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Tuesday, May 4, 2021 – Fun Astrology

Today’s Podcast:

Hello, Tuesday, May 4th. I got Cinco de Mayo tomorrow, right? Yeah. Hey. Hey. All right. So we left yesterday with Mercury’s sliding into Gemini. Typically an astrology talk, they call that ingressing. But around here, you know, slipping into snow in, uh, moving around the corner. No, did it at night when nobody was looking, that’s the kind of stuff we do around here at fun astrology.

Cause we try to make this a little bit light way mercury went home, but it went home with an anvil on its shoulder that squared to Jupiter is a little bit restricting for only a couple of days. But it’s like, Oh, glad to be home. Oh, Jupiter. That square because Jupiter wants to expand things. And remember aspects are two planets that are just trying to work together in some way to point us toward things in our soul.

And as mercury moves home, you would think, ah, communication on fire for the next three weeks. And just like let’s write and let’s blog and let’s launch our book and let’s do all that. But on the way in the door, there’s this square with Jupiter, which is saying, add, don’t go overexuberant in these mercurial areas of the mind and of communications.

And then as we talked about yesterday, that sun squaring Saturn is just kind of putting a little bit of brakes on things as far as we are concerned. So it’s worth just being a little careful and cautious this first part of Mercury’s grass into Gemini. Now, today, the other thing that is interesting that compliments, this is the moon will be moving into Pisces tonight at 10 Oh eight all times Eastern.

There will be a short void. Of course, as the moon leaves Aquarius, it starts at 8:05 PM and goes to 10 Oh seven. So two hours right before the ingress into Pisces. So that Piscean moon. Whenever that comes around, once a month, we go inside amplified intuition, maybe connecting with that divine sacred, subconscious you internal promptings, leading you in a certain direction.

Be open to them over the next couple of days. Journal, do some yoga, do some hiking, whatever lubricates your soul. Good time to do it. Put that game on. If you please, you see where yesterday I was saying that this might be a good time to just be a little bit more internal this week and this compliments that as well.

So while mercury grapples with its ingress into home, into Gemini and spends a couple of days in the shadow of that, I’m, I’m looking at that sun squaring, Saturn that just says foundation and structural stuff versus expansion stuff for the first part of this week, really, for most of this week. And that’s why I was saying is this is kind of one of those pause weeks.

Now, what if at work or in your personal plans, you’ve. Planned this big launch this week, or this big project or something that you were going to do to really put yourself out there. Well, one question is, can you pull it back? Can you adjust the time that is, if you want to surf the energies, if that kind of thing is not on your agenda for this week, then it’s probably business as usual for you.

Be a little careful around the various things that you do in your routine, but basically just go knowing, be careful what you say. Don’t give a lot of importance to what somebody else may say. In other words, just let a misunderstanding or a potential misunderstanding. Be like water running off a Duck’s back.

Let it go. Now yesterday I kind of ran out of time. I had done the keywords, but let’s do them today. This is from the Mastro. Software program. And by the way, have you been to the new fun redesigned website? There’s just some really cool stuff on there and more to come, but all of the Astro products that I have now are on fun. And one of them is a keywords report for your birthday. It’s not a report. It’s just what they are. It’s a graphic. You’ll see an example of it there, but take a look at that. And if that’s something you’d like for 15 bucks, why I’d be happy to run it for you, but today the keywords kind of reflect again, what we’ve been talking about.

So one of the stronger ones is change. Another strong one beginning the day is joy and also crisis and dissatisfaction. Depression mourning as in MOU, R N I N G, but we have organizations see there’s that Saturn aspect influence ability. There’s that Jupiter square. You see, be careful with that influence ability so that it doesn’t turn into morning.

Mor MOU are in, in gene failure is in there. See there’s that Saturn thing, right? Just that scratchiness crisis, Saturn nervous disorders. Well, okay. Now we’re taking a little bit extreme accident. Ah, Uranus. Remember. Uranus is not by any means, left the party. We have that semi square with Kyron yesterday.

So that’s in there. So you see how these things are showing up in the keywords for today. It’s a mixed bag and that’s what I’ve been advocating for this week. All right. That fixes you up for Tuesday, Cinco de bio tomorrow. And we’ll be back to do that together here on the fun astrology podcast. Thanks for stopping by.

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