Monday May 10, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Today’s Podcast:

Monday may the 10th, Thomas Miller welcoming you in here to another fun astrology podcast who knows what’s going to be happening this week. We’ve got a good one ahead. I’ll tell you that. And I’m glad you joined us. Thanks for stopping by. Friends and leave a great review on iTunes. If you like the podcast, if you don’t just send me an email and let’s work it out on the side info at fun,

The moon today is in Taurus after moving in last night. So we have that for a couple of days and we have a new moon tomorrow at three Oh one all the times today will be Eastern us. So we have a nice grounded, earthy. Money love Venus ruled Torian moon tomorrow’s new moon will be a great one to set intentions to, especially around love money stability.

Hasn’t that been one? Right? Wouldn’t you like to set some intentions around stability tomorrow? Well, do it with your toes, curled into the earth somewhere. Go find some dirt. I mean, ground. When you do your, uh, new moon ceremony, if the weather permits tomorrow, seriously, as I can be, do it outside with your feet planted in the ground.

No socks, feet on earth. That would be a great way to amplify that energy of that Torian moon. Now we have a big deal coming up on Thursday and we’ll talk about it. Not today. I want to focus just on the rest of today because there is one other significant thing in today’s sky that we need to look at.

But Thursday Jupiter moves into Pisces and that’s going to be very significant because Jupiter is the ancient ruler of Pisces and Neptune is the modern ruler of Pisces. And they will both be in there. Now Jupiter’s going to make a short stay of it. It’ll be in there until July, but we’re going to get about a six or seven week glimpse here at what Jupiter in Pisces might look like.

And this is for sure. I mean, this’ll be a real glimpse. Just like over the weekend or last week we were talking about Saturn when it crossed into 29 degrees. That was Friday’s podcast when Saturn tipped into 29 Aquarius last year. And COVID kind of broke out. That was the big tipper when COVID went through the roof and Saturn showed its hand and it tipped into Aquarius just for a degree or I think it was one degree.

And then it moved back to Capricorn. This is all last year in 2020. But the bottom line is it gives us a glimpse of what this is going to look like. And that’s the key, that’s what we’re after. So those of you who have been wondering, how will it affect things financially? Well, we’re getting ready to see.

And as you think about Jupiter in Pisces, Jupiter expands, Neptune is already in Pisces, traditionally and financial astrology, Neptune rules, things like the liquids. So oil gold, also biotech. So the cookbook would say expansion in those areas, but here’s the shadow. Let’s always acknowledge the shadow because we’re at tops on just about everything in the world.

If you see this thing, start to break and think prices start to go down. Remember Jupiter expands. So just keep both sides of the coin in mind. As we watch this. The cookie cutter cookbook, extrapolation of this would say positive for those of us who have been through the 1970s, the 1987 crash, the 2000 crash.

When you’ve got some stripes on your shoulder, you remember to always watch the shadow side because the question would then be. Expansion in which direction, but yes, the trend is your friend. So whatever the trend is after Jupiter enters Pisces on Thursday and gets its feet wet, that would be the trend to kind of follow and go with, I would think.

Okay. We’ve got more than just financial astrology to talk about today. Let’s roll back to what’s going on in the chart today. And I noticed that 10 degrees C to jump off the chart today. So what’s going on. At 10 degrees. Well, in cancer, Mars is at 10 degrees next door backward in so Daya order mercury and the North node of the moon are at 10 degrees.

So that means the South node of the moon is at 10 degrees over in Sagittarius. Uranus in Taurus is at 11 degrees. Kyron in Aries is at 11 degrees and then Saturn up in Aquarius is at 13. So that ties Saturn and Mars together in a 150 degree quincunx aspect. That’s a little tense, Saturn and Mars kind of grinding together a little bit there.

And that’s the big theme because whenever you’re talking about the nodes, you’ve got Kyron in play. You’ve got Saturn Lord karma. You’ve got mercury. So here’s how I would kind of tie all this together. Mercury and the nodes are definitely connected. The nodes are our karmic path, the South node of the moon.

What we brought in the North node of the moon, our unfamiliar path that the universe is saying, go here, go here, get uncomfortable. This might be a little bit of a stretch for you that always triggers when you see something aspect in the nodes. Okay. What’s going on? Well, The North node is in Gemini.

Mercury is in Gemini mercury rules, Gemini. They’re sitting on top of each other. So let’s think about, ah, see there’s mercury. That’s exactly where it should have been. Perfect. I didn’t intend that. Let’s think mercury of what we could do. Actions, Gemini, mercury actions, Mars, 10 degrees, Mars. The next sign over action.

What actions and thoughts use the mercury energy. To put together a plan of some steps that we could take into an uncomfortable direction that is along the alignment of our own North node. Where is yours, so that you can advance yourself along your karmic soul purpose path. I’ll give you a, just a personal example.

All right. My North node is in Libra. That means the South node is in Aries for me. They land in the 10th house for the South node, the fourth house for the North node. All right. So what that means is basically fight less. There’s the warrior paradigm fight and work less. Love your family more. I have two families.

One is you the podcast family. And then I have my, of course blood family. So my list for today under this energy would be to work a little less, take a break, fold down the screens, step away from the microphone. And reach out to those who are in my family circles with some love. So I’m going to put that action list together, and that’s how you can play this energy around 10 degrees.

And there’s a lot, I mean, there’s just great support for this. If you lean in that direction. Hopefully, you know, where your nodes are. Steve forest does talk about them in the sky, within report. It’s right at the very end. It’s kind of how he concludes it. So if you don’t know about your own nodes, the sky within report is a great place to start and that’s available on fund

Thanks so much for listening. I’ll see you again tomorrow. Have a great day.