Saturday May 8, 2021 – Fun Astrology

Today’s Podcast:

Welcome in to the fun astrology Saturday podcast. Welcome to the weekend. And thanks for making this few minutes, these few minutes, a part of it. I told you we catch up on a couple of things. Let’s take a look the sky real quick today, and then we’ll move on to these other things, including kind of a financial question about the price of lumber, which as you probably have seen as going through the roof.

Speaking of going through the roof. How about that? Venus Saturn trine. We talked about on Thursday, it looked like the market might be getting grumpy and then boom. Well, Venus is the star of the show today. Because as we pick up the saga this morning, it’s at 29 degrees in Taurus, 29 out of 30. So we’ve got a sign change coming up today.

9:55 PM. So Venus does most of the day in the Eastern coast of the U S in its last gasps of Taurus before it moves into Gemini. Now, before it moves nine 38 this morning, all times Eastern, we have a square with Jupiter. Jupiter in at 29 degrees, Aquarius and Venus at 29 degrees Taurus. So if we go back to Hellenistic, medieval, ancient astrology, then we know that we’re dealing with a square, some grumpiness, some sandpaper between the two beneficence, planets, Venus and Jupiter.

What gets a whole lot more relevant to me is the fact that we’re talking about Venus in Taurus. And we’ve been talking about this square aspect. It’s the theme of the year, the square between Aquarius and Taurus. Now here’s another log on the fire. Next Thursday, Jupiter is going to ingress, move into Pisces.

And I know if you’re putting this together and you’re kind of reconciling some stuff, you go, wait a minute. I thought that Jupiter’s transits through a sign where basically for a year, 13 months, 12 months, what’s up with it. Didn’t it just move into Aquarius in December? Yes, it absolutely did. And it mashed the gas.

It’s like one of these new, do you own a four-door pickup? Are you one of those that owns a four-door pickup and are out there driving 110 miles an hour on the interstates and you get on and you swerve over into the other lane and then you gun it and like are gone. How do these pickup truck, they must be putting rocket engines in these things.

That’s Jupiter in 2021, at least until now, because it rocketed, it pulled into the side lane and Rome. Well, now it’s going to move into Pisces and then it’s going to start running out of gas and then it’s going to have to be pushed because it will be in retrograde. So from basically next Thursday, until the end of July, it will be back home ancient astrology in Pisces, and we’ll get a little glimpse of what Jupiter and Pisces is going to be like.

It should be interesting. And then it goes, retrograde comes back into Aquarius. And it doesn’t match the gas and stays in there for the rest of the year. It moves out right around Christmas time. I say, moves out from Aquarius, back into Pisces where it will stay. Now, back to today, we have this 29 degrees where, and I think we have to think about this in terms of not only where they are, but where they’re headed.

Like we talked about yesterday, what do you do with 29 degree placements? Well, you can leave them where they are or you can move them forward. So let’s talk about Venus moving from Taurus to Gemini. Now, typically you’ve heard me say in the past that I think that when a planet moves from a home sign to another, to the next sign, that it can be a little cross with that next sign.

Think of the example between Scorpio and Sagittarius. I just happened to let my eyes fall on those two signs in the chart here is deep, dark intense Scorpio, and here is happy. Zany fun party, Hardy Sagittarius, never the Twain shall meet, right? I mean, those are two different characteristics. Take that same characteristic for Sagittarius and then put it next door to Capricorn earthy, stoic, solid.

Steady Eddie Capricorn. That’s often the pattern as we move in. So dial order. Well, I’m going to advocate that Venus moving into Gemini is not so stark. And here’s why when we talk about Gemini ruled by mercury, and by the way, mercury is at home, mercury is in Gemini. That goes retrograde. The 29th of May.

I’ve got the retro grades on the website now, fun Scroll down to the blog. And it’s right there on the blog, on the right-hand side. And I’ll keep the most current repro retrogrades in there. We’ve got a moon wobble coming up next week as well, but mercury will go retrograde from Gemini. It will be in there for a while.

Venus will be in there and here’s the stark contrast. So Venus, as we know is about all things. Beautiful, beautiful art. Beautiful decor, beautiful people, beautiful art, beautiful music, et cetera, all things beautiful. Venus is also about sociability connection, the Rolodex. So we always talk about with LeBron’s LeBron’s love connecting with people.

Well, let’s talk about mercury. Mercury is about the details. So what we’re talking about is the difference between. Um, let’s say, uh, an abstract from a scientific report with all the attribution’s of the resources, from which it was derived versus a beautiful painting. Mercury is all about the facts and the intellect and the data and the communication of that data.

And Venus is all about making it beautiful. So why can’t they get along? See, I think it’s a beautiful compliment if they work with each other. If we get too stoic and too factual, what do we become? We could become the stereotypical being counter, right? Bob Cratchit from the Christmas Carol. Well, I don’t know.

That might be a little extreme, but you see the, how this could work together. So I’m not as concerned about this Jupiter, Venus square, as they’re both are kind of getting ready to leave their respective signs. It’s almost like, it seems like it’s an adventure. Jupiter’s happy it’s going home. It’s looking at the other side, like Moses looked into the promised land.

I mean, it’s like, I want to go over there. Well, Venus is looking at, you know, it’s, I’ve loved being home, but there’s work to do over there in Gemini. It needs it’s me next month. So there might be a couple of rough spots over the next couple of days of things moving forward. There might be some relationship baubles.

If this aspect had happened on a Monday or a Tuesday and the markets you might’ve said M maybe we’d have a little sideways or down day, but I’m not too concerned about it over the weekend. And I think it might be a nice compliment as Venus moves into Gemini. Now I really don’t like saying that we’re going to do something and then not doing it, but I also like respecting our time and it is the weekend.

So let’s get out and enjoy the weekend. I’ll be back tomorrow, very early. And we’ll talk about under the beams and lumber. I just want to be able to give it the right amount of time. And I don’t want to take any more of your Saturday, so we’ll roll it forward. If you don’t mind. Wait one more day, please.

And I’ll see you back tomorrow. And then we’ll be back of course on Monday. Have a great Saturday sending you love.