Monday June 7, 2021 Fun Astrology Podcast

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You know, by the end of this week, we’re going to feel like it is mid June. Where has 2021 gone, you know, 2020 took a while to get out of here. But 21, does it seem like it’s moving fast to you? At short dies to me. Hi, Thomas Miller on the front astrology podcast. Thank you for stopping by on this Monday, June 7th, you are waking up.

If you’re listening to this, when you’ve woken up to a Taurian moon today. I got to say when the moon moves through Taurus and it’s that opportunity to think about grounding and centering and digging your feet into the earth. Ah, I love that energy. So think about that for today and tomorrow. And then we will ingress over into Gemini where we are setting up for Thursdays solar eclipse.

We will talk about that more on Thursday, but just wanted to get you ready for it. And this will be the second of the four eclipses we’ll have this year, but this will be the last of this first batch of two. We’ll have more in the fall, but we’ll talk more about that on Wednesday. Now I am going to open up readings guys.

I kind of figured this out over the weekend. At least the next thing that I would like to try. Now don’t go rushing to your computer. Please. Stop. Stop. Stop sobbing less it’s around noon Eastern time. Then you could, don’t go rushing to your computer because I’m going to wait and throw the switch on this at noon Eastern.

That gives everybody, at least from Europe to the west coast, a chance to get in on this, at least the first batch. Now I’m telling you this is not going to be just a few and then close it off. I’m going to keep it open just with limited times. So it’s going to be fairly quick. In fact, there’s one that will be available this evening.

I think it’s at 6:00 PM Eastern. So if you can mobilize and get ready for that, why let’s talk today? But with my schedule and the radio program that I do, and just all of the various moving parts, it’s easier for me to look out over the next few days. Hopefully I can get to the point where I’m laying it out a couple of weeks in advance and put those in as the time blocks come available.

So you can go to fun. There’s a readings. Category, you can click on that. They’re not going to come down. I really want to make these available and I have to make it work for myself. So just please hang in there with me as I try to figure this out, but I think this is going to work. Now, what you could do is set yourself an alarm for four noon Eastern.

If you wanted to try to grab one of these, but I’m promise you, I will try to open some more just as soon as I possibly can. And thank you so much for your interest in them. That means the world. And I’ll tell you from personal my personal experience and take on this, is that readings happen exactly when they’re supposed to.

Now, today, we really don’t have anything else in the chart. Moving. We had talked about this, oh, what a month or six weeks ago where we were saying that the chart was going to be in this locked off position for another six weeks or so. I think it goes into July and then the planets are going to start ingressing into other signs and there will be more balanced in the chart.

This will be a good week for us to do some listener questions. So I have a few, but if you would like to ask a question, prefer it to be in general, not specific to a particular chart, but if you have a question, just go on the fund astrology website and right at the top, leave a message. And I’d be glad to put you on here.

We’ll start with that tomorrow. But the thing that I wanted to put in here for today is we kind of have this Saturn Pluto thing going. Now, if you’re aware of what we’ve talked about last year, Saturn and Pluto can joined in the sky and the sign of Capricorn on January 12th. And that was about three weeks before every one of us had a new word in over capillary that began with a C and ended with an Ovid.

And yes, I think there was an absolutely direct correlation. Well, now they’re not in the same sign. Pluto is still in Capricorn cause it’s a slowpoke. But Saturn has moved into Aquarius where today Saturn is squaring the moon over there in Taurus sitting right next door to Uranus. Remember our big radar for the year is that aspect between Saturn and Uranus.

We are watching for things to pop up. We’re looking for unexpected surprises in the areas governed by Saturn and by Uranus. And we have to throw in the signs, Aquarius and Taurus. So basically the Saturn part of karmic, realignment, or karmic discipline, if you will. And particularly I’m thinking like the Saturn piece of this is where have we been a little bit belligerent about our own way.

That’s the Aquarian piece. What about home family, our roots, our grounding that’s Taurus. So there’s Uranus and the moon together. And there’s Saturn. Now this aspect basically groomed itself overnight. It will be there through the day, but because the moon is involved, it is going to move quickly. The one that has been there all weekend and we will still enjoy a few of.

The benefits of it. If you say that is the opposition between Mars in cancer and Pluto and Capricorn, did I just in a roundabout way mentioned Saturn and Pluto. See what I’m going with this. In other words, when Saturn and Pluto conjoined in the sky, I believe that that was a big, major conjunction that is going to lead us into new directions in the future.

This is more of a mini micro of that, because remember we were talking about Mars being in cancer, being a little bit grumpy. Mars is getting ready to go bask in the sunshine of Leo in just a few days, but it’s almost like on its way out. It’s being a spoiler because look, we have Venus in cancer. That’s very compatible.

Mars in cancer is water. Fire cancer. Again is. Ruled by the moon, which is over there in Taurus. So there’s the whole home and family connection again, and being Saturn and Pluto, things are being shifted and challenged in those areas. The financial piece of this could be as well. Venus is at least an accomplice by being in the same sign it’s in cancer as well.

So while we’re thinking about the grounding of Taurus and putting our feet solidly on the earth, Let’s also not be afraid to do some self-examination around those areas. And you know, if you need to do a quick Google on characteristics of the sign of cancer or characteristics of the sign of Taurus or characteristics of the signs of either Capricorn or Aquarius, There’s some synthesis that you could put together.

These are transformational times where under the big macro of the Saturn Pluto, January conjunction from last year, and now we’re just shaking the trees as these planets pass and align in these areas. Let us not forget what happened a year and a half. Uh, go and you know, it never hurts to do that.

Self-examination anyway, we are under that energy. All right. Hope that helps. That’s where the energy is today. And I will see you back again tomorrow. We’ll tackle a listener question, send me yours. If you have one and I’ll see you.