Friday, April 30, 2021 – Fun Astrology

Today’s Podcast:

Welcome in to the last day of April, the last day of the week, April 30th, Friday, TGI Friday on the fun astrology podcast. Thanks for joining us. Thomas Miller checking in to set up the weekend. You know, I was looking through, I’ve got this really cool book. I think I’ve mentioned it on here before it’s called honeycomb and they print you a book of your chart.

It’s got a. So your ass, it is really cool. You ought to look at it. It’s just look up honeycomb astrology. Let me see if I can get a quick keyword here. Ah, honeycomb personal astrological Almanac from honeycomb collective. And as I was opening to today and realizing April’s gone this year is moving fast.

I’ve got so many things that I want to do. It’s like tap the brakes. What’d you please. Okay. I think it was on Tuesday. We went around the astrological wheel and set up where everything is. Well, now we’re going to move a few things forward today because there is quite a bit of aspects, dual energy in the sky today.

The big one of the big one is the sun is conjunct, Uranus, 10 degrees in Taurus. Now this whole thing has been really interesting because. As we were looking ahead from last year and projecting out into this year, the big thing on any astrologers map was Uranus in Taurus, Saturn in Aquarius, they are square row, row Scooby, you know, so everybody’s been looking at this as to what’s going to unfold.

I’ve talked about it extensively. We’ve talked about it affecting past recessions. It was present during the great depression. So here’s this aspect that has a history it’s flagged, right? And you have to put your guard up. Well, as it’s unfolding here, we are into April. We’ve already had one exact square and that was back in February.

We have two more ahead. This year. One will be in a couple of months and the other in December now, however you want to slice and dice this so far, Uranus in Taurus has been a favorable. So, let me down. I know some of you have emailed me and say, you really appreciate the occasional financial commentary. I set the financial stuff aside when I moved.

So really for the last about three weeks, I’ve not been looking at it because you have to focus on that. And I was focused on other stuff, so I’ve set it aside, but I’m been keeping an eye on it. And of course, things are at all time highs across the board on basically everything. For those of you who were around and remember the late nineties, 2000, 2001, you will remember the incredible tech boom.

That was a boom. And all of the things, the names that we don’t really they’re they’re bygones now, because really the shift happened in the late two thousands, 2007, eight nine is when, what we, what everything that we have in technology today. Really kind of emerged during that period. But back in the day, it was AOL and Yahoo and a few of those old, what we would call tech dinosaurs now.

But you know, that was the boom that Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks and the shark tank guy cashed out on at exactly the high. And he says himself what, you know, that he was blessed by timing, but he cashed out and Yahoo paid him $3 billion and. And then closed down his product. About six months later, they bought this thing and then shut it down.

Well, if you go back and look at that, it was parabolic. It was straight up and the market just kept going up and up and up, and then it crashed. And within two years it was at 50% of its value on the NASDAQ. So just keep watching. A lot of people say that the PR printed money is propping this market up.

And I wouldn’t doubt it when this thing unfolds. I wouldn’t out to find out that printed money is behind it somehow. But here’s the interesting thing, Neptune in Pisces he’s deception is this, otherwise these challenging aspect being propped up only time will tell. But today the sun is exactly at the same spot on the chart as Uranus, that exact alignment conjunction will happen at 3:53 PM.

This afternoon, Eastern time. Now, just before that a couple of hours, the moon will leave Sagittarius. So if you’ve been rolling around in the grass, on your back with your belly up, scratch my belly. Then we talked about that yesterday. When then we’re going to have a Capricornia and moon. You’re going to dust yourself off.

You’re going to get up on all fours. You’re going to look around at the grass and say, what in the world am I doing down here? And that Capricornia in practicality will stay with us until three 30 in the afternoon. On Sunday when the moon will ingress to Aquarius. Now, back to the sun, we got a couple of minor aspects today.

This is where I’m saying today’s aspects are all loaded up and then kind of lightens up a little bit into the weekend, but the sun is in a somewhat tense relationship with Kyron, really been studying Kyron quite a bit and fascinating around what wound are we carrying that we have come here to grapple with.

Probably for a lot, if not most of our life, at least for our first 50 years, that’s when the Kyron return occurs. And also it’s in a similar minor aspect with the nodes of the moon. So, what that sets up is over the weekend, you know, how they fly hurricane flags, those red and black flags, where I grew up the local football team, the college football team was called the hurricanes, the Tulsa hurricanes.

Well, that’s how I learned to, I learned about hurricanes in the flatlands of the cow pastures of Northeastern, Oklahoma, but you could fly your own little version of a hurricane flag. Watching for something that might come up or has come up over the last, say 48 hours that might come up over the next 72 hours of something that might trigger an old wound and give you an opportunity to work on it and just realize if it does, you’ve got a plan.

This is doing sole business. This is doing the work of the universe. This is the one of the synchronicities we talked about yesterday, giving you the opportunity to just come along and do the work that you’re here to do. Now for tomorrow, not much Sunday, we’ve got a couple of things, primarily mercury training Pluto.

In addition to what I’ve already mentioned, the moon moving into Aquarius. So on Sunday we have mercury training Pluto, further extending that theme. Because Pluto is all about communication, Pluto, all about trends and formation. So really? Yeah, that’s what you have in the sky for this weekend is just a big hurricane flag flying, watching for what might unfold.

To give you an opportunity to address some stuff in your soul. Welcome it. You’ve got a game plan. You know what to do. Don’t run away from it, run into it, and you will be blessed. Have a great weekend. I’ll see you back on Monday. Bye-bye.