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Thursday, June 10, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

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Well, here we are. It’s eclipse day on the fun astrology podcast. Thanks for checking in and for checking the sky with us here this morning, we’re going to cover this eclipse. Now, many of you will hear this after the eclipse, so really that’s going to be our focus, but again, to just go over the specifics, we went into more detail of yesterday.

So if you didn’t catch yesterday, would encourage you to go back and listen to that. The eclipse is only over a small swath of you have to be almost sitting on top of the world. Literally, if you were going to see this 100%, because it is a little tiny swath, that basically goes from the Canadian border up to the North pole and over a little bit.

If you go to the fun webpage right toward the top is the chart for today. And also a link there where you can watch it live. It peaks at 6:41 AM Eastern time. Now to study this, I went back and looked at some of the notes that I have on financial astrology, because financial is perk their little ears up around eclipse seasons.

And this is where we kind of mentioned yesterday. The degrees in the chart become a point of emphasis. So 19 degrees is where this is occurring. So like we talked about yesterday, looking around your chart and seeing if you have any thing close, what you have in Gemini. And then in particular where 19 degrees, Gemini might be aspect in something else in your own chart.

That’s the financial astrology technique. So here’s what the financial astrologer would do with this. They would take a company’s birth chart, which is basically these are published online, by the way, Astro database H Astro data bank has a wide collection of the first day that companies traded. So let’s just take one that everybody knows.

Let’s just say Apple, and this is totally made up because I’m just using it as an example. That’s not the case, but let’s say the Apple. Has Jupiter in Aquarius. Now that would be a good thing for Apple to have if it doesn’t already, I don’t, I’m not looking at the apples chart, but let’s just say that it did.

And let’s say that it had Jupiter in about the middle of Aquarius. Well, that would fit because that’s technology, right? So boom, expanding technology in the company’s growth. Well, that also would be in a trine aspect to the sun and moon and 19 degrees Gemini. So the financial astrologer, looking at the eclipse and looking at that Jupiter at 19, or let’s say 15 degrees right there in the middle of Aquarius would buy Apple because it would expect expansion of that trigger of that aspect.

You see how that works. So we’re talking about synthesizing your chart here. And this is part of this course that I’m going to be building. Now that I finished that audio book, I’m focusing on two things. The new video that premiered yesterday on our Facebook group, which is the subconscious mind mastery podcast listeners.

On Facebook, if you’re not part of that group, we would invite you in, just fill out the four questions that you see there, answer those, because I read them and I want to know how you came and what you are interested in. It really helps me a lot. So answer those and then look at the video from yesterday is kind of something that I’ve been working on with some beautiful landscape footage, drone footage, and scenery from it around here, about an hours, no more than an hour’s drive or so from the house.

And I’m working on this course where we’re going to learn astrology one fun style. And then the, the second part will be how to synthesize, just like, what were we talking about there? Because my idea would be to teach you to look at the chart exactly the way that you hear me do here, that you could do for yourself.

So obviously it’s a lot of work to put that together on the front end, but it is coming in. It will be great. And it will be fun. We’re not going to make it. This is Mars and Mars represents the war. Your side of our no, no, no, no, no. We don’t do that around here as you know, So let’s just take a look around today’s chart and see if we have any activations.

And it’s ironic that I just mentioned Jupiter in Aquarius. We’ve got about the opposite. We have Saturn in Aquarius at 13 degrees. Mm. We have Uranus in Taurus at 12 degrees. So there are two potential candidates that we could explore. Realizing that those orbs or the distance between 19 is pretty wide.

One is six, one is seven. In other words, I know it’s early 19 minus 13, so that Saturn would be six and 19 minus 12. That’s seven. And if a picture helps, then the chart today’s chart at six 41 this morning is on the fun astrology webpage, right on the homepage, right up toward the top. It will be every day I’m going to put the daily chart and the aspect notes there for every day that we do the podcast.

So yeah, you can get in the habit of checking that out and it will be there. So look at Uranus in Taurus. That’s the, uh, Orange sign and the little blue thing with wings at 12 degrees. And then look at Saturn in Aquarius. Those are the two squiggly lines on top of each other and sitting there at 13. Now this is the big aspect that we’ve been talking about.

And even yesterday, my brother sends me this article where Deutsche bank is coming out with this big inflation warning saying that inflation could be a global catastrophe. Well now, look, I’m not, you know, I’m not predicting I, that I learned, I got my hand slapped on, on even going there, but we’ve been watching Saturn Uranus knowing that it can change and shake up and shift financial markets.

We’ve seen it in the past and we know that the eclipse is sitting right there near those planets. Now the other thing about eclipses is this is new moon energy. So this would be creating into new things. And that with eclipses, typically astrologers will teach that you have to allow six to 18 months for the eclipse theme to unfold.

So this is a give it some time, but yes, it can be some activation. And I know a lot of us are wanting to activate things related to money and our own life. So if, especially if you have a correlating area, like somebody yesterday was asking me to look at their chart and they had the Midheaven and Gemini, well that’s our career.

So the Midheaven was conjuncture the eclipse. Wow. So that’s a perfect time to look at this total energy and maybe to make some changes related to career. Now here’s one other thing, especially if the eclipse has already happened. Remember the moon? The reason I like for us to follow the moon is because it is one of the most fundamental natural rhythms of the earth.

It is a fundamental cycle. It rotates every two weeks and it’s almost like breathing. Waxing waning orbiting every 27 point 32 days, the menstrual cycle, the birth cycle. It’s a rhythm, it’s a breathing exercise, waxing waning. So if you’re catching this after the eclipse, realize that we are now back to the waxing phase.

That’s why we create on the new moon because it expands for the next two weeks. So if you didn’t catch it, if you didn’t watch it, that’s fine. Just catch waxing, the growing incubate, plant the seed. In other words, think back to the birth cycle conception and then let it grow and let it expand. All right.

So you didn’t miss anything if you didn’t weren’t up for it. No problem. Just follow the energy and that’s a great energy to follow every month. Anyway. All right, have a great one. I’m going to be watching and I will see you back tomorrow. We have some great listener questions and we’re going to tackle them over the next several days, including weekend, weekend podcasts, listener questions coming up right here on the fun astrology podcast.

Thanks for staying around and. Happy eclipse everybody. Oh, it’s time. It’s time. Let’s go.