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Thursday, May 6 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Today’s Podcast:

If I’d hit the right button, I could get this thing going. I’m obviously not awake. Yeah. This morning. Howdy. Thomas moose in a China closet this morning, smeller on the fun astrology podcast. Yes, bleary-eyed this morning. I just got back from a little road trip. I’ve been down seeing a buddy of mine in Atlanta and I came back and there was a great question from somebody from.

Atlanta. So we’re going to probably do that tomorrow. If I get to it today, that’ll be great. If not Atlanta, I’m coming back to you tomorrow for a fantastic question, about 29 degrees placements. And then I’m going to take that to not only that, but all other varieties. That we see in astrology. What do you do?

It’s a great question. All right. First, today though, let’s take a look at today. This is really the last portal to a couple of quiet days, because through the weekend, there’s not much going on. We’ll cover that tomorrow, but let’s talk about this one placement today, because it does bring us back to financial astrology, Venus trines Pluto at seven 24 this morning.

Now that’s Venus at 26 degrees Taurus. See Venus moved quickly. Didn’t it. In fact, the one thing that’s going to happen this weekend is on Saturday. It’s a Venus moving into Gemini sign change, but before moving into Gemini Venus is right now at a trine position exactly. To Pluto 26 degrees Capricorn. So, if you were taking this as a financial astrologer and you were wondering if this placement would be positive or would it be something that you might think a price of an equity or another financial instrument might go down, you would say this would be a positive.

Now, why? Because don’t you think about Pluto as kind of tearing things down? Ah, remember the shadow side, Pluto is also about power. Whenever you think of polluter, think of power because that’s one side of Pluto. Yes. Transformation. Yes. If an old building needs to come down in order to build a new building, Pluto would be right there.

You need transformation personally, Pluto, you need to go searching and probing the depths of your soul, your unconscious, your subconscious mind Pluto. But when we shift over to financial astrology and we see Venus in its own sign of Taurus, which represents money in a positive alignment with Pluto. And as I open up the trading screen today, I see that the.

Futures are up about a little bit. So it looks like it’s going to at least kick off to be a positive day, start off that way. And today is the exact aspect really. We’ve been on this rebound this week in the markets, just a quick little market thing here. Because last week was month end. So the sell down that you had last week was just the market makers, balancing their books.

And then if you noticed it just snap pop almost right back up. Now, we’ll see where it goes from here, but it sure did pop back. And that would be attributed this week to that Venus Pluto trine. So for those of us living our lives today, we’ve got the opportunity to possibly intersect something, a synchronicity that could come across our path, that we might be able to do some kind of work to move something forward in a transformative way.

In other words, you might just get the opportunity to take the high road instead of the low road I had that happen just recently. I mean, maybe it’s in the shadow of this of saying. I’m, you know, I could fight back here, but I’m going to just let this pass and I’m going to let it breathe. And I’m going to say Nama, stay and send love.

Even in the face of basically attack when a good Scorpio would fight back. So that’s the kind of thing I’m talking about. That kind of an opportunity to maybe just look at all the. Ways you could be the, who you could be in the world and realize that if you take that higher road, you are supported with a potential great lesson behind it.

I got a really great lesson in my situation and a way of a new way of looking at this at, at conflict. And actually, I wasn’t honestly, wasn’t anticipating or thinking about this particular alignment in the middle of it, but it just synchronistically worked out that way. Now, putting the pieces together.

Yup. There’s the energy to support it. All right. The moon is still in Pisces. So actually the moon will conjuncture Neptune today as well. Five 16 Eastern time is when that occurs. So there is heightened perception and intuition on a mega scale around this lesson that Pluto is teaching us. Now, remember the flip side of that Piscean Neptunian coin.

Is confusion and fogginess. So if you tune in, you get the intuitive side, that’s the thing you just need to act on. Don’t ask act. And then if you get the foggy blurry side, then you need that advisory board, that advisory friend to say, Hey, I’m having a Neptunian moment here. I need some clarity. Well, as I’ve been putting this podcast together, the market is coming down.

So everything I just said might be going out the window. I mean, it came down a lot from where it was when I began recording this this morning. So we’ll see how old Venus and Pluto handshake through the day. All right. Well, we’ll come back with that great question from Atlanta about. Basically structure in the chart, 29 degrees.

Is it one sign or is it the other? We’ll talk about that tomorrow. Have a good one. Thanks for listening.