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Tuesday May 11, 2021 – Fun Astrology

Today’s Episode:

Welcome in to the fun astrology podcast. Thomas Miller. Thanks for joining us. We got a lot to do today, boys and girls. It’s Tuesday, May 11th. Let’s get rocking and rolling here because we have a moon wobble and a God to talk about. And that’s each one of those would deserve its own treatment, but we’re going to combine them here and then we might.

You might have to unpack them a little bit more as the week goes on. Let’s talk about the moon wobble real quick. What is it? It is when the moon either continue junks or squares, the nodes of the moon, the North fence, South nodes of the moon are a point in space. If this is a new concept to you, a picture is worth a thousand words.

If you just Google nodes of the moon, And look at the images, you’ll see exactly what it is. That’s the best way to understand it because the picture you’ll get it. They are not physical bodies in space. They are points of intersections of orbits. Basically. Now we’ve talked about this in the past, but when a planet is at a 90 degree aspect to that line, that’s a really big deal.

I happen to know because I have one. And the planet happens to be Saturn. It’s like, you look at your chart, you say, why did this have to happen? I mean, that’s why we all get into astrology, right. To figure out our own crazy lives. Well, that’s a very important aspect that a lot of astrologers unfortunately, are just not keyed or locked into, but it’s one of the first things you should really look at in a chart.

Now, the other is when something is conjuncture that line, because it really amplifies. Karmic business either, either position one is going to be a little bit more let’s work with it. The other is going to be a little bit more friction, but either way you need to take note of that because your soul is doing some business on planet earth.

Now this particular moon wobble is going to peak. On May 31st and it’s going to peak with the sun conjuncting that line of the Mo the nodes of the moon in Gemini, when it conjuncture the North node of the moon. That happens on May 31st. Why are we talking about it today? Well, actually started yesterday because you back up 21 days from that point of intersection and you go past it seven days.

So between now and June seven, We have a moon wobble kind of think of mercury retrograde and Uranus gone crazy Uranus, unexpected things, mercury retrograde. Well, I think most everybody kind of knows about that. Expect the unexpected as well, especially around technology contracts, et cetera, et cetera. The moon wobble just amplifies all of that.

Typically around the world, you’ll see earthquakes, some kind of natural disaster. Or like we’re experiencing right now in the middle East, which I’m going to hop off of moon wobble now and pivot to the other topic of the day is this yod in today’s new moon chart, by the way. See, there’s a lot going on.

We’ve got a lot to talk about and to set up the yod I’ve got a perfect listener question. Hi, Thomas Mrs. Rhonda, I have a question about yards in a chart. I’ve also heard them referred to as the finger of God. Can you tell us a little bit more on what they mean and how you would read them in a chart?

Thanks for everything you do. Thank you, Rhonda for listening. I appreciate all of you. And thank you for those of you who do leave messages. You do it web page there. If you’d like to ask a question like she just did and what a perfect question it came in right on time, because there is a yod in today’s chart.

Now let me remind you of when the new moon is that we’ll be exact today in Taurus at 3:01 PM. Call it three o’clock Eastern time this afternoon. New beginnings. I think this one is very significant of specialty because it’s accompanied by this yod. Now, when we get to talking about the yod, we’re talking about a, basically an aspect pattern.

So this is something that appeared when it shows up, it always has the same ingredients. It has two planets that are joined by a 60 degree sextile aspect. So just think about the circle. Take two points on that circle, 60 degrees apart. That’s the sextile, that’s the base of the yod and then right in between, I mean, at exactly the mid point of that sextile.

So 30 degrees in and on the other side of the chart is another planet sitting by itself. So that planet over there is connected by two quincunx is. Or they’re often also called in conjunct aspect. I, in conjunct, in conjunct aspects, they use those words interchangeably. I always use quincunx. It amounts to 150 degree aspect.

So to understand a yod, which is also called the finger of God, it is, and it’s also called a witch’s hat because if you tilt it up where the, where the, uh, point planet is at the top of the chart, it looks like a witch’s hat it’s tall and skinny. So a tall triangle, see all astrology is based on geometry, sacred geometry.

So to fall in love with astrology, you’re falling in love with this brilliant tapestry of angular design of the entire universe. And when you start to look into that, it unravels marvelously. All right, let’s do this on the yard because we are running close on our time that I like to keep these to respect your day.

So let’s do this. Let’s do it today and tomorrow. We’ve got a couple of things in the chart tomorrow, but we’ll carve some time to do part two on the OD. And actually, if you want to go ahead and get started on this, go back to August 18th, 2020. I did a two-part podcast on that day about the yod. So you could listen to that as a base, but I have some new material that I want to add to this.

And then Steve forest addressed this in the book of air. Part of the elements series, the book of heir chapter 15 is about the yod, but this is really what I didn’t see. I refreshed looking around online at some of the various conversations about the OD. And what I did not see was the emphasis on midpoints.

This is basically about midpoint astrology. So we’ll talk more about the tension around the yard that it creates, but basically here’s the yod in today’s new moon chart at the top of the witch’s hat is the South node in Sagittarius. At the bottom, the two sextile planets are Mars and Uranus. What has erupted in the middle East?

So now since Friday, we’ve had a cyber attack on a major us pipeline, restricting fuel supplies to the entire East coast of the United States. And now we have this massive conflict erupting around Ramadan. In Jerusalem that Rhonda is the stuff of moon wobbles and yards. And then when you throw a new moon on top of that today, I think we are setting up for some con because the new moon is all about creating.

And I think we are creating a new space that typically the lunar cycles run. As you know, two weeks and then six months you come back and revisit it and then it just goes on and on and you can look out 18 months back. This could be right now, the witch’s hat, that focal point planet. We’ll talk about this more tomorrow, but the focal point planet I E the mid point planet is the one that gets the action.

And this today is the South node of the moon. What has the whole Saturn Pluto thing been about moving from what doesn’t work? What’s the South node representing in our chart. What we drag in that doesn’t work is conflict in the middle East, anything new and the South node is what we default to because we’re so familiar with it.

And what is the common go-to in the middle East? I mean, this conflict has been written about in the Bible and in the Quran and in many other historical and religious texts. And here we are. So what is this new moon creating for us? What is this? Yod bringing to the surface. These are certainly things that we will see unfolding over time, but I’m kind of thinking this conflict with Mars and Uranus around the South node is going to be very significant.

We’ll see, let’s talk about this more tomorrow. I think we’re onto a great object here, Rhonda. Thank you for that question. Go check out fun. Leave a message. If you’d like to would love you to and check out those retrograde dates too. They’re down in the blog. Down in the black section there, I offset it so you can see it really well.

You can see where all the retrograde motion and the moon wobble will be for the rest of the summer. Have a great day. We’ll see you back tomorrow.