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Wednesday, May 19, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Today’s Podcast:

And welcome in to the fun astrology podcast. Thomas Miller. Thanks for joining us. Let’s kick off this hump day, May 19th. Interesting chart today. But before we set this up, I’d like to ask, how was your yesterday? Because I’m kind of thinking yesterday for me was super, incredibly productive and it was a grumpy chart.

So like there’s this divergence going on? That I’m taking note of here as we look at this, because today we have, well, pretty much the same. I thought, well, maybe the looks pretty good today. I mean, this is the last day of Taurus. So tomorrow at 3:29 PM the sun ingressives Gemini Gemini season. Well, I guess we have today in three quarters of tomorrow, right?

And we have this Venus trine, Saturn. We’ll talk about that in a minute. So I was thinking maybe today would look a little better. I went to the keywords. Nope. Uh, it was still the same as yesterday. Difficulty across the board mourning loss. I mean, I’ll just go on down until I find happiness down. There is about 1.8 in intensity compared to around six for morning.

So it’s like, we’re difficulty. So it’s like, okay, well, Um, I had a great day yesterday. How about you now? I have been keeping an eye on the Schumann resonance chart and that thing has been wild over the last little bit. So the Earth’s frequency that Schumann resonance frequency of the earth. Is vibrating strongly right now.

And I do know that a lot of you have been feeling that if you haven’t been tracking Matt, you can get a phone app for it. It’s just search up Schumann resonance, S C H U M a N N I believe is how it’s spelled Schumann resonance app. And I think it’s on both Android and iPhone. There’s also a website for it’s probably safe, but it’s out of, um, community in Russia of all places.

That’s where they measure it from. And it’s a website that has to be translated and all that. So I think the apps just safer. You know, another side note on that. And thank you guys for your patients who have ordered reports. I got a little behind yesterday and I’m going to be digging out today, but my goodness, you guys have just exploded and see there again yesterday was like this antithesis and you guys are just really liking those reports.

And I’ll tell you between now. And I had the first reading yesterday and we’re going to get this open back up. But between now and then you can grab that reports bundle and get the Steve Forrest sky within, get the natal report and get the Astro dine, planetary strength report. Get those three. And I will tell you that’s the package that I got that I learned astrology from it was that information.

It just happened to be on on their interactive chart. And that was good, but I mean, this is everything you need right in front of you with amazing interpretations and you can start learning your chart that way. And it’s also a great platform for when we sit down and do the reading and take a look at your chart together.

Now let’s see, moon also is changing signs today. The moon moves into Virgo at 4:58 PM Eastern after about just barely Naria two hour void, of course, before that. So not much void of course, moon into Virgo at five o’clock this afternoon, Eastern time. And then at 10 o’clock tonight, Venus trines, Saturn, you know, it’s kind of interesting.

You think about Saturn. Has been awfully quiet here in the mid stretches of Aquarius. Hasn’t it? It’s at 13 degrees Aquarius right now. It will go retrograde here in what is it? Another week or so? 23rd, I just went to the website. It’s yeah, less than a week. The 23rd, uh, the fun astrology website down in the blog area has the retrograde dates of everything that’s in retrograde right now and coming up.

But Saturn has slowed to a crawl and it will stay in Aquarius. It’s not going to reach back into Capricorn on this one, but it seems that Saturn has just been so quiet. Well, Venus is going to send Saturn some love today. So, you know, if you are in a pretty good place in your life, um, 10 o’clock Eastern time, but this select the evening would be a really great time to just give yourself some honor love.

Appreciation for the work that you’ve done on your life. I don’t know how many of you guys get in the bathtub. That’s kind of not, not the mental image. I’m trying to paint so early in the morning, but for you ladies, I’m thinking a bubble bath candles, soft music, rose pedals, honoring you for the work that you’ve done.

Guys, you can do that too. Just go get on your motorcycle and ride. Let the wind blow in your face. I don’t know. However you would do that. Paint a beautiful picture. The idea was I was trying to bring some Venetian energy into the imagery here and say at 10 o’clock tonight. So on the back half of the day after work, at least in the Northern hemisphere in the us take some time to honor you.

There’s a lot of really strong energy around that. And it’s a pretty nice break from, you know, if you’re feeling the other side, the shadow side of today’s chart, the keywords side of what today is bringing then. Yeah. Give yourself some honor to use it as a break. You deserve a break today, the famous McDonald’s slogan.

Now I will say the moon is in a quincunx with Pluto. Now, remember quincunx is that’s what makes up the yod the witch’s hat. So we do have one, just one. We don’t have a yod in today’s chart and the moon moves so quickly that this is, this comes and goes fast, but it is there today. And what that could do is trigger that internal introspection, because remember Pluto is in retrograde already.

So there’s the whole internal Pluto going inside, looking at transformations, completions. You see how this is threading together, but it’s in this, what we would call a tense aspect with the moon. So some stuff might come up. So that’s why you need that motorcycle ride guys and ladies. That’s why you need that bubble bath.

Yeah. Take some time tonight for you. Okay. Let’s make that our commitment for the day. Take some time for you tonight. You’ll enjoy it. Have a great one. I’ll see you back tomorrow, sending you all kinds of venues.