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We’ve got a good, the listener question today and I want to get to it. So let’s put our rock and roll roller skates on and take a look at the sky up above so that we can talk about, uh, this great question about transcending the Zodiac. All right. Today we have a moon changing signs. We’re moving now from Pisces to Aries.

If you have been following this over the last couple of days, hopefully you have experienced some extra spiritual insight, maybe direction perception, or just watery emotion. Well, now you can burn it all up. It’s Aries time, time to put some feet to those inspirations in other words. So, yes, you’ve been inspired over the next couple of days now.

The chart is saying, do something about it. Take some steps, take some action, put some mud against the wall, or like, I love the terminology from Mike Dooley pitches to the universe, throw some pitches, see you get some reaction. That’s the universe sending you breadcrumbs. So that will happen at 1:58 PM.

And that’s not before a bout us almost a seven hour void. Of course, that begins at 7:10 AM. So Eastern times, seven, 10, all the way up to one 58. So basically say seven o’clock to two o’clock Eastern void, of course. And then two o’clock we’ve got an Aries moon for the next couple of days. Now those of you watching the financial trading, this could be interesting.

We have the sun training Saturn. When does that happen? 3:05 PM. You know, the market has been kind of flat right here. And if you followed what Ray Merryman was saying back when I mentioned that on Monday, that was one of the conclusions. Now we could throw possibly a little bit of a directional change in there.

And I know a lot of you are following crypto as well. I’m kind of thinking, just watch this and see which way it goes. But I would think that this would be a bit of a positive with the sun in a trine, a favorable aspect was Saturn. And if you have no interest in the market or in cryptocurrency, then lay good structures and foundations in your life, because that is where that will be pulling you.

In other words, it is so complimentary to the moon moving into Aries. So the moon moves into Aries an hour later, the sun trines Saturn. So what this is double emphasizing is all of that inspiration you got since the weekend. Yes, take those steps and take them powerfully. And you have one other, if you want another one at seven 32 this evening, Eastern time, Venus trines Jupiter.

It’s a magical sky this afternoon, for sure. Wow. What a great day this is going to be, and I hope you make the most of it. It is truly going to be a magical day. Celestially now we’ve have a pretty light weekend really starting tomorrow. Uh, about the only major thing we have with Saturday has a little bit, but tomorrow’s pretty quiet, Sundays, very quiet.

So we will do another listener question tomorrow. I’ve got a little stack ups from my time away, so thank you for these. And we will get to another one tomorrow, but let’s do this one now. I can’t wait. This is a great question. Hey, Thomas. There’s a book called the Kabbalah, which talks about law of attraction, law of vibration, very ancient texts by a guy named Hermes.

And in that he talks about transcending the Zodiac and how that is. If I heard this correctly, it was the ultimate goal, right. To transcend the Zodiac. So. The way I’m curious and applying that is like, you’re an astrologer, right. And we talk about energies in the way things work. And the freewill aspect is sort of where I go to that.

But I’m just curious mainly like, what do you think he meant by that? Oh, I love that question. Thank you so much. So let’s talk, talk about Hermes. Briefly. Hermes was a second, third century philosopher who by the way, was accepted in the church initially, and then thrown out of the church as a heretic. And if you don’t think today’s even Protestant, denominations still follow that same.

Everything is evil dogma. Well, they do. I grew up in the church and I never heard of Hermes laws. That is until I listened to an audio program by Bob Proctor and he mentioned these. And then of course you can trace them back and see where they came from. Now, this book that he’s talking about, the Kabbalah one was written in 1908 by some Hermes followers who are unidentified by name.

They’ve just released the centenary version of the book, but it also lists the seven. Laws basically. And so the law of mentalism basically that we are the mind of God. We correspond with God, the principle of vibration, everything is vibrating. The principle of polarity, which I use all the time in here on talking about the chart, the law of gestation.

Yes. I mean, I have restructured my life around these principles basically. And in the last 2000 years, we have evolved and learned and grown. So yes, there are things that we can glean. And then I think there are some things that have been revised or updated, I guess, is a better way to say it. Now, why would it be a goal to transcend the Zodiac?

Can you think of why? Well, if we are truly as Pierre Teilhard de Chardin says not human beings having a spiritual experience, but rather. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. And I do believe I’ve just seen too much evidence to this. It makes sense. It makes things fit, things work in this construct that we are eternal souls and we do come here and other places to experience soul growth.

And when we come here, we play by a certain rule book that earth, uh, is basically the earth school. And that I firmly believe the Zodiac. If you will, the astrology chart, the map of the sky on the moment that you were born, gives you your soul’s path during your lifetime. If you choose to find it, that’s why we talk about this.

It’s our Google maps for the soul. And I’m sorry if you’re not a Google fan substitute, the one that you do like in there, it’s the Rand McNally maps of the soul. Well, when we get to a point in our soul’s evolution, where it’s time for us to transcend, then I think we can complete our need to incarnate on earth.

We complete all of the elements of the chart that we have both succeeded in and failed in. We work through old karma. We are growing with a soul pod. Oh, I narrated an audio book for Fred Dodson called knives of the soul lives. L I V E S of the soul. It explains this in great detail. If you are interested, I would highly recommend picking that up and listening to it.

It’s a quick book. It’s only about four hours and I talk slowly. So you can rip that thing on times two and you can be done with it while you’re cleaning the house. But it will make astrology makes so much sense to you because it just screws everything together of how we got here and the need for the map.

I mean, it’s not like we came here with blind amnesia. Oh, we did from the ego perspective, but not from the soul perspective. I have a guy heading up here to stay with me for a few days. In North Carolina, who I did a chart rating for a while back. And it was pretty obvious to me and he felt it resonated with him that he was ready to complete the incarnation cycle.

You see a lot of this in the 12th house, the house of completions and endings. Now, that’s not to say if you specifically have 12th house activity that you are ready to complete. I’m just saying this chart said that, and here is somebody’s opportunity to either try to complete and follow the breadcrumbs or resist it and you’ll be back.

Not that that’s a bad thing, but just to say, there is a way out. And when we do that lives of the soul talks about what’s next, we complete here, and then we can go on to other soul work in and in other places. So it’s a fascinating study, but that’s what I believe that Hermes was saying. Is that the way through or the way out is the way through, let’s put it that way.

The way out is the way through. So that’s why we learned this. And it’s why we practice it. And it’s why we don’t resist the things that are in our chart. It’s here to help us grow and it is our map. All right. Thanks so much. I hope that helps. Great question. I love that one. Take care, speak pipe. It’s right at the top of the fun astrology website.

If you’d like to do one of those yourself, have a great day. I’ll see you tomorrow.