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Thursday, June 24, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

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Welcome in to the Thursday, June 24th, fun astrology podcast. Thomas Miller from Mayberry, North Carolina. Hope you’re doing well. We have a Sagittarian moon that is getting ready. As we talked about yesterday to become a Keppra. Cornelian. That happens at 9 0 4 this morning, and then it will become a great big full moon at 2 39 Eastern time this afternoon.

So you kind of got your full moon ceremony in the middle of the day. Yay. If you will, but hopefully really you can do one tonight because this will be a very big and powerful, full moon for you to do some releasing around. And at that hour of 2:39 PM Eastern, there are a couple of aspects of note. One per in particular is a direct SESCO square between Neptune and Mars.

Now, this is a fairly minor aspect, so you wouldn’t expect it to be in a driver’s seat kind of capacity today, but it is something to make note of Mars in Leo, fire, fire Neptune in Pisces water, water. Tense aspect or hard aspect or friction aspect. Do you see where your desire to put yourself out? Might meet a little bit of headwind resistance from that Neptune in Pisces on the shadow side, but let’s turn this around because we have this big, full Capra corny.

Releasing mode. Now that means that the moon is in Capricorn, but the sun is in cancer opposite there. So we’ve got some more water into this. So the tension is between your dreams, what you want to manifest and the feet that you put to it, the Mars and Leo now here’s one of the biggest traps that I see people get into is not letting go of things enough to allow them to come to them.

So we get so wrapped up in what we want in other words, think about on a scale of one to 10, how badly do you desire something? And then on a scale of one to 10, how much are you resisting the situation that you don’t have? Well, this is something to really play with because what we do is we often resist.

Things that we don’t have or circumstances that we’re not happy with, or we overly desire something to the point that literally energetically, we push it away. So too much desire, something takes wing too much resistance. You bring it right in on skidded skates. Why is it? You can look back on your life and say, you know, everything that I didn’t want, it seems like it just happens.

Well, this is exactly what’s going on. And that tension is represented up in the sky today. So the biggest releasing you could do on this full moon is to just practice the releasing part of what you create. And I know that’s a paradox, you create it, and then you just kind of throw it away. Where is the sweet spot?

If you can bring your desire to somewhere around a two or maybe a three. Bring your resistance to a two or maybe a three where you’re not robotic. You’re not Mr. Spock from star Trek, you have desires and you have things you don’t, you preferred were not around or not there, or that you did have, but you’re not consumed with it.

It’s a moderate feeling like create the desire you want. There’s the cancer sun and the Neptune in Pisces. Create what you want, but don’t be over-consumed with it. This Capricornia and moon gives us a really good grounding to think about that practically. So if you’re feeling that Mars charge, then you can just kind of take a deep breath and bring yourself back into that neutral zone of two on a scale of one to 10.

That’s where the magic happens by the way. You know, we’ve got some great listener questions. I have one on relationships. I have a medical question that just came in the other day. I have a couple of others. Let’s try to get to those tomorrow. I want to leave this today in the sacred space of the Capricornia and full moon and this aspect that we just discussed of really doing this internal work today, spend some time with this, take this one seriously, and really do some inner work around.

Bringing your desires and resistance to a near neutral level. I think it’ll really, really help. We’ll leave it at that. I’ll see you back tomorrow. Thanks so much for being here. Happy, full moon. Oh, we’ve got to do this.