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Wednesday, June 23, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

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Welcome in hump day and the first day of the rest of your life without mercury retrograde, at least for about 80 something days.

Woo. Hey Thomas Miller here on the front astrology podcast. Thanks for stopping by. Hi, we’ve got a busy sky up above our heads today. So let’s start picking this apart. The big aspect is the one we mentioned yesterday that takes place at six 11 this morning. And that’s the trine between the sun and Jupiter.

And because I covered this pretty extensively yesterday, especially with Jupiter in retrograde, let me refer you back to that. And that way we can go on with some other things, because there are quite a few other aspects in the chart, and we might be able to sneak in a listener question. If not today, tomorrow.

And while we’re talking about tomorrow, you got it right. Full moon. This will be a Capricornian full moon. That will happen at 2:39 PM tomorrow afternoon. And the moon ingressives into Capricorn tomorrow morning, but there’s a long void of course, between 10:08 PM tonight, all the way until 9 0 4 tomorrow.

I know I’m throwing a bunch of times here. You’ll have to calculate these from Eastern us time to your own, but there is quite a bit happening sequentially here. So we have sun Jupiter at six 11. Then the one that I didn’t mention yet already is Venus is opposite Pluto, seven thirty nine. Call it seven 40 tonight, ten oh eight.

Tonight, the moon goes void. Of course. 9 0 4 tomorrow morning, it moves into Capricorn. And then at 2:39 PM, we have the full moon. Now I was talking to somebody yesterday and I was basically bemoaning if you will, that I had maybe not mentioned specifically enough, this dual combination of other energies that I really think we should be taking advantage of.

And that is that trine between Venus and Neptune. And the sun Jupiter trine that happens today. So they’re both still in play, but definitely something that you should be jumping on, especially if you want to try to capture that Venus Neptune trine under the umbrella of that sun. Trining Jupiter. There’s just a lot of juice around this specific to relationship.

The question if we get to it, I’m really, honestly, don’t think we’re going to get to it today, but I will try tomorrow is about relationships. So, you know, it’s kind of like, here’s another wave of three. We’re getting this relationship theme coming up quite a bit, but boy, I’m just feeling like there is a lot of inspiration for a lot of.

Particularly, if you are seeking information around the area of relationships and the Venus Neptune trine under the sun, Jupiter trine is one to really, you take seriously what to do. Lots of internal ORC, connecting, journaling, meditating, walking, hiking, whatever you do to plug in, plug in, setting an intention that if you need some relationship, answer, Or if you need to maybe take some action around a relationship that you be given the wisdom of what to do.

I didn’t want to be remiss in not mentioning how big of an aspect this is before it gets away from us, which will be like tomorrow or Friday. And before I leave this relationship theme, I am planning on doing a subconscious mind mastery podcast on relationships, and very likely may record that and post it later on today.

So if you would like check over to subconscious mind mastery, the reason is I have some updated thoughts about relationships in general, knowing how many challenges there have been in that area over these past 15 months. That I just have some updated thoughts on relationships that I thought I would get out.

I’m not right, but I have been observing. And I think there are some things of note that we might consider. All right. You want to go deeper? I’ve got another one for you. There are quite a few others actually. So let’s talk about a couple of rectangles. We’ve got a couple of interesting rectangles in the chart to today, and this has gets a little dicey because I got to mention four different areas.

But put your thinking caps on here and we’ll try to piece this together. Rectangle number one is a blue rectangle on my software, which means it is an easier aspect joined by two trines and two sextiles. What are the energies involved? Well, Saturn and we’ve got the moon and the south node. Those are sextile to each other.

And then on the other side of the chart, we have Mars and the north node. Now let’s go, don’t go too deep into this because you’ve already probably blown a few brain cells just right there. But let’s think about some of the pieces that we have here already. We have the moon and we had the nodes of the moon.

They are in a cooperative aspect. So this is about karma. This is about stuff from inside. Saturn is involved. So are we aligned or is there something out of plum or are we resisting something that this aspect might be wooing us to bring back into alignment before the universe and Lord karma Saturn have to get the cosmic club.

To beat us over the head to get our attention, to bring us back to where we’re supposed to be. If we just weren’t resisting. You see? And oh yeah. Mars. Well, Marsal just add some, some octane to the tank. All right. So there’s the favorable one. Now we have a red one. Now this is considered probably a really minor aspect in the grand scheme of things, but two of the aspects are semi squares, which are 45 degrees.

And the other two are SESCO squares, which are one 30 fives, kind of like what we were just mentioning the nodes of the moon are at the table. So is the moon than the other two planets are Pluto and Venus. So again, whenever the nodes and the moon are particularly around and Pluto, we’re talking about transformational work and we’re talking about will work.

So there is a lot of soul in today’s chart. And with Venus at the table, especially in that other connected aspect, then, uh, something could pop up through relationships relative to this particular aspect. So you see how complex things are up there today? Wow. A lot to unpack. And a lot maybe that we may be exposed to today could be a day of really feeling energy on several fronts.

There’s a lot going on. All right. We will try to get to that other question about relationships tomorrow and we’ll kind of carry the theme on and check over to the subconscious mind mastery podcast because my intention is. To get that posted over there before noon time today. All right, have a good one.

Take care. Thanks for stopping by sending your love.