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Friday July 23, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Are you ready tonight? Officially at 10:36 PM. Eastern time, the moon will be full in aquarium. Yes. Yes. It moves into Aquarius a couple of hours before at, let me just check here. Eight, 12:00 PM. The void, of course, today is seven hours and 38 minutes ahead of that. So from 1235 until eight, 12 Eastern time void, of course, moon, then Aquarius, then full moon.

And wow. This Aquarian full moon is such a signature on the week that we’ve had, because really it encapsulates all of the energies that we’ve been talking about. It’s that fierce individuality that everybody is fighting for right now. It’s that individual freedom astrology is built on opposites.

There’s the authoritarianism on the other side on full moons, the sun and the moon are opposite each other on the. We’ve been talking about that opposite tension that shows up. And this is why one of the reasons, if you wanted an astrological explanation of why people go crazy on new moons, I think it’s a lot of things, but there’s that tension?

The moon and the sun are pulling against each other. We know the gravitational force from the physical moon itself, but maybe this is some of the astrological explanation of when we feel the gravitational pole. We also feel this internal. So as we set up for tonight’s full moon, the question you would ask under this Aquarian influence, what do you really want?

In fact, we could play off of the Leo side of this, that we talked about yesterday. If you were king, what do you really want? So under this Aquarian full moon, you have total permission to say it is all about. And in a healthy way, I’m just saying in a very healthy way, lay down some things that you would really like to bring into your Royal existence.

And then since this is the full moon and the universe abhors, a vacuum start to ponder, what are some of the things standing in the way of manifesting that, which you desire. And as you ponder those things, there is you’re releasing lists. People email periodically and they say, what do you do for a releasing ceremony?

Well, there’s nothing really special. I’m enjoying making this cacau where you take cacao powder from the cacao bean, which is the origin of chocolate. You can just mix it up with a little almond or macadamia nut and put some cinnamon in there. And that’s delicious just by itself. Little Stevia. You might want to sweeten it just a little bit.

Lot of ancient traditions use cacao in various ceremony. But basically where you make a list of the things that you want to release, and then in some kind of way disappear that list. If you can burn it safely, that’s symbolic, you can flush it down the toilet and kind of laugh and smile. That’s symbolic.

What you do want to do though, is get it out of your space, disappear it there. You’re creating the physical vacuum. And then you can bring in the things that your little Aquarian, heart and your Royal self want to see happening in your life. And you have basically the rest of the weekend to work under this energy because the moon does not move into Pisces until 11:30 PM Sunday night.

So you have the seasoning all of tomorrow and all of sudden. To work on this, be Royal, this weekend, step into this energy and just feel the presence of, you know, what, if I were king or queen, this is what I want. Look around the planet, you know, look around the world. Like you are Royal and you can move things around.

Do that energetically and see what happens in your life. Enjoy this special time. And we’ll see you back on Monday.

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