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Wednesday June 9, 2021 Fun Astrology Podcast

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Welcome in to the fun astrology podcast. Thanks for stopping by on this pre-eclipse day. In fact, we’re going to use today to set up the eclipse because everything that is in place is that needs to be in place is in place. In other words, ain’t nothing happening up there today. It’s all cued up.

So let’s just talk about, what’s going to take place tomorrow morning. Now this will be in the sign, the astrological sign of Gemini. Just a wee little swath of Canada, basically. And then on, up into the north pole, I mean, you have got to be an Eskimo to see this eclipse. Fortunately, you can be an Eskimo in Miami, Florida, and just watch it online, like I will be doing, but it basically is like from the Canadian border and then it moves up to Greenland and then it cuts a swath of China, Northern China on its way out.

So it’s really remote here, but here are the times the very first location of land to see it will be at four, 12 Eastern tomorrow morning, and then it moves across to maximize peak at 6:41 AM. So that’ll be the, for those in the full block-out swath, it will be 6:41 AM. Then that fading that I was talking about, where it literally moves itself north and over the planet right over the top of the globe cuts a swath through China, and then it’s gone by 9:11 AM, all times Eastern.

I like the website time and It seems to have all the information you need and they have several animated videos. So you can see what the ring of fire is all about. It’s basically that the moon is not big enough on its orbit between the earth and the sun to block the sun fully. So it just puts a ring around the moon.

It’s really a cool effect and it will be great to watch online for most of the world. Now what else is going on in the chart at that time? So basically at let’s just call it six 41 Eastern in the morning. I’m going to set my chart to that. And that will be the chart that I put a picture of on the website for tomorrow.

Yeah. So the website actually today on Wednesday, we’ll have tomorrow’s chart on it. If that makes sense. I’m just going to put that up because really nothing else is happening today. The moon is already Gemini. We talked about that yesterday. This E oops happens at 19 degrees, Gemini. So do you have any planets at 19 degrees?

Quick check of your chart or the data that comes with all of the reports has all that information in it. And you can check and see if you have anything at 19. If you do, then you might get a little punch in that area of your life. So there might be a little bit of homework to do, just to see what you have going at 19 degrees.

Also, obviously, if you’re a Gemini or a Gemini, right. And interestingly enough, at that time in the morning, Gemini will be in the first house. So it will not only be the sun sign tomorrow. It will be at the time of the eclipse in the first house, the rising sign. So it’s a double Gemini eclipse. And of course this is a new moon.

So the moon and the sun are both at 19 degrees in Gemini. Now here’s something very significant. Mercury is all most conjunct this eclipse. And remember mercury is in retrograde. So mercury retrograde is almost it’s one degree over it’s at 20 degrees. You know, I forgot that mercury was in retrograde. I just hadn’t thought about it.

It seems like it’s been a fairly mild retrograde. I know maybe some of you are saying, speak for yourself, Thomas, and that’s fine. I think it hits us in all different ways. Cause boy, I’ve had my doozies. I will tell you that, but that right next door, mercury retrograde brings the emotions and the self-talk of this eclipse, like things that you’re going to be telling yourself today and tomorrow as we move in toward this.

Let them come from within allow this internal communication to amplify and magnify over the next 48 hours. I was doing a reading with somebody a couple of days ago, and she was talking about all of the self chatter and the self-talk and boy, she had the dynamic right there in her chart, actually somewhat similar to this with mercury influencing the communication paradigm.

So bring this from within. So if the monkey mind is going wild, for example, just allow it, realize that there is amplified energy around it because the sun and the moon are there, and we’re going to have a show in the sky. And mercury is in retrograde and Gemini is just all on fire right now. And just allow whatever this communication amplification would be.

And then when you sit down with your journal and you start meditating around this ask, or you go on a hiking trail, ask, what are you really trying to tell me here? What’s the message I need to get. What is below the chatter? Now I’ll tell you something that I did. It was not the 2017 eclipse. It was one after that, it was probably in 2018, the second half of the year, I’m guessing.

But I was doing Kundalini yoga as this solar eclipse was happening. And in particular, just listening to some of that music around the Kundalini culture and it was just really cool. It was a cool moment. Probably couldn’t be replicated exactly. But if you’re inclined and you do yoga, that would be a really great thing to do during the eclipse time.

And it’s early in the morning. So well, for those of you on the west and the Pacific time zone, it’ll be 3:41 AM. You might just sleep right through it. But those of you who are awake and are inclined to do some yoga, you might give that a try. Now that brings up actually a good point. So for the part of the country, that will still be asleep when this is going on and have no interest in getting up for it.

What do you do with that energy? Well, what you do is you tune in to the fun astrology podcast tomorrow morning, and I will meet you right here and we will talk about what you can do with it because you slept through it anyway. Right. So just meet me here and we’ll talk about what you can do in the, on the backside, the eclipse, because there’s definitely something that you can do to activate that energy still.

Don’t think you have to set your alarm for three in the morning. We’ll take care of you. All right. I’ll see you here tomorrow. Hope we all enjoy the event. The website is going to be special and I will be watching online. I wanted to mention, yeah. Didn’t I say that the time and website has all the resources you need.

Check that out and then you can watch it from there as well. All right. Have a great one. And I will see you tomorrow in a post eclipse conversation. Take care.