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Thomas Miller Podcast Host

I have learned that life is a journey, far more about the soul than the physical body. Our body is only the instrument through which our soul experiences lesson after lesson – all intended to raise our consciousness. And I certainly don’t think this is our first rodeo! Some lessons we get, others roll into next time. 

My journey this time began in 1959. I’m a Scorpio with a very “involved” Saturn. What does that mean? It’s been hell, I’ll tell ya…(aka Rodney Dangerfield!). 

I didn’t wake up until almost 50, and didn’t look at astrology until then either. It was “of the devil” in my very strict upbringing. When I finally looked at it, I was blown away. Not only did it describe me almost perfectly (you can never describe a Scorpio perfectly!), it provided a basis to help me figure out this crazy life I’ve been living! 

My other love in life since I was a kid is broadcasting. I grew up in the same town as Paul Harvey, and maybe some of his shadow rubbed off on me (one could wish!). I started in radio when I was 19, was anchoring the 6 & 10 news in Arkansas at twenty-one. 

So even though I’m in my 7th decade, the advent of podcasting and online video has been incredible. Now, we all have a voice – so I figured I’d share some of my view of astrology with you with the intention that it helps you frame up your life like it has mine. 

If you’d like to listen to my other podcast, look up “Subconscious Mind Mastery” on iTunes, Spotify and Stitcher. 

I have also narrated 30+ audiobooks for author Fred Dodson. His material is amazing and you can see all the books here –

 Fred Dodson Audiobooks Webpage https://www.freddodsonaudiobooks.com/

A recent joy in life was spending three years in Colorado hiking, skiing, and fishing. The skiing snuck up on me. I love the exhilaration of flying down a mountain in soft, fresh snow on a crisp, chilly morning. 

Now, I am settled in the Smokies in North Carolina – lower peaks, gentle spring-fed streams and tons of spiritual energy emanating from these mountains. 

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