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Friday May 14, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Today’s Podcast:

TGI Friday, let’s close out this week, please. I don’t know. Oh, you know, they have, they say the devil, you know, is better than the one you don’t. Maybe this week was one to keep. I heard something cool. Y’all want a little side thing. Speaking of closing out the week, I was listening to an audio book on a hike yesterday, and here’s the concept focus as in meditatively focus.

On things that pass by and complete or close like a week, or like a thought, a thought completes, and then it’s gone a week completes and then its gone a breath completes and then it’s gone daylight completes and then it’s gone. You get the idea. So the, the concept here is to meditate, focus on the completion.

As it’s completing. So first of all, you have to have an awareness of things that complete around you. And then second as they complete, you just go into a little semi-state of awareness and you follow the completion on out. Really cool little cycle. And boy, could we ever apply that to astrology? You could stay busy with an astrological chart pulling that thing off.

Well, we have a completion, actually, the moon and Gemini will be completing tonight at 9:30 PM. And it’s going to be contemplating its to its completion for a 14 and a half hours, basically because it goes void of course, at six 50 this morning in Gemini. Six 50 void of course, nine 30 in grass to cancer.

So you have a cancer moon at home all weekend. That’s always an intuitive spark. I plan to see you out on the hiking trails this weekend. Yes, you could get some extra motivation. You could get some extra amplification while you are contemplating endings under this cancer moon. And really we get the weekend off astrologically because there are no other major aspects in the chart.

No other sign changes. We get to breathe. Oh, don’t we need it. The moon wobble is still on until the first complete week of June. Seventh, I believe it is. It’s on the website there under the blog. I would say that the biggest hotspot in the world obviously is the conflict going on in Jerusalem right now, or in Israel.

It’s all over Israel. Now it started in Jerusalem and spread out. There could be protests in various cities around the world this weekend on that moon wobble stuff. For sure. And this bridge in Memphis, in the United States, this bridge had a crack that they finally discovered. I don’t think the crack just appeared overnight.

And now they have all the barge traffic on the Mississippi river. Shut down. See, this is moon wobbles stuff. And yes, that package that you ordered from Amazon, probably if it doesn’t show up, it’s sitting on the Mississippi river. Now the other big thing yesterday that we talked about is Jupiter in Graston into Pisces.

So we now have a Piscean Jupiter and see, we were talking about this. It should have been good for the financial markets. It was for the equities. It wasn’t for crypto so much. One day does not make a trend, but we will at least put this in the books to observe. Equities up crypto down. Let’s see where it goes.

Now we’re going to be in this pattern for a little while, and here’s why, because, so we have the moon wobble going until June 7th. Saturn goes retrograde in Aquarius on May 23rd. So it stays put in Aquarius, mercury then goes retrograde the 29th of May and Gemini. And that’s right before two days before the moon wobble peaks on the 31st.

So we will have mercury in retrograde for just a couple of days. And the moon wobble for about seven or eight days with the moon. Wobble will peak right there when mercury goes retrograde, boom. That could be a crescendo point of energy for sure. And then the moon wobbles starts to fade out. Mercury goes more full on.

So yeah, we don’t really escape this energy all the way until the end of June, basically, but there won’t be any other sign changes coming up for a little while here. Venus probably will be the next one. Venus and Mars will move, but that won’t be for a couple of weeks, each. If you guys are not in the Facebook group that I have, that is kind of the both podcasts Facebook group.

It’s the subconscious mind mastery podcast listeners. That’s my other podcast. Subconscious mind mastery. It’s the subconscious mind mastery podcast listeners group in Facebook. If you’re not in, we certainly would welcome you. There are four questions, please just answer them. Let us know that you’re there from the podcast.

And last Sunday night, a week ago, or this this past Sunday I did about a one hour talk on Facebook live. So it’s in the group. They’re pretty easy to find. And it was about Pluto retrograde. So if you’d like to hear that, uh, pop into the Facebook group, and I’m going to do a couple of specials over the weekend because I have two really good questions.

One is about a stellium and the other is about intercepted signs. What does that mean? So we’ll take one on Saturday and one on Sunday. How about that? So that’s about all the soap I can throw at you today. I think the big thing today is to play with that little exercise. And as the moon is completing an ending and Gemini tonight, we have this long void, of course.

So, you know, if you were following void of courses, you would do. Um, unpacking whatever that’s top of mind, right? You would do something around just a neutral activity for today, but I know we got stuff to do, but you’re aware of that and just focus on endings and see what your completions and see what that meditation does for you.

All right. Have a good day. I’ll see you back over the weekend for some specials, and then we’ll hit her again next week on Monday. Thanks for stopping by have a great day.