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Monday July 19, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in and welcome back to the fun astrology podcast. Thomas Miller, back with you kicking off a new week. Yeah. Let’s turn a page as Bob Segers.

Wow. Somebody put on our Facebook group last week. Wow. What a year? This past week has been and yeah, that was a month ago. Thank you all for your prayers for my brother and sister-in-law, they are doing better incrementally each day. They are. Well, my brother, I think is pretty much out of the woods. I don’t think she’s quite out yet still quite a bit of congestion that would be of concern with COVID and we know how it can turn and Zig and zag.

And so those are the concerns that we’re dealing with there, but overall, each day they have made incremental improvement. So thank you for your prayers. Thank you for your continued support. And yes, I was able to kind of get all this out of my space last week, did some touring in the mountains and I am back and ready to go.

We’ve got to put our roller skates on today, guys, because we have two big, well, three really big things that were in the sky over the weekend. While I was touring in the mountains and I was just taking it easy on Friday morning, I looked in the chart to see, okay, so all of this COVID stuff, all is Delta, my brother and his wife.

What an others, I’ve heard so many other people that are coming down with COVID. So I looked in the chart and I was seeing if there was an. And the chart never disappoints. So Friday there was a yard in the chart. Now we’ve talked about the yod before I’ll come back and explain what it is again, but the finger of God in the chart.

So we had a yod that involved Neptune, Pluto, and then the peak planet. I’ll break all this out in a minute. I just want to get this. The peak planets were planets. Plural were Mars and Venus in Leo. Then I rolled it forward and looked at Saturday and we had another yod this one Saturn, the south node of the moon and the pinnacle planet was mercury.

And on Saturday, the sun was directly opposite. So we had a double yod and a Pluto sun opposition. What is still in effect today? The first yod that first yod between Neptune, Pluto, Mars, and Venus is still in play through tomorrow. The other two positions have moved off. Well, I had my answer on the COVID.

Now let’s break down the yod again. So this is signature orally called the finger of God. I’m going to borrow a lot from Steve Forrest here, because he’s the best. So let’s just go to the top. All right. And don’t you love synchronicities? Because on July 7th, I was on a teleconference with Steve, where he was talking about, are you ready?

The yacht. So basically what we have are two planets that are 60 degrees apart, approximately that’s the base. What we’re forming is, is yod is also called the witch’s hat. So if you think of a tall witch’s hat, that’s the diagram. That’s, we’re talking about a tall triangle here. So on the base of the triangle, 60 degrees apart is a sextile of two planets on yod number one, those two planets are Neptune and Pluto.

On yard. Number two, those two base planets are Saturn and the south node of the moon. And let’s not forget retrograde seasons. So the outer planets, the slower movers just mentioned Neptune, Saturn and Pluto are all retro grade. Let’s start unpacking Pluto because Saturn and Pluto in my book still governs much of when we see these various developers.

We put it under the umbrella of Saturn and Pluto. So here is the finger of God writing in the sky. Now, what could be the message? So I went to Judith Hill. She is one of the premier astrologers and writes a great book on medical astrology. And she says this about Pluto. Pluto may relate to very serious or terminal conditions that demand the utmost application of the spiritual will.

Wow. Then she says about Pluto’s pathology in medical astrology, that it can be related to cellular mutation genetic problems. Genetic conditions, resistant bacteria, DNA and RNA retroviruses. Now the other side of the base of that yod Neptune and I was doing a class in horror area astrology with Robert Glasscock over the weekend, and he reiterated Neptune rules, viruses, Judith Hill.

I turn over to her book, Neptune viruses, contagious illnesses. And then we look at the point of the witch’s hat and we have Mars and Venus, male and female in the sign of Leo ruled by the sun. So we are talking about the structure of the illness, Pluto, and Neptune, and then the finger of God pointing directly straight at, in essence, every man and woman under the sun.

Now let’s hold onto this because there’s a lot more here. We’re going to be a little long on today’s episode. The faster yod the one that came and went just on Saturday, was Saturn and the north node at the base Saturn and retro grade talking about our karma. So when Judith Hill talks about conditions that demand the utmost of the spiritual will haven’t we been through that and the tip of the yod was mercury the messenger plant.

So now let’s talk about the yod briefly. And again, going back to Steve’s work primarily as you take the sextile. And as he says, what do you hear when you say the word sex, Tyler. You hear the word tile of course. Right.

Do I have a buzzer wrong? And that’s what he talks about is the SEC’s tile is the energy of new love. It’s that spark when you go. We might have a fire here. There could be a budding relationship developing it’s that fresh spring, new air of excitement and enthusiasm. It’s the connection. It’s the let’s go play.

Let’s go run through the flowers and maybe something comes of this. So it’s the spark that may or may not ignite the fire. Now the aspect is the quincunx that’s 150 degrees almost all the way opposite, but not quite. It’s the mother-in-law you don’t get along with it’s the new boss that you have to train because, oh no, you’ve been here too long to do it that way.

