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Tuesday June 1 – Fun Astrology Podcast

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Well, it’s a new week at well, a new workweek in the unit and it states we played all weekend around here. And it’s a new month. How are you doing Thomas Miller on the front astrology podcast. Thank you for making this part of your day. We’re going to talk a little bit about what’s going on here relative to the new month, but particularly.

I want to focus on Pisces because the moon in order to start this new month is ingressing into Pisces at five oh seven this morning. And I’m saying that as though some of you might listen to this just a little bit before five oh seven this morning, Eastern time, if you do it will happen then if not, it’s already there.

Now, this is significant because it is going to, Conject a slowing down Jupiter. Jupiter is getting ready to go into retrograde later this month. And when it does, by the end of next month, it will move back into Aquarius, but the moon is going to pass over. So for today, we are talking about a very watery day.

Poor Jupiter is in there trying to be a glow. With the watery moon and the watery Neptune in watery Pisces, and that little candle on Jupiter is going to get doused, but that might not be a totally bad thing. Okay. Remember when Jupiter moved into Pisces and a lot of people have had their eye on this, what is going to happen?

Because the two rulers of Pisces are home. Well, Jupiter’s giving us a glimpse and this was particularly what I wanted to shine a light on because Jupiter expands Jupiter is that energy that we track by following the planet, Jupiter, but it really is reflecting energy of expansion of growth, of wellbeing, of good luck if you will.

But there’s also a shadow side of Jupiter. Which can be an grand dice, mint, egocentric, egoism, braggadocious, obnoxious. If you want to take braggadocious one more step. So we have to be careful of the shadow side of the coin here, because there is a lot of juiced up energy in Pisces right now. And I’m saying this as a lesson to myself, because I have periodically found myself having to tap on the brakes.

One of the reasons why I took the little break last week. And thank you for allowing me to do that. I really appreciate it because I’ve been feeling this Jupiter, Pisces energy strongly it’s so much, so that it’s been hard for me to a proper pace over the last several weeks. So I just throttled back. No screens I’ve been delayed on answering emails, et cetera, et cetera, because I just was determined to focus on something else and to rest.

Well yesterday, I didn’t do any of that. I launched in again with yet another project that is going to be fun. I’ve got it down folks. I’ve got it down. If you’re not a custom yet to YouTube and especially astrology on YouTube. Well at some point here and I’ll let you know when it launches, but I’m going to start doing some YouTube videos around astrology, but I’m going to combine some things related to the environment here, North Carolina, the smokey mountains, the terrain, the waterfalls going hiking.

I’m going to pull all that together. And I’ve got a great idea of how to do it. And I spent a good chunk of time over the second half of the weekend. Kind of figuring that out. So I am really excited about this. This is going to be a lot of fun and I think you are going to absolutely love it. Now I’m going to ease into it.

And what that means, you know, I spent 20 years producing corporate and broadcast video. So doing that is not a big deal, but doing it with this equipment and doing it time, expeditiously. Is something that I’m going to have to work out a little bit, and I’m going to spend some slow time in developing a system that hopefully I can replicate and use and make this efficient.

But what I wanted to garden danced was over expansion overdoing over spending over cost compensating. Just anything you see, the track that I’m going on now just apply it to your own life. What are you maybe possibly doing too much of. And I’ve been having this little chat with myself many, many times over the last week, week and a half.

So even for myself, as I’m using this energy to launch into another project, and a lot of people would say, dude, you don’t have time for what you got. How are you going to do one more? Jupiter’s in Pisces and when it leaves the end of July, it’ll be back. I’m like, it’s all good. We’ll work it all in. But I just wanted to bring that up because I do think it is a significant side of this Jupiter Pisces thing that I want to make sure gets equal airtime.

Yes. This has been a very productive time. Yes. There have been a lot of spiritual insights and there will be potentially big time today. You know, my other podcast is called subconscious mind mastery. Well, if it ever had an avatar, it would be Neptune, Jupiter, the moon in Pisces. Wow. That is as subconscious as it gets.

So I do hope that you’ll take that to mind and do some reflecting on this. This will be great to spend some time with your journal and just in contemplation of how am I using this energy? Because once we see this glimpse and then we go back into Aquarius, we will be back here in late December for a lot of 20, 23.

So we are getting ready and getting a glimpse of what this is potentially going to be like. Next year. And if everything else holds up around it, I am liking it a lot. A lot. All right. You guys have a great day. We’ll see you back tomorrow for a hump day already on Wednesday. Really? I guess it would be more Thursday.

I don’t know. It’s a four day week, so let’s just enjoy every bit of it. Thanks for stopping by. See you tomorrow.