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Wednesday, May 5, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Today’s Podcast:

Welcome in to the Cinco de Mayo hump day, Wednesday fun astrology podcast. Glad you’re here. And you know, my goodness, after the last 14, 15 months, we need everything. We can get our hands on to celebrate don’t this. So let’s celebrate Cinco de Mayo, happy, happy day to all of you. All right. Let’s jump into the forecast for today.

And I’ve got a listener question that is great. Today, we have some minor aspects that again, all hit in the morning. So by eight 17, this morning, Eastern time, Jupiter and Uranus are trying to work together. I’m just going to say the planets because these aspects are, first of all, there’s so many today and these aspects are mostly minor.

So just realize what activities are going on up in the sky, Jupiter and Uranus. They’re trying to work together, Uranus and the North and South nodes. Are trying to work together Kyron and the nodes are trying to work together and Saturn and Mars are in an aspect together as well. Again, most of the minors.

So we typically don’t even mention these, but I think there’s so much of an interesting tapestry there. That it’s worth mentioning. Now the Kyron North and South nodes, that’s a trine and a sextile, so that’s more major. So really we could build the picture around the Kyron nodes aspect. And what we could pull from that is it would be a great day for Lord karma to come knocking on the door.

And in fact, as we look at today’s keywords, the number one keyword that I see kind of across the top of the day is change. And that would fit exactly what we’ve talked about. Also crisis and purpose encounter, determination, effort, work, joy. Those are all intermixed through today. So just know that the theme of today is to watch for that karmic work, that a synchronicity of life could present itself, giving us an opportunity to work on something soul-based.

The rest of the chart is quiet. So I thought it would be a great time to check in with Samantha with a great listener question. Hi Thomas. This is Samantha from Oregon. I was looking over your sample charts that you and thank you for sharing yours by the way. But that I was looking over the one for Oprah and my daughter said, mom, did they know it was Oprah before they actually did her horoscope for her?

And I thought that’s a good question. So I thought I’d ask you and also did, how do you feel about the accuracy of yours? That’s about it, actually. I’m very curious. I thank you so much for everything you do. I’m so impressed with your easy to follow, um, website. I’m trying to do the same thing myself and, uh, you’ve encouraged me to just learn this last year, a little bit about astrology, and now I’m just heading into it, you know, full blaze ahead. Thanks to you.

Thank you so much, Samantha. And you know, it’s the kind words like that, that just keep the machine running. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that. So thank you, Samantha. Now what she’s referring to are the reports that are now on fun, specifically, she’s referring to the natal report and the example of the natal report is Oprah Winfrey.

So let me tell you how these, uh, astrological reports that are computer generated, how they work. There are a few websites around where you can go to get these. So they are all what I’m offering. What you see on fun. Astrology is all from different software programs and each one of them is independent of the other.

So if you order one of those reports, you have to manually create them and then you need to manually check my work and make sure the birth date is accurate. Now, for example, Steve forests sky within report, that is being managed now by David Cochrane’s group out of Gainesville, Florida. And David’s a brilliant programmer, but how that one creates the tapestry of the report is really phenomenal programming and writing.

So if you think about 10 planets and luminaries, 12 signs, 12 houses, and some aspects. Steve Forrest had to sit down and write something for every one of those. Wow. That’s a massive amount of work. And then David, through his programming brilliance weaves them together. And the sky within, I can tell you from what I experienced narrating the elements series, audio books, and having the sky within report.

But that’s pretty much, if you were to sit with Steve for a reading, which has a seven year wait list, that’s about what you would get is in the sky within, I mean, there would be more obviously, but I’m just saying it’s. So while you’ll have a foundation for 25 bucks, So in all of these reports, astrologers have sat down and pulled their best interpretation of the various elements in the chart that they are addressing.

Now that natal report that shows Oprah. So the answer to the question, Samantha is, well, they just put Oprah’s birth date in, and then the software combined, all of the elements. So did they know they were creating a chart for Oprah Winfrey? Yes. Did they know how all of their already written interpretations would combine?

No. That was completely driven by the programming. So you have to remember an Annie astrological interpretation. It involves a human being for the sky within Steve Forrest wrote it for the natal and transit reports. That’s a team of astrologers with probably goodness, 200 years or more combined astrology experience out of New Zealand and they are brilliant and it is a great overview of your chart and the look ahead for the transit report.

The Astrodyne. That’s a different deal. There’s a whole history of that, that I won’t go into here, but I put a link to more history in the product there. So you can see it, but this is why whenever you order a report, or whenever you get a reading, you are tapping into that person’s eye on your chart. And, you know, that comes with all of their biases, all of their experiences, all of their training and background, all of the things that they bring to season.

The interpretations as they sit and look at the various elements in that chart, if you’re getting a live reading, obviously how they’re feeling that day is going to be a part of that reading. And this is why I think it’s important to keep learning how to interpret a chart and how to synthesize a chart.

And that’s why I have gotten the message so clearly, and I’m going to work on this course that will be launched very soon. That we will be able to, I will put it all together and probably be a two part deal, learning the basics and then synthesizing my goal is to help you at least be able to sit down and look at your own chart at any given time and be able to play the piano.

And then now once you know, that, would you ever need to get another reading? I think when certain life events cross our path or certain things are going on, that you would like somebody else’s take on. Absolutely. So those reports are the collection that I use and I have, and I refer to them in my own chart frequently.

I’ll go back to those because they are a base of information that I think is absolutely worthwhile. And then you just build and build and build. So if you got the bundle and you got the three reports, you got Steve forest sky within, you got the natal report and the Astro dine planetary report. You have a wealth of volume of information.

On your computer in PDF files that you can always go back and reference for the rest of your life. Nothing, there will change, right? That’s a lifetime one time investment. So thank you for that question, Samantha. I think it’s very important that we understand that whenever we’re talking about astrological interpretations, We are talking about a human beings take on those principles that we learn, but then it’s their own flavoring.

And so you want to pick the best and that’s what influences your own style of astrology as you continue to move forward. The thing that I love to thank you for taking up astrology because of this podcast that makes it all worthwhile, happy Cinco de Mayo, and we’ll see you again tomorrow.