You get the picture tension, friction, not sharing the menu, neither point right or wrong. Just as I heard somebody say, one time stylistically different. And then the pinnacle planet or in this case, planets are the ones that this energy is thrust up into. So the whole focus is the pinnacle planets. Now, remember we have retrograde, so Neptune and Pluto are bringing it in.

They’re bringing it inside. Retro re R E dash redevelop renegotiate, realign, reassess, recommit revise. So here are Neptune and Pluto in this kind of giddy, teenager, giggly kind of relationship at the base thrusting up to every man and woman under the sun. You think, oh my goodness. Haven’t we been through enough?

Well, I’d like to stop right here and just say that if any of you got blinks so far, you know what I’m talking about? The first thought the blink, if any of you got a premonition or a blink kind of thought, would you email me that And I know some of you may have had a little blink and some of you are just listening through.

Because now we have to look at both sides of the coin, right? And Steve Forrest made this very clear and he is such a perfect, beautiful word Smith that you’re either going to have a breakthrough or a breakdown. There’s both sides of the coin. And remember Judith Hill’s words that demands the utmost application of the spiritual will.

I think that’s the ultimate message of what’s going on. The sun opposite Pluto, that same Pluto that stood still in the sky. The morning of January 12th, 2020, when COVID was just around the corner. Oh, I know technically it was here, but you know what I’m saying? It became mass. It became worldwide a few weeks later, the sun opposite that Pluto with the finger of God, writing two messages in the sky.

You know, in the Bible, in the book of revelation, it says several times he, who has ears, let him hear. I would say since we have Mars and Venus right next door, or to each other, he or she, who has ears, let him or her here, gender inclusive. It’s in Leo ruled by the sun. This is for every man and woman under the sun.

This message. I think the way to best interpret this. And the way to take this home is to remember Judith Hill’s words. This is a season of utmost application of all of our spiritual tools. This is a time to keep your head clear, your mind, alert your body in the best shape it can possibly be. We can protect ourselves from all kinds of viruses.

We can protect ourselves from the one that’s out there. And the ones that are represented by Neptune in Pisces, the viruses of deception, the viruses of the mind, the toxicity of others, about the virus of fear about using that mercury, the messenger to apply your own spiritual practice with all diligence.

How about using that Saturn south node to go deep inside. We’ve talked about this many, many times what needs to come up and out, what needs to be resolved? What would the universe point to you to take on to reverse or change or alter in your own life? Back to the first job Neptune and Pluto. What are you doing to protect yourself against this upsurge in new exposure?

What actions are you comfortable taking? What’s your belief system around all of this? Does it need to be examined? Is it positive? Are you carrying hope into the future? Are you exhausted and beaten down by all that’s going on or is it driven by fear? Time to examine time for the utmost application of the spiritual will.

Some of you are asking. Does this mean another outbreak of the virus? Does this mean another round? Does this mean more restrictions? Does this mean vaccine passports? Does this dot? There’s an interesting article online that was written, I think by the New York times, but it was after COVID was well into our reality and they wrote an article that said basically will, COVID-19 be the death of a straw.

And their point was by mass. Most astrologers did not predict the Corona virus. Dang. I wish the author of that article was a listener to this podcast because I would have told them that they’re missing the point completely. Let’s don’t predict astrologers who use this tool as one of prediction, which you, I mean to some degree, okay.

We can go there, but what you’re missing is the point of consciousness. How do you explain the Tibetan monks who sit out on the sides of the mountains, almost bare naked in the dead middle of the coldest part of winter, four hours, four days. And they don’t have any impact of the cold on their bodies.

They don’t get sick, they don’t shiver. They don’t have to go inside to thaw out. They just sit there in the fridge, freezing cold for hours. How do they do that? And see if you were predicting, you would say, well, he’d make it 30 minutes if he’s really good. But then the laws of nature say he has to go in because he would freeze to death.

His body temperature would drop to an unsustainable level. It makes sense. It’s science. I mean, it’s we, everybody knows. Yes. And yet there they sit. So that’s the point here is whatever is happening with this structure and whatever the ultimate message is going to. New York times. I am not going to try to predict.

I’m just saying there is a finger of God in the sky and we will watch and see what direction it takes us. But those of us who are choosing to be on the forefront of this new development, whatever Saturn and Pluto was all about, I’ve seen it so many times in talking to you all in readings, that people are being called up and out to be on this new team.

This new team of people that are going to help usher in a different level of consciousness. And yes, we may go through some hurdles and some twists and turns and curves in the road in order to get there, but let’s keep our face on the goal. So every man and woman under the sun needs your energy to be the highest it can be.

It needs you to be about the utmost application of. Spiritual will. Thanks for listening. We’ll see you tomorrow.