for Taurus and see what Venus has to say in our life. Yes, they can’t wait for that. And, uh, I just want to thank the listeners again and thank them for their patients, because I am getting to the charts. I’m getting to the emails. I’m trying to get them out as quickly as I can.

All right. Thank you so much, Stephanie. Have a great week. Thank you, Thomas. Isn’t this going to be fantastic. We are helping navigate the soul’s journey. And now from a medical perspective, thanks so much for listening. We’ll see you back on Monday to kick off a big, full new week.