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Monday, June 14, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

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Welcome in to the fun astrology podcast for Monday, June 14th, Thomas Miller with you. Thanks for joining us. We’ve got another really manual mental day here that we’ll pick apart. Cause this is again in the path of Saturn and Uranus. You remember, we’ve been talking about this all year. For six months, we’ve been talking about this aspect, Saturn and Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus square.

Again today, this is the second of three this year. The exact we’ll be at 6:00 PM this evening, Eastern time. The first of these was on February 17th than we have today. And then we have the day before Christmas, Christmas Eve, December 24th. So three times this year, really the, the whole year, it never gets out of that aspect.

That square aspect between Saturn in Aquarius, Uranus in Taurus next year, this is the reason this one is so significant. Next year, they stay in close proximity. In fact, they don’t, they don’t square again, but they, I like to think of the elbow bump, you know, the new COVID elbow bump. That’s what they do next year.

So this aspect is a big one. And as we’ve traced it back, this aspect appeared in April of 1930. It was about six months after the big stock market crash. In October of 1929, it showed up three times during the great depression. If you trace it through most of the times that Saturn and Uranus are in a square aspect, we’ve had recessions.

So let’s just go back financially since February, and let’s bring to date a couple of things that have showed up since the two really that stand out in my mind are the almost prolific talk now of hyperinflation. In fact, last Friday, the consumer price index came out indicating 5% inflation for consumer prices.

Like they say, well, if you take out food and clothes and gasoline, yeah. There’s no inflation anywhere or lumber. Yeah. Take out lumber. Lumber is actually coming in back down. So the big question here is, are we in a normal ebb and flow of any economy? Not only in the United States, but worldwide that is expanding after COVID is retreating.

I mean, you don’t have to follow astrology or be a brain or rocket scientist to figure out that when COVID retreats, the economy is going to get better. All we can say is yay. However, over the last 18 months, there has been a wheel barrel full, I mean, a potful of government spending. Again, not just the United States.

This is governments around the world have had to spend their way out of this COVID thing, debt that basically can never be repaid. I mean, the U S debt now approaching $30 trillion would be like you or me being, I don’t know, a hundred million dollars in debt and we make $50,000 a year and you’re 55 years old, you know, it’s just like the math isn’t going to work.

I have a friend who was in Rhodesia during the collapse of that dollar. He lost his entire life savings in 72 hours. Basically the value of the Rhodesian dollar went to zero. You can buy it on eBay now, and prices went through the roof and it happened because of excessive government spending the credit card bill came due.

In other words, Now I’m not an economist far from it, but I do think that there is propping up of this whole system. It’s kind of like around here on these mountains in North Carolina, they build houses on stilts. Well, we’ve built an economy on stilts, again, not, you know what I’m talking globally here.

And one day the stilts have to be rebuilt. And that kind of leads to the second piece of this. The part B that I would say that has appeared since February is when the us federal reserve chairman Jerome Powell talked about a rollout of the United States digital currency this summer. Well, here we are now this summer in a well, in the Northern hemisphere, in this second square between Saturn and Uranus.

Now we could take the speculation game way down a bunch of tangent roads. I think what we just do is continue to observe, look, we’re being aware. We know what the history of this aspect is. That doesn’t mean that it’s going to happen this time. But if we escape this unscaved in some kind of way, I would be a little bit surprised question is how.

And remembering that we are still under Saturn Pluto from January, 2020. That’s a big umbrella that casts a wide shadow. So we just keep observing and we watch the signs. And how do we make preparations? I think inflation is definitely going to be on the rise for a period of time. My brother sent me an article on this, this past week and was asking, you know, like things like, should I replace our 30 year old water heater now?

Or should we hang onto the cash? And I’m thinking maybe a prudent thing to do is to go through every aspect of your life. Anything that tripled, quadrupled, even quintupled in price. Would you be okay with that? If it is money that you could spend now to fix it, go to your intuition and see if that’s what shows up for you.

If perhaps saving to whether or a storm where groceries could be a lot more expensive than focus the money in that direction. I think it’s just, these are the things that you have to weigh out. And this is really not, this would be a side, the astrology, I mean, we’re coming into this cycle. But remember we’re on the 20 year cycle of Jupiter, Saturn, that conjunction was in December.

And if we roll back 40 years, that led us to a recessionary period in the late 1970s. So this stuff is all fitting together. And this is how we look at things in the sky to see where we are today and how we should respond. So, yes, I think there is some planning, some forecasting panicking. No, no reason for that right now.

And just keep watching the signs. And of course, I’ve got an eye on this and we will continue to report in here on the fun astrology podcast. So that will wrap us up for today. I just wanted to cover that because it is so important and look, our money affects every one of us. So we’re all in on this one.

Okay. We’ll be back tomorrow.  You guys have a wonderful Monday.