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Friday June 4, 2021 Fun Astrology Podcast

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TGI Friday to you, and we’re going to set up the weekend too. And I’ve got a great listener question about Jupiter in Pisces that we’re going to talk about. How is it affecting you and could it be affecting you in ways that you might not expect? We’re going to get to that in a second. Hi, Thomas Miller on the fun astrology podcast.

Thanks for stopping in. Let’s take a look at the news of the sky up above and see what energies are going to be affecting us today. Pretty much everything that we’ve been talking about already in place is in place for today without extra activation. What we’ve been talking about this week is still in place.

So the sun in Gemini, obviously mercury in retrograde in Gemini. So we’ve got the big Gemini influence. We’ve got the Piscean influence and obviously always keeping our eye on the Saturn square with Uranus. Now the big active day for the weekend is tomorrow. So let me tell you what’s going on tomorrow.

First of all, mercury is squaring Neptune at 3:04 PM Eastern time. And Mars will be opposing Pluto at 3:45 PM. Now that mercury squaring Neptune, the first one at three oh eight is obviously mercury retrograde. And remember, there are three areas where keeping our eye on the chart, and this is two of them, two of the three.

So we’re getting a double shot here. Mercury and Gemini in retrograde and then Neptune in Pisces, I would be on the lookout, just say, and this is what comes to me. And I’d written, don’t really know what hat I’m pulling this out of, honestly, but it’s just, what’s there is watch out for misunderstandings around this transit.

You know, how you’ll, somebody will ask you for something or you’ll get an email. And they’ll request some information or like this happened the other day when I finished the audio book and with Fred Dodson and sent the book up and he sent me something that, uh, was a problem with little, little TechNet techno glitch, and I was busy with something else and it was about an hour before I responded.

And the problem had resolved. That’s the kind of thing I’m thinking here is if you just give it a little time and pad and space over the weekend, give things space over the weekend to work themselves out and they more likely may. And if there is the chance of misunderstanding, probably due to miscommunication or misperception, See, there’s that Neptune fogginess, I guess I do understand where this is coming from.

I just went with the blink on that, but I think it’s probably a pretty good, good one. Okay. So that takes care of mercury squaring Neptune. Now let’s talk about this opposition between Mars and Pluto, because that’s equally significant. If this were a market trading day. I would say go to cash, go to cash.

Well, I guess it will be for the cryptos. So you might keep an eye on your crypto coins over the weekend, but this is obviously setting up a tense aspect and Pluto remember is eternally. It seems eternally forever in Capricorn. It will, it will move out. It’s going to be another couple of years, but we do have Pluto in Capricorn ruled by Saturn.

Mars in a grumpy sign of cancer. This is a more melodic aspect for sure. Now that could throw a lot of wrenches in a lot of places, but let’s just say that is as an overlay to the mercury Neptune that we just talked about to just be aware that some tense energy is forming in the sky. You know, I think of this like a weather report and if the weather report for the morning says.

Possible thunder showers and tornadoes in your area by 3:00 PM this afternoon. And you have a four o’clock flight out of the airport. There might be some delays. There might be some adjustments. And that’s what we’re doing here is we’re just taking a look at the energy, not just the weather of what falls out of the sky.

This becomes, oh, so much more. Now I got to quit talking because I want to get a listener question in here about Jupiter in Pisces. I was wondering about Jupiter’s ingress into Pisces and nightmares. And if there’s any connection, I’ve had nightmares pretty much always, but they seem to be a lot worse after the ingress.

Well, you guys are asking some great questions. Thank you for that question. And yes. See Jupiter expands, Jupiter expands. What’s near it or around it. I think this is one of the, if you will allow me to use the term metaphysical that being beyond our physicality, in other words, talking about energy, talking about that, which is beyond just what we can touch, taste, see, feel, hear, et cetera.

All right. Let’s pick this apart. What she’s saying? Dreams. Nightmares dreams. All right. That’s Pisces, Neptune. Huge. I mean, those are the characteristics. Neptune rules, dreams, Pisces ruled by Neptune and modern astrology, Pisces dreams, and visions, Neptune that which we see in the Ethereum notice how she said it’s much worse since Jupiter’s in grass.

If you want to understand Jupiter, you just heard a perfect classic textbook example. Jupiter comes around some area in your life that it encases. This is such a perfect astrological example. My goodness, this couldn’t be more perfect. Here we are dreams and visions. This person obviously has something in cased in their subconscious, that Jupiter comes around and is expanding.

Now, why would she be having nightmares? Is it to scare her? Is it to frighten her? Absolutely not. And now I would hop over to the subconscious mind mastery podcast. And I know there are about 300, almost 300 episodes over there, but I’ve addressed this several times in several ways in that podcast, that what we encase in our subconscious mind wants to come out and be resolved.

And that’s the whole message of astrology it’s. These are things, not the want to torture us. I’ll tell you this. And I don’t know this situation, but broadly, generally, typically it’s our own resistance to these things that keeps them trapped. So what I would say to do with this is to. Get over on the subconscious mind mastery podcast.

Number one, learn how to get in touch with your subconscious and your intuition, and then allow without resistance for whatever that message is to come up, because it is crying to you to be dealt with. And that’s the whole message of the astrological chart. It is energies that we bring to this lifetime in order to experience opportunities, which are synchronicities as in a six week or eight week transit of Jupiter into a new sign, triggering something in our life that we are to take a look at and to deal with.

I really thank you for that question because it’s so perfectly illustrates how powerfully astrology works for the naysayers. I got to tell you before we can continue your nay-saying conversation. You got to get me around this one right here, because that one just ice as the cake, as far as how powerful this stuff is, and it really is all about our soul journey.

So don’t look at these things as a negative, go into the nightmare, go into the dark side. Don’t be afraid of the shadows. The chart always has two sides, so we have to play both. And in this case, it’s just something wanting to come out to be dealt with. All right. Thank you so much. I hope that helps and hope to see you over on subconscious mind mastery too.

Take care. Have a great weekend, including tomorrow. Count to 10, and I’ll see you on Monday.